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Question for Boyd's Stocks users.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by jakk280rem, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. jakk280rem

    jakk280rem Well-Known Member

    Do you find the supplied recoil pad adequate for 30-'06 level recoil. Or did you replace it with a squishier model. And if you did replace the pad, what did you replace it with; make, model, etc...
  2. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    I have Boyd's stocks mounted on 308 and 30-06 rifles, and from a standing position the recoil pad is fine. From a bench, when you shoulder is not as free to roll with the recoil, the pad is lacking if you're going to send significant amounts of lead downrange (say, greater than 40 rounds). The standard Boyd's pad is also (like most pads these days) shaped with a pronounced toe. This works well to anchor the stock if shouldered 'just right' but if you tend to square up to the target or have to shoulder the rifle from an improvised position then the pronounced toe can really hurt.

    Here is a representative pic of a JRS/Classic with their standard pad. They use the same pad on their other offerings as well, so it'll have the same fit/comfort level no matter which stock of theirs that you buy.


    As a general rule, I prefer flat pads with rounded edges and a non-grippy surface since those tend to work best in the field when shouldering a rifle/shotgun rapidly. The Pachmyer Old English pad is what I generally wind up using.


  3. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe Well-Known Member

    Boyd's supplied recoil pad...

    Jakk 280 Rem--I made a pseudo-scout rifle out of a M-48 Mauser, using a Boyd's stock. I left the supplied recoil pad on it. Left the Mauser as 8mm, which is in the same "recoil-class" as an '06.

    For me, the stock and the pad work just fine, nothing to complain about. (I shoot the rifle in Vintage Military Rifle--Modified competition, as well as hunt with it.) BUT--Perceived recoil is as much a function of the fit of the stock of the firearm in question as it is anything else. IOW, if the stock fits you, the felt recoil will be less than if the stock doesn't fit you.

    Were I you, I'd make up the '06 in question with the Boyd's supplied pad in place, and try shooting it, perhaps a number of times, before considering whether the recoil pad needs replacing or not, or whether it's a matter of the stock fitting you well/poorly, and if poorly, what can be done about that.

    Boyd's makes a good stock; IMX, it is likely to fit you well.
  4. LoonWulf

    LoonWulf Well-Known Member

    What comes with the boyds stocks arent realy recoil pads, they are just rubber plates. As Smokey Joe said tho, fit matters alot, and adding a recoil pad latter isnt a big deal.
  5. jakk280rem

    jakk280rem Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Got an H&R imported commercial Mauser(the one they put Douglas barrels on) in '06. Only got about 12 rounds through it before the 50+ year old stock and pad gave up the ghost. The heel of the plastic butt plate broke off at the upper screw and a previously unnoticed crack developed in the wrist wrapping around from the mag well to the bolt tang. Same place as a Winchester M88.

    But, those first 9 rounds were show an average group size of .8" with a persona best ever 3 shot of .67". Definitely a a shooter and a keeper. Worth restocking and hunting down a set of irons for it.

    I will definitely shoot it before considering a recoil pad. If I do decide to pad it is there a model of pad that fits best? Or would i be better off having a smith do a grind to fit?
  6. LoonWulf

    LoonWulf Well-Known Member

    Grind fits are always the nicest...well normaly, some times you get lucky with a prefit. I had a size charte for the limbsavers pads around some where, i used it to get close on my boyds stock before i fitted it, and it was pretty close. Not nearly close enough to grace, what in my mind is a very nice rifle tho :D
  7. sayak

    sayak Well-Known Member

    I've replaced two butt pads on stocks from Boyds: one was for a Mosin, the other for an Enfield. I found the original "pads" inadequate.

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