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Poll: Should teachers. administrators, staff be armed in schools?

Discussion in 'Activism' started by rjrivero, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. rjrivero

    rjrivero Well-Known Member

  2. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Voted. We're winning.

    Warning, decent amount of popus on the link.
  3. pty101

    pty101 Well-Known Member

  4. 481

    481 Well-Known Member

    Hit it.

    Do you believe principals, teachers or other school employees should carry firearms?

    Yes 87.59% (1,136 votes)

    No 11.49% (149 votes)

    Not sure 1% (12 votes)
  5. pacerdude

    pacerdude Well-Known Member

    I answered the poll and was pleasantly surprised with the poll's results thus far.
  6. mingo

    mingo Well-Known Member

    Guns aren't the problem...it's the mentally ill foks that are the problem. Nice to see that most folks understand that. With the proposals that are being made, i wonder if the president's body guards are limited to 10 rounds?.....duh...
  7. sniperlongshot

    sniperlongshot Well-Known Member

    it's already done in Texas, school districts are allowed to have their own campus police dept. and smaller districts that can't afford it give letters to carry CHG's on campus, i'm a bit of an ass to say this, but if it's good enough for Texas, then it's good enough for the rest of yall,............God Blessed Texas,
  8. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    I don't especially want teachers or school administrators to be armed, but I don't want to close off that option. I see a number of problems, including traininng and liability issues. What if a teacher accidentally or deliberately shot a student?

    Still, if a teacher has a license and is competent to handle a gun, I see no reason why he or she should be banned from carrying a gun in the workplace simply because it might "scare the little kiddies if they saw it" or some such nonsense. If we really believe that, then police should be disarmed so they don't scare the kiddies.

  9. horsemen61

    horsemen61 Well-Known Member

  10. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Well-Known Member

  11. glove

    glove Well-Known Member

    voted :cool: Maybe our kids will be protected also :) Like he said a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun.
  12. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    I'm going to talk to my kids' teachers, encourage them to get their CPL so they can carry on school grounds. I wonder if they are even receptive to it. Won't hurt to find out.
  13. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    Voted yes .
  14. Alaska444

    Alaska444 member

    Done, let them enjoy the 2A at work and at home. Federal workers should have that option as well.
  15. 481

    481 Well-Known Member

    Poll: Should teachers, administrators, staff be armed in schools?

    Yes 89.44% (1,414 votes)

    No 9.68% (153 votes)

    Looking good.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
  16. JEB

    JEB Well-Known Member


    89.51% yes!
  17. swalton1943

    swalton1943 Well-Known Member

    shotgun with laser sight and rubber shot

    Shotguns with a laser sight and rubber shot kept in principals or ass. principals' office would be acceptable to a lot of school boards here in Texas.
  18. asia331

    asia331 Well-Known Member

    I'm a teacher and I vote "Yes!"

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