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Price range for a German Luger (WWII)?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by redneck, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. redneck

    redneck Well-Known Member

    Family member recently brought up that they had a pistol their dad had brought home from the war. They started off saying they would take $50 for it just to get it out of the house cause they don't like guns. After gagging, and thinking all kinds of nasty things, I told them they should at least find out what its worth if they really want to sell it. They agreed that that was probably true and that their mom could use the money to go visit other family members.
    They said it was a german luger with 3 mags, and a leather holster. I haven't seen any of it, to know what kind of shape its in or if its really what they think it is.

    Thought I would try to find out a little bit about them and what they might go for. If its really worth something they might as well get the money and let the gun go to someone that would appreciate it.

    So, any ideas on the approximate value of a german luger with the holster an 3 mags? Maybe a price range since I don't know what sort of shape its in?

  2. Erich

    Erich Well-Known Member

    From $250.00 to thou$and$ and thou$and$. You really need a lot more info to get a range on this particular pistol.
  3. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member

    I know a very little bit about Lugers from researching the Luger my grandfather brought back from WWII. First go to http://www.lugerforum.com See the "general information" and
    "technical infomation" links. Since you haven't seen it in detail, you'll need to take a look at it to check out some of the things you learn there. Matching serial numbers and original finish are very important to the value. There several serial numbers on Lugers. You want to first make sure the serial number on the barrel and frame match. I no expert but the serial number on my Luger was on the bottom side of the barrel and the serial number on the frame was just below the barrel and forward of the trigger guard. There are other numbers on Lugers too and I believe these need to match as well to really have a high value.

    If it looks promising, you might ask at the below website. The guy who runs it has written several books about Lugers and knows just about everything about them.

    Last edited: Dec 28, 2002
  4. Marko Kloos

    Marko Kloos Moderator Emeritus

    There are many Luger variants: prewar, Imperial German WWI, post-war Weimar Republic commercial and military, WWII military issue...

    Value of a Luger greatly depends on its country of manufacture, year of manufacture, overall condition, matching serial numbers, caliber, and other factors. There are over 100 variants of the Luger pistol out there. Get some details on the gun, like markings and overall condition, and you can get a ballpark figure.
  5. redneck

    redneck Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'll look into it some more if I get a chance.

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