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Roll Call: Any armored car people on here?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Aaron C, May 28, 2004.

  1. Aaron C

    Aaron C Active Member

    I work for Loomis Fargo & Co. up in VT. I'm wondering if anyone else works for them or another armored company.

    Also, are you union or non-union?
  2. geegee

    geegee Well-Known Member

    I used to, having worked for Brink's Canada in the mid '70's (a great job for a student!), and then Purolator (then Loomis) in Houston in 1981.
  3. MtCowboy

    MtCowboy Member

    Howdy all. I work for Dunbar Armored down in Cincinnati, OH. What's it like with Loomis? I had looked at working for them but they didn't have a branch near me.
  4. Aaron C

    Aaron C Active Member

    Its not bad working for Loomis as far as I can tell. This is a pretty small branch, like 10 trucks. We service all of northern VT, and we are the only armored company with "B Body" trucks. Theres a Birkshire (total joke up here) nearby and a Brinks branch that operates in NY. A few of Loomis's corporate policy's irk me though; for example I was told at hiring that the weapon we carry has to have a decocker, ok fine. Well anyone with a brain knows that a double-action only or similar style pistol like a Glock or XD doesnt have one because it doesnt NEED to be decocked. But they actually DO NOT allow Glocks! Because it doesnt have a decocker! :confused: Damn suits...

    Other than that we can carry pretty much whatever we want. I carry a Ruger P89 9mm (stainless slide) with 17 round mags on the belt. I heard that the Brinks guys are only allowed to carry .38 revolvers. That sucks for them.

    Up here in VT there is no such thing as a CCW or pistol permit or anything of the sort. It the SHTF, this is where you wanna be. Anybody can go to the store and buy all the AK's his heart desires with no waiting and all you need to show is your VT state drivers license. You can carry a concealed or non concealed weapon wherever you want. Its actually AGAINST the state constitution to have gun legislation. Gotta love it! However, one of the only rules is you cant bring a gun into a school. And if you are proffesional security, you need more than an ID to carry open. This is where the VT Armed Guard license comes in. It takes about 8-12 weeks to come back, they do a background check then it goes to the FBI. Its only 50 bucks though and the company pays for it. You have to qualify with your preffered caliber yearly. Once you have this license you can go into the state buildings and the state schools, which is essential since we service all of University of Vermont's ATM's.

    We're still not allowed to carry AK-47's yet, though Im gonna keep asking!
  5. Devonai

    Devonai Well-Known Member

    I did my time at Brink's, Boston circa 2000. If they actually had a third man on every truck like they were supposed to, I might have stayed longer. As it was it was too dangerous to be running around downtown Boston alone while your only partner has to stay in the truck. Real fun.
  6. MtCowboy

    MtCowboy Member

    Hey Stupid Gun Rules are in my company too. That ruger you are carrying is illegal for us. You see, it has a manual safety and DECOCKING lever. That makes the gun unsafe Seems we had one guy at a jewelry show who had the hammer cocked and someone noticed. He said he used the decocking lever and the gun just " went off." Yeah, right. He had a Ruger. You know as well as I do that the gun probably didn't malfunction. He most likely pulled the trigger while trying to hold the hammer back. Then his thumb slipped. :eek: So not to lose his job, .......it's the gun's fault. Least that is my guess as to what happened. So we have to carry "safe" DAO pistols, you know, Glocks, XD's, the very same ones you can't carry.:banghead: Hasn't made much sense to me. I can carry a $400 XD but not a $700 Sig 220.
    By the way love your firearm laws or lack thereof. It's not too bad down here in KY. About to get CCW license:) Stay safe.
  7. Bainx

    Bainx member

    You guys are on the "Brinks" of disaster!:D
    Just kidding....

