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Promises Kept.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Dave Sample, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Dave Sample

    Dave Sample member

    We had some pics up of the Old Army Gun from 1914 that we installed a new top end on and cleaned up some real bad work in the process. One or two of you wanted to see the final results so I decided to subject myself to some more of your comments. It came back from Gunsite today.





  2. Dave Sample

    Dave Sample member





    Ready to rock and roll for another 50,000 rounds now. The top end was in good shape and it will feed and fire anything. Just another fun deal for the Unknown Smith to conquer!
  3. macavada

    macavada Well-Known Member

    I like that trigger.
  4. JeffC

    JeffC Well-Known Member

    Looks nice Dave..... and that slidestop looks like it could double as a weapon too ;).

    Gonna keep the stock sights on it after all?

    I like it!
  5. Dean Taylor

    Dean Taylor Well-Known Member

    Tuner and Old Fuff - you are said to be the GI experts. Tuner you describe working on many GI pistols. Please let us see some photos from both of you of your GI 1911s and work.

  6. Dave Sample

    Dave Sample member

    I think it will be retired from active service now and we have a Colt '70 series ion the bench for the owners New Shooter. It will have a melted Bo-Mar rear and a nice front sight. It was destroyed by an amatuer and we had to weld up the feed ramp and recut it, but it's rock and roll now. All I have left to do on it is fit the Ed Brown Beaver tail. Then we will blast and blue it.
  7. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 Well-Known Member

    Since that early-model 1911's already been modified...

    With the beavertail grip safety frame cut and all, one thing bothers me as I look at the pictures - why didn't anybody clean up that dinged crown on the muzzle? :scrutiny:
  8. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    I'm target-fixated on the right frame rail and slide rail fit.. :confused:
  9. Otony

    Otony Well-Known Member

    I noticed the muzzle too, piss poor job of detailing if you ask me.
  10. 1911Tuner

    1911Tuner Moderator Emeritus

    GI Pistols

    Dean requested:

    >>Tuner and Old Fuff - you are said to be the GI experts. Tuner you describe working on many GI pistols. Please let us see some photos from both of you of your GI 1911s and work.<<

    *Sigh* :rolleyes: I can't speak for Fuff, but...

    Okay, Dean...for about the 25th or 30th time since I've been on the forums:

    I am not a gunsmith. I'm not a pistolsmith. I'm surely not anything even approaching a custom pistolsmith. I don't do bling. I don't refinish guns.
    I don't build raceguns or comp guns, and I don't create "New Concepts."
    I'm an armorer...a repairman...a mechanic. Period. If you bring a pistol to
    me for a complete rebuild, it will look pretty much the same as it did when you brought it...therefore...I don't have anything to show off via internet photographs...mainly because I also don't have any reason to...I'm not selling anything and I'm not promoting anything. I'm not seeking fame or validation, I have no agenda and I have no reason for doing this other than trying to help some of the members and readers to resolve their own problems...and having failed that...inviting them to bring their pistols to me for repair and/or adjustment. I've done this on numerous occasions...most of which don't go public. The alternative is to send the parts of the guns that are legal to mail without the federal requirements...and it's all done on a pro bono basis...because I LIKE to do it.

    I think that this is about the 3rd or 4th time that I've explained these things to you. The fact that you got through medical school is strong indication that you are of well above average intelligence and can comprehend what you read....so I either have to suspect that you aren't really reading it, or you're in denial about what I've written...or you feel that because I don't have any pretty pictures to post, that it will somehow invalidate or discredit what I write about.

    I'm a repairman...Not an artiste'. Got it?
  11. JeffC

    JeffC Well-Known Member

    25th to 30th time?

    Maybe you should put a sticky up on the board Tuner...lol
  12. 1911Tuner

    1911Tuner Moderator Emeritus


    Might have to Jeff... :rolleyes:

    "Hay TOONER! Lemme see them fancy pictures!

    "I don't have any. That's not what I do."

    "Well, let's see'em!"

    Sorry...I don't do that kind of work."

    You don't hand-checker your barrel bushings?"


    "Well now! You must not know what you're doin' then. Everybody knows that
    a hand-checkered barrel bushing is essential to the correct function of the gun! Tooner....You just don't know anything about 1911s...do ya?"

    "Guess not." :rolleyes:
  13. GaryK

    GaryK Well-Known Member

    So... I guess that this means that you are not the guy to build a full race gun from an old GI 45 that I found in a pawn shop. It says Singer on the slide... :evil:
  14. 1911Tuner

    1911Tuner Moderator Emeritus


    Gary said:

    So... I guess that this means that you are not the guy to build a full race gun from an old GI 45 that I found in a pawn shop. It says Singer on the slide...


    Fuff! Put the Warthog on standby!!!
  15. Dave Sample

    Dave Sample member

    I knew the words were a problem here and I thought that the Pictures were also a problem for you to understand. The top end is just as was we found it and it is at least 90 years old. It will not be shot much, but I can guarantee you it will kill a man at 7 yards. I bet you thought it was a Bullseye Gun. The lower has had about 125,000 rounds through it and it deserves a rest. It rattles. It's loose as a goose. But it's a gun!
  16. Oscar Orum

    Oscar Orum Well-Known Member

    "Singer on the slide"

    Gary, I think you got Tuner's interest. He might not have all the titles that some profess. I feel he must be one of the best at what he does, and will certainly do to ride the river with, IMHO.
  17. 1911Tuner

    1911Tuner Moderator Emeritus


    Oscar said:

    I feel he...will certainly do to ride the river with, IMHO.

    Ladies and laddies...That is a high and holy compliment to a mountain man...
    Many thanks Oscar. :cool:
  18. swshooter

    swshooter New Member

    your killin me Tuner

    I've lurked a bit here and thought I would chime in on this one.Mr. Sample great work as always(when you read and get the point) from a sow's ear to silk purse.Tuner your killin me...warthog ?!?! try AC130 and MOAB some deserve no mercy.Just get him before he gets out his Dremel and does it himself. :banghead:
    God bless,

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