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Ruger Mini 30 Tactical Question?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Steve_NEPhila, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Steve_NEPhila

    Steve_NEPhila Well-Known Member

    Has anyone here found a scout style rail system for the heavy barreled Ruger Mini 30 tactical? I would like to mount an EoTech on my Mini 30 tactical.

    The tactical (I do not like "tactical" but that is what Ruger calls it) has a heavier barrel and I suspect that the forward mounts will not fit. Does anyone here have personal experience???

    Thanks in advance.
  2. TAKtical

    TAKtical Well-Known Member

  3. Steve_NEPhila

    Steve_NEPhila Well-Known Member

    Nope, Ultimak does not carry one for the thicker barrel. Anyone else???
  4. briansmithwins

    briansmithwins Well-Known Member

    EoTech is going to be WAY high as it's designed to work with the AR's sight line.

    For a Mini, I'd get a Picatinny rail that uses the existing scope mounts and pop a Aimpoint Micro on that. Your sight line will be much, much lower than you'll get with a EoTech (you'll actually be able to get a cheek weld, not a jaw weld) with the stock.

  5. johnnydollar

    johnnydollar Well-Known Member

    I have an Archangel Sparta stock on my .223 Mini-14 Tactical. With this stock you can mount an EoTech on the Mini and it will co-witness with any same plane AR-15 style sights. The Sparta stock sells for around $180, so it is more expensive than other options, but few other options do such a good job of mounting an EoTech on a Mini-14.
  6. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    "Perfectunion.com" might also have some ideas.
  7. pbrktrt

    pbrktrt Well-Known Member

    I believe Amega has a mini scout III rail that should work.
  8. aekdbmoc

    aekdbmoc New Member

    I am in the same boat. My Mini 30 Tactical is on the way and I want to put an EoTech on a scout rail. I heard good things about Ultimak but they don't make one for the Tactical model. Please let me know if you find what you're (we're) looking for. Thanks.
  9. dprice3844444

    dprice3844444 member

    try googling ruger mini 30 tactical rail and see what pops up
  10. aekdbmoc

    aekdbmoc New Member

    I have. Amega claims to have rails that fits all new Mini 30s, but they don't specifically say "Tactical". It doesn't seem like any rail can fit different barrel sizes so I am a little skeptical. I will probably give it a try, but I am hoping that somebody has already found one that works for sure.
  11. pbrktrt

    pbrktrt Well-Known Member

    All of the 580 and 581 series Mini's have the same barrel OD. The bore size is all that is different. Any rail made for the tapered barrel should work. Think about this from Ruger's manufacturing end, it's cheaper to forge one size barrel and use the correct mandrel as needed for the 14's and the 30's.
  12. Bill_Rights

    Bill_Rights Well-Known Member

    Over at Perfect Union you will find references to Ameritek and Accuracy Systems accessories.

    Why use a scout rail when you can use the full-back receiver rail?, such as
    (Answer may be, you want a wide field-of-view CQB sight)
    I do not know if you can get the Ameritek rails in black finish to match the Mini-30 GBCPC (Tactical). Ask and (maybe) you shall receive....

    You may also find what you're looking for somewhere in here:

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