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Service Grade Garand Just arrived from CMP

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by okey0, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. okey0

    okey0 Active Member

    thought i'd share this so folks can get an idea of the current crop of garands coming from the cmp. Not sure what the stamp on the stock indicates.

    This is my FIRST EVER garand. The serial number indicates a build date of August 1944.

    Any recommedation for THE BEST book or web page that will show me how to properly clean and lube this ol' girl? I like pictures as part of the instructions! ; )

    I ordered it on August 12th, and it was shipped Sept 11. The web site said 60 to 120 days before shipping, so i'm happy i got it so soon.

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  2. okey0

    okey0 Active Member

    couple more pics...

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  3. langenc

    langenc Well-Known Member

    Take the wood off and scrub the hxxx out of it. Hot water and liquid detergent amd you will be surprised at the color of the water running off. Will need 3 or 4 washings. Then 'some' of those dents can be steamed outor you can leave her as is and wonder when each of them occured.

    Pray for all who carried her thus far.
  4. esmith

    esmith Well-Known Member

    Murphys oil soap will probably work better. I used it on my mosin and there was a ton of crud on the wood.
  5. Never No More

    Never No More Well-Known Member

    I own the service manual,

    the Armorers manual,

    and Precision shooting with the M1 Garand by Roy Baumgardner.

    As far as website, just do a search, I found several good ones out there.

    Being a former armorer, I do better with the TMs
  6. M1 Shooter

    M1 Shooter Well-Known Member

    The best book I have seen for the new M1 owner is the M1 Garand Owners Guide by Scott Duff. It explains everything you need to know about inspecting, maintaining, and shooting the M1 rifle.

    A good place to get it is from Orion 7, they have a kit that includes this book, a sling, some clips, and other nice to have accessories. Go here http://www.m1garandrifle.com/Garandparts.htm, scroll down to M1 Garand accessories, it's the first item listed under that heading.
  7. Tokugawa

    Tokugawa Well-Known Member

  8. Zap_Branigan

    Zap_Branigan Well-Known Member

    I am currently on the fence with whether to buy a Field grade or a Service grade, is there a real difference between the two thats worth 100$ more?
    Also, nice rifle there buddy :)
  9. cuervo

    cuervo Well-Known Member

    The circle-P is a proof mark from the armory where it was rebuilt (or where the rifle the stock was last on was rebuilt, since CMP may mix-and-max sometimes as well).

    There may be remnants of stamps on the left side of the stock underneath the rear sight from earlier stamps that would have different letters depending on when and where it was finished. More than likely though, these were sanded off at the last rebuild.

    Fulton-armory.com has some refinishing tips in their Garand FAQ. It is fairly straight-forward; it just takes a little time and effort, and patience.

    The booklet that came with it should contain all the instructions you need but as others have said, there is a lot of information out there.

    Enjoy and buy lots of Greek ammo from CMP while you can.
  10. mcmoyer

    mcmoyer Well-Known Member

    Nice rifle!

  11. iamkris

    iamkris Well-Known Member

    I got my newest Service Grade this week as well.

    Ordered August 17 and delivered on September 11 (I took special pride knowing my new rifle was delivered on the anniversary of 9-11). The top rifle in the pic is my CMP M1 that I got back in 2002...it is a 5-digit SA made in 1939. The lower pic is my newest Service Grade...it is a 2.5M SA made in Feb '44. I like the milled trigger guard.

    My stock was pretty ratty like yours so I swapped it out for a spare I had sitting around. The metal is in good shape with the exception of the clip release that has a bit of pitting on it. I'll work on the old stock at some other time.

    Very happy with my pair of WWII babies.

  12. alamo

    alamo Well-Known Member

    Check out the "C&R Rifle Stock Cleaning and Preservation Forum". It is a great resource for learning the proper techniques to clean and preserve the stock. I'd use lacquer thinner to clean the oil, dirt, & gunk out of the stock over water. Once this crap is out of it, the stock will lighten considerably and then apply tung oil or BLO which will restore the color. It won't be the same color it was before as some of that color was from the old oil, gunk, dirt, etc.


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