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Powder for 30 carbine

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by morrow, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. morrow

    morrow Well-Known Member

    Trying to decide which of these 3 powders I want to use for 30 carbine in my m1 carbine
    lil gun

    Currently i've been using AA#9 but it leaves the gun dirty...is h110 or lil gun cleaner? Suggestions? Thanks.
  2. paperpuncher49

    paperpuncher49 Well-Known Member

    H110 or WW296 (same stuff). Many would say it is the best propellant for the .30 carbine.
  3. ambidextrous1

    ambidextrous1 Well-Known Member

    H110 is the powder originaly specified for the Carbine, in WWII.
  4. clip

    clip Member

    H110 or 2400 powder for the 30 crbine

    When I started reloading the 30 carbine in my M1, I used H110 with 14 grains of powder for the 110 grain rn bullet.

    Then I friend suggested using 2400. I tried different loads and discovered I got slightly more velocity with fewer grains using 2400 than H110.

    We chronographed a comparison of the two powders with these results:
    H110 with 13.6 grains: 1933 fps.
    2400 with 12 grains: 1994 fps.
    The groups were identical.

    Today I usually load it with 11.5 grains of 2400 and get approx. 1918 fps.
    Works for me.
  5. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    I use H110 exclusively.:)
  6. morrow

    morrow Well-Known Member

    Does H110 burn clean? Cleaner than AA#9? I love clean powders so I don't have to spend as much time cleaning my guns. Call me lazy :p
  7. joneb

    joneb Well-Known Member

    Thanks clip,
    That's interesting.
    Has anyone tried Blue Dot ?
  8. Sevens

    Sevens Member

    I have tried Blue Dot, but I didn't give it a fair shake. It wasn't metering well for me so I suspended my load development while I still had light loads. I do intend to revisit it.

    It's relevant and worth noting that my .30 Carb rounds are being used in a 7.5-inch Ruger Blackhawk, so I can also make light loads and they still function. ;)

    My go to powder for .30 Carb is Alliant 2400. My current load is 12.5 gains of 2400 with a small rifle primer and a 110-grain Berry's plated bullet. (the Berry's .30 Carb bullet is rated to 1,900 FPS by the manufacturer... I love these bullets out of the Blackhawk) There is room to go warmer with this load... but the Blackhawk is a known trouble-maker with sticky extraction in this chambering and the warmer the load, the stickier the extraction.

    I chose 2400 over H110 for two reasons. First is that H110 is known as a powder that shouldn't be reduced. I didn't want that because I need to work up loads for this gun... not start at dang near max. The other reason I've avoided H110 is because it calls for a magnum primer and I don't care to stock more than four primers.

    Another powder I intend to try with .30 Carbine is Accurate #7. After contacting an Accurate tech via e-mail, he offered 9.9 grains to 11.0 grains of AA#7 as data with a 110 grain bullet. I haven't tried it yet... but it's also in the plans.

    IMR-4227 is also a known powder for .30 Carbine, but it's not a popular powder for a lot of other rounds. Accurate #9 is another option.
  9. joneb

    joneb Well-Known Member

    I would try #9 before #7
  10. Sevens

    Sevens Member

    Yeah, that's a great point. I got the data for AA#7 because I happened to have some on hand and I simply shot an e-mail to Ben at Alliant to hear his take.

    #9 would be a better choice than #7, but #7 still appears to be an option.
  11. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    In my experience, H110 does not call for a magnum primer.

    I use it exclusively in .357 and .44 magnum, full power loads with standard primers. I don't uise "magnum" pistol primers at all.

    Like you, I do not stock a whole bunch of different primers.

    I only use "magnum" primers on a few extra large belted magnum rifle catridges.

    I buy Remington 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 pistol primers, and Remington 7 1/2 and 9 1/2 standard rifle primers in sleeves of 5,000.

    I buy Remington 9 1/2 M LR magnum primers in boxes of 100.
  12. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    I know there are reloaders who swear there's no reason to use a Magnum primer with H110/W296 but I have to strongly disagree. Yes standard primers will work but Magnum primers make hard to ignite Ball powders shine.

    As for powers for your 30 Carbine, like said above, the original military 30 Carbine powder was H110.
  13. ljnowell

    ljnowell Well-Known Member

    I have an uncle that used to tell me that too. Then it hit 20 degrees outside and with a deer in his sites he had a squib, fully charged case, weighed by hand(hunting loads).
  14. greyling22

    greyling22 Well-Known Member

    I"ve been using h110 and a regular primer to great success. but I've never tried to shoot when it less than 40 outside.
  15. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    I use 2400 with cast bullets, and IMR4227 with jacketed bullets.

  16. gemini641

    gemini641 New Member


    My Speer #11 shows that same 2400 load at 1745 fps. No wonder I get confused!!


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