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Received my CZ-83 .32acp from AIM

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Onmilo, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Onmilo

    Onmilo Senior Member

    Jul 26, 2004
    Took about two weeks to receive this pistol and I have spent the day playing with it.
    Here are some observations for those with an interest in CZ-82 or CZ-83 pistols.

    Overall condition is excellent plus.
    I requested special selection for an additional ten dollar or there about fee and I think they gave me my moneys worth.
    The gun is blued, not polymar coated.
    The finish is deep and even with a few light scratches on the right side of the slide.
    The frame and all external parts are excellent.
    The internal parts show only slight wear, about like a pistol that has been shot maybe one thousand times.
    The trigger guard is thankfully rounded and not that goofy squared off version with the finger cutout.
    The plastic grips are marked up but intact with no cracks or missing chunks.
    This pistol reminds me of a Police use weapon in every way, carry wear is evident but not much shooting wear, these are Czech or Venezuelan Police overstock guns I am fairly certain.
    Everything is settled in, smooth, and not abused.
    The barrel bore is conventionally rifled and excellent.
    There is no pitting and no grooves where grooves should not be.

    These are larger than anticipated pistols, the CZ-83 is longer than my Glock 26 and taller than a Model 26 with a ten shot Model 26 magazine in place and still taller than the Model 26 with a fifteen shot Glock Model 19 magazine in place, interesting.

    The rear sight is set in a dovetail and adjustable for windage by drifting.
    The front sight is a tongue in slot arrangement that is secured with a roll pin.
    I suspect the CZ Factory is able to provide taller or shorter front sights to compensate for elevation differences in ammunition since the sight is easy to replace.
    The sights feature twin red dots on the rear and a single red dot on the front sight face.
    The sights are large and easy to acquire with speed.

    Trigger cocking pull is smoother and lighter than any of my Walther PP pistols and sets the hammer flying at twelve pounds.
    The single action pull is mushier than any of my three Walthers and breaks after some creep at four and one half pounds.

    The pistol only came with one fifteen round magazine and right now I am having no luck locating any CZ-83 .32acp magazines in stock anywhere in the USA.
    No ten round magazines or the preferred fifteen shot magazines are available, not even at CZ-USA, bummer.
    If you live in a state where they restrict magazine capacity and you order one of these guns you may not receive a magazine because AIM has no spares of any kind. Caveat Emptor on this folks.
    CZ-83 magazines for the 9X18 Makarov caliber or the .380acp WILL NOT work correctly in the ,32acp pistol.
    The .32acp magazines incorporate additional indentations at the rear of the sides and the bullet guide channels run the full length of the magazine on the front sides.
    An excellent design, these rear indentations and full length guide grooves prevent the semi rimmed .32acp cartridges from rimlocking in the magazine.

    I fired 45 rounds through the pistol today, fifteen Sellier and Bellot full metal jacket and thirty rounds of Geco full metal jacket.
    The gun hits near dead center point of aim at fifteen meters and about one and a half inches to the right but that was probably me more than the gun.
    No jams, no bobbles, and no hiccups in this limited shooting test.

    All in all I am quite pleased but remember, I collect .32 autos.
    Frankly for the overall size of this pistol there are much better options in a serious carry gun.
    As for a less than $400.00 pleasure pistol it makes me happy, happy,,,,,ahh you know the rest and I don't want that Nawlins chef suing me for printing happy, happy, happy.
  2. usp9

    usp9 Senior Member

    Dec 17, 2005
    Bowling Green, Va
    Congrats on your new CZ. I bought mine new and have enjoyed shooting it. I have had trouble with rim lock, primarily with U.S. ammo. European ammo has a more open base on the cases. Keep your eyes open for mags...they do appear from time to time on G.B. etal. CZ USA gets them in periodically. Word of advise...be careful of any wood grips, as there is a history of cracking, and it's an expensive lesson to learn.
  3. Onmilo

    Onmilo Senior Member

    Jul 26, 2004
    Good to know, I was contemplating a set of walnuts.

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