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Ruger sp101 2 1/4 Holster

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by default57, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. default57

    default57 Active Member

    Hello everyone. first of all I'd like to thank ya'll for the knowledge and past threads that have enlightened me in the world of firearms and helped me make smart purchases. THR is a great resource.

    I'm in need of a holster for a Ruger sp101 2.25 for cc.

    I wanna carry 24/7 eventually and need something that is secure even doing somersaults and handstands (I can get crazy). I'm also a pretty small guy 5' 11" and 155 lbs. pretty fit build. I also wear light but tight clothes (khakis and a loose shirt mostly, as I live in hot AZ) so would like something thin. Just enough for me to know it ain't falling out. I've looked at bladetech, the bianchi 3s, and a few others suggested. But, I'm not sure I want a leather holster because it will make the whole deal even thicker then it has to be, although I like leather. I think that a snapping backstrap would ease my worries.

    Also just tucking it in my shorts/pants, I can tell I'd prefer a high riding ~5 oclock position.

    So basically I think I'd like kydex but with a strap. Is ,say, a blade tech Nano IWB pretty freaking secure all the time?

    Dare I say, I'm tempted to get a clipdraw, but I can hardly bring myself to tape a piece of metal to such a beaut. And besides, until I'm a more seasoned gun handler, I want the trigger covered. I know, I know "never have a guns trigger uncovered like that", It's just a thought.

    -How secure is a kydex holster?
    -How much thicker does a leather holster compare?

    Thanks heaps, Eric
  2. oldbear

    oldbear Well-Known Member

    Sir a fine revolver such as yours deserves a quality holster. There are any number of custom and semi-custom holster makers. I have used and been VERY impressed the holsters and gear from Lobo Leather. Ray does a great job and is a good guy to work with.
  3. Bud0505

    Bud0505 Well-Known Member

    Have you looked at Sticky Holsters: http://stickyholsters.com ? I just bought one but haven't used it enough to give an opinion yet.
  4. blindhari

    blindhari Well-Known Member

    default 57,
    I have the snub SP101 in 357. My solution was "Simply Rugged" up here in Prescott, Az. I ordered a Sourdough Pancake and while I was at it I got the Chesty Puller harness as well. I prefer cross draw for walking and driving which is a great option when carrying on belt. Holster seems to fit and work well whether cross draw, upright or forward cant. It is neither too heavy or bulky. They will add a retainer strap if asked, as I am pushing 70 handstands are not in my repotoire. I don't normally use a waist holster for CCW but this one isn't too bad for that purpose.
    The Chesty Puller harness works great hiking or going after Texas hog. I carry a Win 94 Trapper for hog and the ruger on my chest is a back up.

  5. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    My 4.2" sp101 lives in a bell charter oak m&pII pancake scabbard
  6. 9mmfan

    9mmfan Well-Known Member

    I carried one in a TT Gunleather Mike's Special. Liked it a good deal. When I started carrying a Glock, I went with an Minotaur MTAC from Comp-Tac. Kydex/leather hybrid. Very comfortable and adaptable as to ride height, cant and retention. I would recommend either, though you might look at the regular TT Reinforced IWB, as I think the Mike's rides a little lower.
  7. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    I carry my SP up to 12 hours a day in an American Pride Leathers pancake and forget I have it on. They only cost about 30 bucks.

  8. herkyguy

    herkyguy Well-Known Member

    I wore a crossbreed supertuck with mine for good periods of time. it did feel a bit heavy after a while. oddly enough, i'm sort of getting back into the market for one of the 3" barrels for a bit more accuracy.
  9. Bluelight

    Bluelight Active Member

    Look at Don Hume Leathergoods. I got an IWB for a different gun but it is the best of any I have used.
  10. fxstchewy

    fxstchewy Well-Known Member

    Mitch Rosen, can get one at Dillion Precision.
  11. default57

    default57 Active Member

    There's alot of holsters out there eh.

    Hey guys thanks, there are soo many choices out there; wish I could try them all. Man. Anyone selling their old sp101 holster?
    By the way, pictures are very welcome.

    Old bear,
    Thankyou for the compliment on the gun, it was either her, or a disproportionate Taurus 7 shot snubby singled out on the table. And I just couldnt pass up a rugged piece of work like the ruger. Think lobo'll be able to add a retainer strap for me?

