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Remington AR 308?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gshipps, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. gshipps

    gshipps Well-Known Member

    Thinking about a 308. Think that Remington is ok? Rock River be a better rifle? Hunting would be main use. There's so many to look, a bit much for my little brain.
  2. Quiet

    Quiet Well-Known Member

    Remington ARs...
    ... in 5.56x45mm/.223 = rebadged Bushmaster
    ... in 7.62x51mm/.308 = rebadged DPMS

    My choice for an AR in 7.62x51mm/.308 = LMT MWS-308.
  3. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    What Quiet said.

    The Remington 308 is a DPMS with a camo job and $300 premium. Get a DPMS instead, if that's what you want.

    The Armalite AR-10 for $1200-1300 is a nicer rifle than either one, at the same price as the Remington R25.

    The LMT is definitely much nicer still if you are willing to spend $2300-2800 for one. Although really, you don't need one unless you already know exactly why you need one. Seriously.

    The Rock River is probably OK but is the ultimate redheaded stepchild with no support from anyone else nor any likelihood of future support. It's a bet on Rock River Arms and the price of FAL mags. You would be better off with one of the other platforms noted above, in my opinion.
  4. snakeman

    snakeman Well-Known Member

  5. gshipps

    gshipps Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks for the info. Not sure what I'll do yet but didn't know that about the rem. Dpms or armalite it looks like for me.
  6. Quiet

    Quiet Well-Known Member

    Another thing to factor in, is the type of magazine you'll end up with.

    The magazines for the Armalite AR10 and the DPMS LR308 are not compatible.
    They are both reliable, but the DPMS patterned magazines are less expensive (now that Magpul is starting to make them).
  7. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    Quiet is quite right, but I'll elaborate a bit.

    Armalite AR-10 mags are derived from US-made M14 mags and are high quality. BUT... no one sells them except Armalite, and they cost a lot. 10-packs ordered from Armalite's website get you down to $27.50/mag plus shipping, but smaller quantities are painfully expensive.

    At least four companies make mags compatible with the DPMS pattern:
    DPMS (the worst of the group)
    Knight's Armament

    There may be others. CP mags for the .308 are high quality and my #1 choice, even though their 5.56 mags are inconsistent at best. The Magpul .308 Pmag is, IMHO, not as good as their 5.56 Pmag, in particular it doesn't have an anti-tilt follower and tilt can be an issue just loading it. CP mags run $15-18 each for 20 rounders, Pmags are usually $18-19, DPMS are way overpriced at around $30 and I've never attempted to find a Knight's mag.

    The Armalite AR-10 mag is, maybe, just ever so slightly more durable than the various DPMS/Knight's pattern .308 mags, but not to an extent that matters.

    I think the magazine design is the biggest thing holding Armalite back now. It was a logical decision during the AWB, but 7 years later I think they need to realize that they are Betamax and switch over to VHS, even if it's not any better.
  8. spartan00054

    spartan00054 Well-Known Member

    Love my Armalite AR-10, but after fondling a LWRC REPR and the LMT .308, I can see what those guys are on about.

    Nice thing about Armalite mags is that when you run dry, you can bludgeon bad guys with them. They are built like tanks.
  9. gshipps

    gshipps Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the mag info. Thats one of the little things I wouldn't have figured out till I was looking for them.
  10. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    DPMS 308 19 Round Steel Magazine=$25

    DPMS PMAGS=$18

    New from ArmaLite 15 & 20 rounders=$30. I have found new/used GenII's for as low as $18 on Gunbroker. There is a after market supplier listing AR10 nags now, no reports on quality, $20-25.

    KAC 20 rounder= $125:what:

    There is little price difference on mags between ArmaLite/Noveske and DPMS style rifles. If you want to use Pmags then get a DPMS.

    I've read a few reports of Pmags having problems with the lips spreading after long term storage with a full load and not fitting the magwell without a lot of monkeying around.

    I went with the ArmaLite style because ArmaLite reengineered the mag catch and bolt stop for better reliability vs the AR15 part that most others use. Plus I got a smokin' deal on a Noveske upper.

  11. turner1

    turner1 New Member

    just bought the r25 in a .308 using mostly for coyotes any suggestions on what scope i should put on it? Im a rookie in the tactical field so i could use all the info i can get
  12. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    If hunting will be the primary use, consider LaRue's new lightweight OBR. The thing is seriously light .... around 6lb IIRC.



  13. FrDoc

    FrDoc New Member

    All of these considerations are pertinent, but what about hands-down performance? I have an opportunity to snag one of these
    (R-25) for a very reasonable price (about 1/2 MSRP). However, I don't want to put any money into something that doesn't perform.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2011
  14. jg4890

    jg4890 Member

    I like the Rock River, only because its the only one Ive owned. I found good working refurbished mags at "What a Country" web site for 19.95, and last I looked were in stock.
  15. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    Half MSRP is a great price on the R-25. They are very accurate rifles, with quality and reliability more than sufficient for hunting. They aren't mil-spec. I would jump at one for that price.
  16. lmccrock

    lmccrock Well-Known Member

    For half price, jump on it, although I note MSRP is $1631, which is a bit steep.

    One difference between the R25 and DPMS rifles is weight; the Remington is lighter for barrel length (under 8 lbs with 20" barrel), and the 308 AR's are hefty. My 20" DPMS is about 11 lbs, before sights/scope, and unloaded.

    The CProducts 308 mags had some birthing problems (seems like all their products do) but they are quick to take care of any problems. However, I have all PMags and DPMS mags. DPMS (and presumably Remington) had a 308 mag fab problem a couple years ago, but those should have been flushed by now.


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