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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by xfyrfiter, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. xfyrfiter

    xfyrfiter Well-Known Member

    I am absolutely proud of most of the chief LEO's in NM. All but 4 have stated that they would absolutely follow the constitution on the gun gontrol subject. The Sheriff in my county stated that more gun control would only hinder them in doing their job,and that there are already too many unenforcible laws on the books. This is primarily a blue state but tend to vote red in all but the few larger cities. A whole lot of rural area, and we still have wild animals, that will attack you, your kids, pets, and livestock.
  2. taraquian

    taraquian Well-Known Member

    So let me guess, Santa Fe, Dona Ana, Bernillio and Taos? I too am proud of (most of) my state. This is a great place to live, but I think of us as a red state with four areas under hostile occupation;)
  3. 303tom

    303tom member

    Same with most of them here in Missouri.............
  4. buckeye8

    buckeye8 Well-Known Member


    You bring up a good point. This is as much a "rural versus urban" cultural divide as it is anything else. Guns are symbolic (for both sides), but the zeitgeist of the American political divide is that people who live in cities, generally speaking, have a vision for the world that the rest of us simply do not share.
  5. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I love New Mexico and have lived there off and on since 1970. But they could change some of the riff raff as to where and how you carry. I don't think it's OK for a city, Ruidoso specifically, to ban firearms in the city limits. Here in Az. metro laws can't supersede state gun laws, though some such as Prescott have tried.

  6. fanchisimo

    fanchisimo Well-Known Member

    I agree with you 303tom about MO but I don't think it's just Missouri, it's more like buckeye said, it's rural vs urban values. I think it sometimes goes with idealists vs realists. The idea of removing all guns and, thus, all gun violence sounds great in theory, but realists know it wouldn't work even remotely like that. That's why we go off stats, and the go off of feelings. If I cause thread drift, I apologize. Lol.

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