    Bud 0505,
    Those sticky holsters seems like an awesome idea, I wonder how they'll feel after sticking and pulling my skin around all day though. Please let me know your experience soon. They seem like a solid simple solution to tuck and head out with.

    Great suggestion they look good. I like that they have the easy custom options and are in prescott. If I order one I might have make a day out of it and pick it up myself. It also looks like I can purchase the silver dollar and have a good otw holster as well, which gives me options for the price of one.
    That chesty puller harness is far out! It's practically a uniform, but i bet an easy access option especially when you don't want yet something else on your belt. And true a great option for hiking i imagine, to keep my jeans up.

    R.W. Dale,
    Those holsters look real easy and simple. What's the wait time on the orders?

    The slim IWB holster reads like its catered to my needs and looks sharp. High price point but if I wanna carry as much as I do it'll be worth it. I imagine its real secure considering the custom fit? The Mtac looks like a great option but it isn't offered for the sp101.

    That seems like a steal of a deal for 30$. Gotta keep that one in mind forsure.
    And thanks for the picture, very helpful.

    I hear nothing but good from those holsters, they look as thin as can be and real comfortable. Ever have a gun wiggle out of em? yeah that 3" sp was tempting as well considering the extra sight radius and added muzzle velocity. It almost seems like a waste to shoot a only 5 rounds of .357 out of a 2" youknow? I otta look at the charts for snubs. no regrets though.

    What gun did you get it for? pictures are welcome.

    fxtchewy, Those holsters look so refined. and I'm sure they are considering their price. Pretty expensive eh? Which holster do you have?
  12. fredg

    fredg Active Member

    My son and I both carry our SP101 2 1/4" .357's in Bianchi Black Widow Holsters. Very high quality, high tight ride and secure with a thumb strap. I can conceal it under a t-shirt (XL t-shirt, 5' 8" 200lbs).

    Good price too at around $45 shipped: http://www.opticsplanet.com/bianchi-black-widow-holsters-for-ruger-sp101-375-size-08.html

    Comes in Black or Tan and is molded very well to the SP101

    I also have a Black Widow for my full size 1911, it feels very secure even with a 3 pound gun. Can't recommend them enough! (Pic is supposed to be a left hand holster, looks weird to me but all I wanted to show you was how well it's molded to the SP101)

    Last edited: Jul 10, 2013
  13. fxstchewy

    fxstchewy Well-Known Member

    The one from Dillion made by Mitch Rosen, fits perfect and conceals great, and i have tried a few. :)
  14. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    You really probably don't want to bother with a thumb-break or strap. It sounds like a good idea, especially if you're REALLY inexperienced with carrying. Once you've got a few miles on a good, well-fitting holster (leather or kydex) you'll see that a concealment holster doesn't require such things.

    And that's for an OWB holster.

    An IWB? No reason at all for a retention strap. You'll have more trouble with the draw being TOO tight, the gun being TOO secure. Between the tight fit of a good holster and the cinching of your carry belt over the gun, it's practically unrealistic to worry about retention with an IWB. (My experience here spans quite a few roller coasters and one rollover car wreck while carrying IWB...the gun never moved.)
  15. 9mmfan

    9mmfan Well-Known Member

    Yeppers, it was a tight fit. Sam1911 is correct about the IWB being very secure. I will admit to using it to carry either a 642 or 637 after I got rid of the Ruger. OWB would have been a hair too loose, IWB held it secure, even though the J frames were a skosh smaller.

    I opted for the reinforced mouth, as it held open for easy reholstering. Don't know that the slim would necessarily collapse when empty, but am inexperienced with that model so can't vouch one way or the other.

    The one I have is very good quality and I think it was well worth the price.
  16. Bluelight

    Bluelight Active Member


    My Don Hume holster is for the S&W M&P9c.
  17. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    I carry my 2.25" SP101 in a Don Hume IWB 715TB(thumb-break). It fits my gun like a glove, and was reasonably priced. It might not be 'the best there is'.....but its a pretty nice holster. I like it.
  18. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    ...oops wrong pictures...now I can't get 'em off. Oh well.

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