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Ruger Sights

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by ExAgoradzo, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to make the front sight 'more visible'. I have some Rugers and the front sight is black. When looking at a black target it is a little difficult to see. Is there a white paint you could put a drop of? Some kind of manufactured sight that is more easily distinguished for Ruger single actions?

  2. Percy

    Percy Member

    Blaze Orange, or bright red nail polish works great. It's built for wear, cheap, and comes in a tiny bottle with it's own brush. There is also another company called BrightSights that makes a fluorescent that supposedly holds light and glows in low light conditions.
  3. Brass Rain

    Brass Rain Well-Known Member

    As Percy said, nail polish works really well. Supposedly green is the color most visible to the human eye, so it might be a good color to go with. But red or orange is the standard.
  4. sig220mw

    sig220mw Well-Known Member

    I try not to use targets with a dark back ground. I have a Ruger bisley 45 colt and the front sight is black but does not stand out as well as the front sight on my Ruger 44 special. I don't know why there is a difference between the two since both front sights are black. I may have to try the nail polish trick.
  5. dagger dog

    dagger dog Well-Known Member

    MidwayUSA has a gun sight paint kit, it consists of 3 or 4 small vials of different color
    hi viz flourecent paint specifically for gun sights.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2011
  6. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot. I'll try the nail polish but check out the site as well.

    I appreciate your quick responses!
  7. C/O

    C/O Well-Known Member

    I used orange Testers model paint on the front sight of my SP101. Made a world of difference and seems to be holding up real well.
  8. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member


    Do you like your 101?

    What do you put in it for defense? A hot 357, 38, or snake shot?
  9. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    My wife has carried an SP 101 since they were first introduced in .357 (125 gr. only barrel stamp) and with a 140 to 158 gr. .38 Spl round it will do any thing we need. A small drop of yellow Testor's enamel applied with a toothpick brought the front sight's visibility up to where it can be seen in very low light. These guns are built like tanks. A steady diet of 110/125 gr. loads will erode the forcing cones over time (and blind you). I recommend using heavier bullets at 900 fps or so.
  10. Sleipnir

    Sleipnir Member

    I find it prudent to mention that full power 125 grain loads have been used in abuse tests on the SP101 without the SP101 enduring much wear with round counts climbing into the thousands. The 110 grainers will do a forcing cone in on any revolver though, but of all the guns on the market I'd stake the SP101 on lasting the longest.
  11. bushrod2

    bushrod2 Active Member

    Bright orange or red nail polish or paint is the cheapest way to go.
  12. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member


    Great news on the 101. I've got an opportunity; I was excited that it was a 357 in such a small package. Now I'm even more excited.

    Thanks again.
  13. Dave Bulla

    Dave Bulla Well-Known Member

    I'd like to give these a try. Scroll down to the pic third from the bottom. That fiber optic green sight really shows up well.

    Oh yea, and your gonna drool over the deal we all missed out on for this pistol. About $300 under priced for the whole package with grips and holster.

  14. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    Truglow front sight


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