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Ruger LCR .38 special +P revolver vs. S & W .38 Bodyguard

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by stinger 327, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    Which revolver is better? Both come with laser sights. Actually the Ruger LCR has the option of Crimson Laser grips from the factory or you can put them on yourself. The Bodyguard comes with the laser sight.:confused:
  2. Smaug

    Smaug Well-Known Member

    I checked them out side by side at Bass Pro a couple weeks back. I didn't get to shoot either. I generally prefer Rugers, but in this case, the Smith was the clear winner.

    I could get my pinky on the bottom corner of the grip on the Smith. No way is that possible on the LCR. (although the grip is fatter and fills the palm better) The laser is integrated, so it doesn't jack up the price of the gun a couple hundred dollars. S&W is really on the right track here.
  3. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    This is true and I did notice that the grip on the S & W Bodyguard is alot smaller and fits my hand better but I don't like the location or type of laser on it.
    I like the Crimson Trace Laser Grip set up on the LCR better.
    The Smith is cheaper in price in this case which is very rare.
  4. bcp280z

    bcp280z Well-Known Member

    OOPS double clicked post
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2011
  5. bcp280z

    bcp280z Well-Known Member

    IMHO if you were trying to decide which of these two choices to buy, I'd say the LCR, awesome trigger, I believe you can change grips. The new "Bodyguard" is alright but the lasers are just a ploy, CT grips would be better on either. The cyl release on the new BG is kinda awkward, on top.

    There's already millions of reviews/discussions on this, but if you prefer the Smith better, I'd say drop a few more bills and pick up an Airweight.

    *Though, I've yet to shoot the new BG only my 438 and a friend's LCR
  6. DFM914

    DFM914 Well-Known Member

    LCR is the winer in my book just from the smooth trigger found on this revolver.
  7. Paladin38-40

    Paladin38-40 Well-Known Member

    In name only

    Ruger LCR = Vega with Cadillac decals

    S&W new Bodyguard = Falcon with Lincoln decals

    Not much difference to choose between. Bill Ruger, Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson are probably rolling over in their graves.
  8. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    I agree the trigger pull on the LCR feels different and I prefer that trigger snap pull feeling. The S & W is fine but it is just the laser I don't like. The S & W costs alot less this time.
  9. wrangler5

    wrangler5 Well-Known Member

    I've shot the LCR and Smith 442 back to back at a rental range and preferred the Smith. It just felt better - to me - to shoot, and I shot it more accurately. I later shot the S&W Bodyguard (they didn't have it when I'd shot the LCR) and the 442 back to back, and again preferred the 442 - the LCR was checked out when I was there for this session. Of course, YMMV.

    Personally I would NOT have a laser sight that I had to turn on with a separate finger movement (as on the S&W Bodyguard) if I could have the Crimson Trace grip-activated switch. So if I could only choose between the LCR and Bodyguard I'd pick the LCR just for the laser sight switch. But given the option of a 442 (which I just ordered one of) I'd pick that one over either of the others.
  10. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    Same here just for the fact the Bodyguard comes with that laser type I would go for LCR with the Crimson Grips as I prefer that set up better. You engage laser when you want to and don't have to turn it off.
  11. flhtcuibyhd

    flhtcuibyhd Well-Known Member

    I've put a couple hundred rounds through my Bodyguard over the last couple months. No problems. Points and sits natural in my hand with a high hand hold causing recoil to be very managable, laser works perfectly, trigger is smooth and fine for a snubby. I like it lot, and for the price, it can't be beat. I'm not sure I understand why the negative comments on the built in laser. I had planned to get the Ruger, but am glad I went the S&W route.

    No +P rounds yet.
  12. Photoman

    Photoman Well-Known Member

    Haven't shot either one. I recommend the Model 642. With that said, I do look forward to the day Smith & Wesson sells the BG38 without the laser as I'd like to try one.
  13. Madcap_Magician

    Madcap_Magician Well-Known Member

    I found the laser on the Bodyguard was very poor compared to a Crimson Trace. Wasn't very visible at all, especially in daylight. I haven't shot one, though, so I can't compare, but I do like the trigger on the LCR.
  14. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    I don't know how good or bad Smith & Wesson guns are today. I do know they cost the most of any other brand. I know that Ruger is great.
  15. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Even though Ruger was the first with a polymer frame revolver S&W seems to have outdone them. I held both in a local shop and the S&W was much better in my hand than the Ruger. I think the trigger on the S&W was better too. The laser was completely none intrusive and I even liked the release latch being on the top after I played with it a while.

    I think S&W hit a homerun with this one while the Ruger is only a solid triple.
  16. stinger 327

    stinger 327 Well-Known Member

    I have a laserlyte on a NAA Mini Master revolver. Had the same problem. I couldn't sight it in at range because I couldn't see it.

    I like the Ruger especially the trigger pull. Maybe the thing to do is buy the Ruger with the boot style grip then it comes with open night sight then replace that boot grip as it doesn't feel good in my hand and put on later the Crimson Trace Laser grip then you have the best of both worlds or have two sights should one not be working right at the time and or you have a choice of which sight to use.

    But again the nature of this LCR is up front and close so most likely if you will end up not using neither sight but point shooting instead if it's used for it's intended purpose.

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