    A very informative post Aaron C.
    Welcome aboard both of you, Aaron and MtCowboy!
  8. MtCowboy

    MtCowboy Member

    Hey gun school for OH is pretty easy. You have to take a 20 hr class and pass a pretty easy shooting test. The farthest you shoot is 50 ft and you get to do weak hand drills around a barricade. Other than that not much. The written test is FOUR questions long. And they give you the answers ahead of time on the board. Then erase then right before you get the test. I had some cool instructors though. I was the only one shooting a 1911 and I was having a pretty good day. So the head range instructor kept coming over and trying to pysch me out by asking questions or saying, "Safety's on!" right as I bring the gun on target. :D Good times.
  9. MtCowboy

    MtCowboy Member

    Hey Bainx. You notice that you and I registered at the same time? I think my posts are a little down in number to you, though. :D Been away from posting for a long time. Thanks for the greeting.
  10. gunsmith

    gunsmith member

    I work for a different company

    not union.
    I have speeding ticket issues,which should be gone by next year,then hope to work for loomis.
    here in frisco they are union and from what I hear a ok company to work for.
    I carry a .40 glock most of the time and a sp101 on hot days (.357mag)...
    In CA it depends on company policy what kind of gun you can carry.
    We are not allowed 1911 45's at my company because they are "to scary"
    but one of my co workers has a .40 that looks like a 1911:cool: ...We have alot of rules that no one follows because the management has no clue about firearms or ammo.
    For instance we are not allowed Fed hydra shok but some one told my supervisor that I had some in my revolver...he was going to point the gun in his face to inspect my ammo:eek:
    I unloaded it and said "this is remington gold dot,just like the cop's...see!"
    and handed it to him.
    He went to the snitch and said I am using cop ammo:D
    he didn't want to admit he hasn't a clue.
    In CA you have to qualify 4 times a year on what ever caliber you have on your card
    I have .45 .40 .9mm .357mag/sig .38
    The owner of the company like's cowboy stuff so I could carry a single action if I felt like it I've been thinking about adding .44mag to my card.
    My company has different policy for what ever contract. we have a Fed gov't contract and we carry 9mm 0nly,mace,baton,handcuffs.
    A city contract No mace,baton,handcuffs...but any gun we have on our card!

    I once applied at wacky hut when I was first starting out,I had .357 on my card but not .38 and they told me I cant work without a .38 on my card ,I tried to explain to the wackyhut guy that if you qualify with a .357 revolver that a .38 is even easier and he said "I hate guns,I can't tell the difference between any of them,they should all be outlawed"
    And he was hiring and making policy for armed guards!:cuss:
    Even though they pay better I aint working for a yoyo like that.
    Last edited: May 29, 2004
  11. Parker Dean

    Parker Dean Well-Known Member

    Used to back in the late Eighties. It was one of those "joke" companies and I suppose the only reason no one got killed was that we never had any real money aboard. Although there was that one time that the two of us took a quarter million dollar bank transfer out in this 9 passenger E250 junkpile that we were well known to use.
  12. VaughnT

    VaughnT Well-Known Member

    Count me in. I work for AT Sys in SoCar. Good company, though the training policy sucks (no annual requals, though you can carry pretty much any gun you like.)

    We run B-bodies, mostly, but we still have a few vans for hispeed/lodrag operations.

    Non union....thankfully.

    I do love the work!
  13. Mark in California

    Mark in California Well-Known Member

    Worked for Brinks from 1986 thru 2001 full time and on call and in the office until last month.

    My last day on the streets was September 11, 2001. Was that a wild day to be out and about.

    When I first started we all carried Model 10 S&W, LOADED WITH 5 ROUNDS, HAMMER ON A EMPTY CHAMBER. That was changed with load with 6 rounds just five years after I started. It it not offen that you see a century old rule die, even if they were 50 years late in calling it.

    When I started we had a M-1 Carbine. Loved it. Everyone thought I had a machine gun. Some told headquarters (Darrien). The manager got a dirty telphone call. "Company weapons ONLY" It is a Company weapon. Ok then, send it back.

    Brinks is changing to a 40 cal. They also have the pencil pushers who mandate rules. "The lawyers say..." No high cap mags, and other nonsense. No problems were I worked but worked with people from other branchs were they had people killed.
  14. gunsmith

    gunsmith member


    The Brink guys down here in Frisco get to carry what ever they want...or so they told me...
    They inspect your mags??
    Sounds silly.
  15. Firethorn

    Firethorn Well-Known Member

    No high cap magazines? That's ok, I only use standard capacity.

    Of course, I define high-cap: magazine extends past grip when fully inserted
    Standard: Flush with grip
    Low cap: fewer round capacity than standard.

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