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Poll and News, Orlando Sentinel - Movement under way to let Floridians openly tote...

Discussion in 'Activism' started by StogieC, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. StogieC

    StogieC Well-Known Member

    Poll and News, Orlando Sentinel - Movement under way to let Floridians openly tote...


  2. StogieC

    StogieC Well-Known Member

  3. billybob44

    billybob44 Well-Known Member

  4. Sevenfaces

    Sevenfaces Well-Known Member

    While I will never actively vote against firearm friendly laws, I, as a Florida resident, would not open carry, ever. IMO the true advantage of carrying, is the concealed part. I feel like openly revealing that you are armed will invite more trouble than it would deter. In fact I am concerned that it would cause such an increase in firearm related legal issues that eventually anti-gun legislation would ultimately be born from it.

    I absolutely do not intend to demean anyone's preferred method of carrying, I am simply offering my opinion on the subject.
  5. cambeul41

    cambeul41 Well-Known Member

  6. Sevenfaces

    Sevenfaces Well-Known Member

    I think he made some valid points, but when he refutes the downsides of OC, he does so with only a narrow and certain viewpoint. For example, he claims that if he was Open Carrying in a 7-11 and a robber came in, the robber would just abort the robbery because he knew the cops would more actively pursue him if he shot the man carrying, than if he just robbed the store. He also offers other highly structured and one dimensional scenarios for the other reasons OC objectors cite.

    I can tell you that if I were a criminal looking to rob joe blow walking down an alleyway, and I saw that he was armed, instead of just walking up with my piece of re-bar and demanding money, I would just crack him in the head first, then take the gun, and any money he had, and use that to further my crime spree. I can also tell you that if I was a career criminal and about to rob a 7-11 and I saw a person with a gun on their hip, my first reaction would be "COP!" and if I was in a 3 strikes state, you better believe that I'd shoot them.

    The critical flaw in his arguments is he doesn't give the violent, or drug addled criminal a wide enough berth. while its true many criminals are cowardly and will shy away from a confrontation where they have no advantage, others due to agressiveness, or altered state of mind (drugs, mental illness, whatever) will not, or will possibly be even more inclined to pursue a confrontation.
  7. wh!plash

    wh!plash Well-Known Member

    I'm in FL too, and I just voted FOR in that poll.

    Its not so much that I want to walk around with my holster sticking out there for all to see, its just that I don't want to have to put so much effort into keeping it completely concealed. Like wearing whatever I want and not worrying so much if it prints, or if the barrel of a 5" 1911 is visible past my shirt.
  8. robhof

    robhof Well-Known Member


    I was stationed at Homestead AFB in South Miami in the early 80's and carried my ROA open in a cowboy rig when I night fished. This was after my 1st fishing trip under a bridge and a group of latin yhugs were harassing some of the fishermen, until one reached into hos tackle box and pulled out a flare pistol and they ran. I was there for 4 years and fished regularly and only got harassed by the marine patrol, who stated that I was asking for trouble and my reply was that I was advertizing against trouble. I did see the thug:evil::evil::neener:s on a later day and upon seeing me stand and drop my hammer tie; they did a rapid retreat amid whistles and clapping from the other fishermen.
  9. CapnMac

    CapnMac Well-Known Member

    I changed my mind on open carry after Texas gained Concealed.
    Used to be, everyone understood the "other legitimate sporting uses" part of the law. if you were on the Far-off River an hour past Nowhere out fishing, you could keep that K-22 or the like right out on your belt. But, not so much with the CHL.

    The Sentinel (no surprise) casts it wrong. OC is not about strolling past Universal Orlando, it's about stopping at the bait shop on the way to some far off place. Or coming in after a long day poling for bonefish on the flats.

    In Texas, it's about being being able to carry that .40 on your hip when you buy gas (since it's entirely possible that 12-15 javelina might object to your turkey hunting).
  10. StogieC

    StogieC Well-Known Member

  11. wh!plash

    wh!plash Well-Known Member

    Jeez, talk about re-wording: "Now to just let them carry their guns openly and wave them at everybody? Are you nuts?"

    I mean, thats not even a half-way valid argument. When was the last time you noticed a CCW holder 'waving it at everybody'?
  12. StogieC

    StogieC Well-Known Member


    hit it
  13. StogieC

    StogieC Well-Known Member

  14. nigmalg

    nigmalg Well-Known Member

    My Goodness

    That has to be one of the most intellectually dishonest poll "options" I've seen from this paper. "...and wave them at everybody?".
  15. StogieC

    StogieC Well-Known Member

    poll got hacked by the anti-gun nuts earlier. There is no text verification on this poll so someone spammed it with over 2000 false votes. :cuss:
  16. wh!plash

    wh!plash Well-Known Member

    Well their poll had the opposite effect here. I went out and updated my voter registration today and voted early for governor.

    Hopefully we'll actually see open carry here in FL sometime in the near future.
  17. nigmalg

    nigmalg Well-Known Member

    Looks like the poll has shifted back

    Looks like the poll shifted back again. Funny how that works.
  18. StogieC

    StogieC Well-Known Member

    They hacked it again.
  19. nigmalg

    nigmalg Well-Known Member

    The votes against open carry were doubled within an hour last night. I wonder who would even care to take the time to hack it. Oh well, maybe a email to sun-sentinel about the poor wording and fake voting abuse is appropriate at this point.
  20. SKILCZ

    SKILCZ Well-Known Member

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