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Question for CZ SP-01 owners.......

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ojdidit, May 25, 2008.

  1. ojdidit

    ojdidit Well-Known Member

    Have you ever shot a 9mm auto with less felt recoil? And if so what was it? I'm looking to get back into practical shooting and I wanted to go with a 9mm this time since ammo prices are a bit steep for my 1911. I have heard that the SP-01 feels about like a .22LR when shooting it, and I would prefer something like that over a polymer gun. OTOH I would just jump on a Glock 17 if the felt recoil was the same because of all the accessories. Any input is appreciated.
  2. PCRit

    PCRit Well-Known Member

    In answer to your question, can't think of one that has less felt recoil for it's size. My wife learned how to shoot with my PCR, and she had never shot a gun before, so that tells you just how low the recoil is, but you know that already:D

    I'd go with the SP-01, since it weighs 41oz, the felt recoil should be much less than even the P01, which weighs only 28oz. So my guess is what you've heard about feeling like a .22lr is probably pretty close.

    For me, I wouldn't even consider the G17, the grip angle is all wrong for me and it will have more recoil due to it's lower weight (22oz unloaded).
  3. jdc1244

    jdc1244 Well-Known Member

    Uh, no, it’s not that light. I’ve experimented with some smaller charged reloads and that’s more like a .22, just a bit of a push. With some hotter factory ammo like S&B, however, you know you’re shooting a centerfire pistol. But the size/weight of the SP-01 allows for a quicker return to target and better control. It’s more accommodating of different grip techniques.

    I can recommend the SP-01 as a fun, reliable range gun.
  4. johnson_n

    johnson_n Well-Known Member

    Is the SP-01 Shadow worth getting as a range gun over the regular one for an extra $230?
  5. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    IIRC the Shadow is basically an SP01 with a trigger job and better sights. If you plan on shooting a lot, IMO the $230 for the better trigger and sights is totally worth it.

    EDIT: I can't see where it says they do a trigger job. What it does look like is an SP01 with the features of an 85. It looks like it does away with the firing pin safety, and there's also no hole in the slide for the the firing pin retaining roll pins. It should have the keeper block on the back of the slide.
  6. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member

    Rather than edit

    After researching some more, it appears that the SP01 Shadow is a substantially different version and not just a worked over regular SP01. The ergonomics are apparently a bit different also.

    What price range are you looking at?

    For a few bucks more, you might want to consider the Tac Sport for a range blaster. Don't know what the prices are on these or if you can even get them anymore.

    Also worth considering are the elite versions of the EAA Witness. EAA is a piece of crap company, but the Witness pistols are some nice shooting guns.
  7. JHansenAK47

    JHansenAK47 Well-Known Member

    I like my SP-01 it feels and fits my hand the same as my 1911. With the exception of my thumb which rides higher on the 1911 because it is resting on the safety. I always found the recoil to be tame in my CZ. As for holsters I have found that my Beretta 92 is very similar dimensionally to my Sp-01.(unless it is form fitted for a beretta it will probably fit) I would try before you buy though.
  8. phrozenlikwid

    phrozenlikwid Well-Known Member

    9mm 1911's are pretty light in the recoil department, as well as BHP's. The SP-01 is a big heavy gun, so anything else that fits that description will probably shoot similar. The SP-01 does have a lot of weight/mass out towards the muzzle, and that seems to help with negating climb. They shoot really smooth.

    They are good guns stock, and great guns with a little work. I'd either snap up the Shadow (an Angus gun), or try and score one used for cheap and send it to Angus/Matt Mink for a work over. Matt Mink did mine, and it was a night/day difference.
  9. BamBam-31

    BamBam-31 Well-Known Member

    Mine, too. Changed it from DA/SA to SA only, w/ SA trigger and SA ambi thumb safeties, and competiton hammer, sear, and sights. Very light recoil, being the heavy pistol that it is.

    I'd think Sig 226 ST's or X5's would be fairly light in recoil as well. My friend has a 9mm Kimber, and while felt recoil is lighter than .45, it's more than the 226 ST and SP-01.
  10. eerw

    eerw Well-Known Member

    the SP01 is a good shooting gun...
    the Shadow has some refinements that the std model SP01 does not have..sights, ext mag release, no FPB.

    a worked over SP01 from Matt or Angus..is absolutely the best. they do incredible stuff with the CZ trigger.

    I shot an SP01 for a year..before switching back to the lighter 75SA converted to DA/SA for competition.
  11. schmeky

    schmeky Well-Known Member

    Did someone say they were good shooting guns? ;)

  12. GZOh

    GZOh Well-Known Member

    CZ SP-01 Tactical... THE BEST!!

    I own both the CZ 75B and the SP-01 Tactical (decocker)... and totally love 'em!! The SP-01T tho, is just a 'total killer' in every way!... It has that all-metal, 'big gun' feel, the recoil is 'butter', the fit in MY hand is like a glove, the quality is superb and it's VERY, VERY accurate! There are alot of real good 9's out there and you can talk and analyze FOREVER... just narrow your list down to 4-5 guns and then... just hold 'em and shoot 'em and you'll know IMMEDIATELY which one is right for you... For me, it was that way with the SP-01 T... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT/TOUCH/SHOOT!... end of story!
  13. buenhec

    buenhec Well-Known Member

    Luv my Shadow. Very little recoil and very reliable. Have shot all types of reloads and factory ammo with zero problems.
  14. ojdidit

    ojdidit Well-Known Member

    Hey guys - I appreciate all the feedback. It sounds like the SP-01 would be as good as anything for practical shooting. I always felt a little slow shooting a 1911 in .45 doing controlled pairs/double taps/hammers. I just couldn't get in a hurry or accuracy suffered too much, even fairly close up. Anyway, thanks again for the advice and I would love to hear any more that is out there.
  15. RNB65

    RNB65 Well-Known Member

    I love my SP01 Tactical. Very little recoil and extremely accurate. But I have to say that is has the worst trigger I've ever encountered on a handgun. There's enough grit and creep for 10 triggers. It would be about perfect if I could find someone to do a trigger job that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  16. platform

    platform Well-Known Member

    auto with less recoil for the same caliber would be
    Witness Match (.38 super witness match with american eagle rounds shoots softer than cz sp 01 with winchester white box)
  17. PCRCCW

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    I shoot and carry an SP01 with the safety Cocked and locked. The mag release is the extended one...just like the PCR etc.

    It is one of the softest recoiling 9mm's you can find....but recoil is all perception anyway.

    Very very nice..........the one I carry is stock besides a Comp hammer and the SA trigger is 2 pounds at the max........very scary! But nice at the same time.

    Shoot well and god bless

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