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political gun fighter in Canada

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by William (Bill) Jones, May 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, guys (and girls) -- just a note to let you know you have allies up here, although any direct intervention in either political arena by either side, as you are aware, can bring repurcussions.

    Having said that, I was involved in the fight up here since 1969 and formed two organizations. The first was FARO (Firearms and Responsible Ownership) a concept I believe and, later in 1980, the NFA (National Firearms Association).

    Having run out of personal resources which I was spending during that period, i finally had to look for some other avenue of income and left the NFA in 1982, but never left the issue behind.

    This past election up here has given me some renewed hope that perhaps Canadian firearms owners will finally recognize the obvious -- this is a political fight -- and, if they do that, they do have the potential to bring about proper firearms legislation.

    Enough for now -- hope some of you may find my comments of interest and I look forward to meeting those that do.


    Good luck with the fight.
  3. thanks

    Thank you, sir.

    At this moment in time it is my opinion that EVERY lawful firearms owner in North America needs all the luck they can get. From what I have read over the years, the majority of lawful firearms owners in both countries have not quite figured out that the 'opposition' is dead serious about the removal of all firearms from lawful persons, leaving firearms only in the hands of various agencies and the criminal -- a very dangerous, as well as ridiculous attitude. Always reminds one of the condemned man having sympathy for the executioner and asking to be excused, because as it happens his execution is on a statutory holiday and he feels responsible for the inconvenience he is causing -- the 'Stockholm Syndrome.'

    Or is it actually true lunacy????
  4. Kendal Black

    Kendal Black Well-Known Member

    When a culture threatens suicide, it isn't kidding. (Not original. A pal said that.) If you look at a broad set of issues, such as

    • Work and thrift are good
    • People should look after themselves
    • Innocent life should be protected
    • Traditonal values should be fostered not condemned

    ...Well then you see the other folks are on the other side of all of that. I think it is something like the scenario in which the mentally infirm begin to affirm all they once denied: the senile preacher blasphemes, for example.
  5. mortablunt

    mortablunt Well-Known Member

    Is is possible for Americans to send petitions to your MP's? If so, then give us the addresses and let's get some protest going.

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