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Rcbs Lube and Sizing Die???

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by hsiddall, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. hsiddall

    hsiddall Well-Known Member

    Anybody use it???I ordered one from MIdwayusa just now as well as the old fashioned pad just in case. Just wanted to know if any one here uses the lube die and how it works???Or if I just wasted 20some dollars...
  2. Ol` Joe

    Ol` Joe Well-Known Member

    Is this a CASE lube and sizer? I know they make a bullet lube/sizer for cast bullets, but haven`t heard of a case sizer/lube die.....:confused:
  3. hsiddall

    hsiddall Well-Known Member

    Yep, case lube and sizer...They are all over ebay and I found them at Midway as well.
  4. steve4102

    steve4102 Well-Known Member

    Could you post a link to the Midway item you are talking about?

  5. hsiddall

    hsiddall Well-Known Member

  6. hsiddall

    hsiddall Well-Known Member

    Oh yah, I lied...Actually I was mis informed...IT only lubes and decaps but that is still handy enough...
  7. jhansman

    jhansman Well-Known Member

    I tried the RCBS stuff for a while, but never liked it. After reading so many recommendations for it, I finally tried Imperial Sizing Wax, and it's all I use now. Easy to apply with fingers, works better than any of the liquid type lubes, and cleans up quick and easy. Give it a try.
  8. BacSi67

    BacSi67 Well-Known Member

    RCBS lube

    I've used it on bottleneck bullets. Never had a problem as long as I didn't over lube. The only pain is having to clean it off the rounds afterward, otherwise it does the job. John
  9. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    One good thing about the RCBS lube is water will take it off. The lazy mans way. Just soak em and dry em.

    The Imperial Sizing Die Wax is a better lube though. I normally use it because it is so easy and works so well.
  10. stubbicatt

    stubbicatt Well-Known Member

    If you mix your Lee case lube 5 to 1 with a water iso alcohol mixture, it is even better. Put it in a spray bottle, get you a freezer bag, squirt in 5 or 6 squirts, add a few hands full of brass, roll 'em around, dump 'em on a towel for 15 minutes, all dry and ready to go. Inside the case mouth too! Won't stick a case, and it dries to the touch without any tack. Won't attract lint or grit or anything. Can store your cases lubed and ready to go indefinitely. Wipes off with water, or even better, you don't have to remove the lube, you can just go and shoot.
  11. shooter1

    shooter1 Well-Known Member

    After sticking a case with the spray lube, I went back to the old RCBS lube and pad. I clean my rifle brass, then lube and size. I then repeat the tumbler process before completion of the reloading process. If I'm in a hurry I just wipe off the lube with an alcohol swab. The main thing is to not over lube in the first place. I've never had a misfire due to lube contamination, so it must be working. I don't touch my primers with my fingers, that may have something to do with it too! I have tried the lube die, it works -----------ok. I use a 4 station turret press for rifle ammo, and don't have room for it in the turret anyway-------
  12. spencerhut

    spencerhut Well-Known Member

    RCBS Lube Die

    I've got a couple of these RCBS Lube dies for use in .223 & .308 sized cases. Each die works with any of the cases of similar size. They are a pain to charge with lube and can get messy when charging. Best way I've found to charge them is to press the lube bottle nipple firmly against the hole in the die and apply a generous amount of pressure to the lube bottle. Make sure you let the die sit upright for a few minutes (depending on temp) before you run any cases through it. They tend to run dry at random times so pay attention to sizing force required.

    I use RCBS Lube dies on my Pro2000 progressive and would not load without them despite the cons I've already stated. For high volume loading, I have not found anything that works better for me. I know people have luck with other lubes and other methods, I have not.

    Roosters Case Forming Lube is used on my low volume reloading and I tumble it off the sized cases before priming etc. The RCBS Lube die method forces you to tumble your loaded rounds, because of the sheer volume if nothing else.
  13. hsiddall

    hsiddall Well-Known Member

    Tumble loaded Ammo????:confused:
  14. shooter1

    shooter1 Well-Known Member

    Tumble loaded Ammo????

    Not me!!!

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