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Sharpening and Keeping sharp

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by jparham, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. jparham

    jparham Well-Known Member

    I'm not SM or The Tourist. I don't know much about sharpening, and I can't get a edge sharp enough to slice cheap stainless steel on a Norton stone, or get an edge with an Edge Pro and waterstones that's sharp enough to cut me reading about it.

    I also don't have an Edge Pro, or waterstones, or even a Norton stone.

    But I do have this- a desire to get my knives, and keep them, very sharp.

    Steel involved- 1095, CV, AUS-8, 420, 8RCMV1083ZZZ (whatever the heck that alphabet steel Byrd uses), China mystery steel

    The sharpening tools I have- a Lansky Crock Stick, a butcher steel, and a piece of cardboard.

    Again, I want really sharp. Very sharp edges that will last. Paper-cutting sharp is preferable.

    I have read the sharpening sticky several times, and still my edges are below factory sharp satisfaction.

    I'm willing to work hard, and keep trying.

    I'm not really willing to spend a bunch of green on a sharpening system, or special stones, or to have someone else sharpen my knives.

    With that in mind- what should I do? I'm also willing to forget everything I ever thought I knew about sharpening. I'm willing to work hard. Numbers always help, as does very clear instructions. Run it like removing a long slice isn't that helpful- actually tell me how to do that.

    Thanks in advance,

    Pres, in NC, with his semi-sharp knives.
  2. Pax Jordana

    Pax Jordana Well-Known Member

    I have one of those camillus fixed blades that is my current project. I've probably taken way too much metal off it already, but practice makes perfect, eh? Someday when it's shaped like an icepick and I know how to sharpen, I'll come back and say "practice, grasshopper!"

    In the meantime, for pocket blades (as the opening's too narrow for some bigger fixed blades) I use a Rapala Filet Knife Sharpener. For some reason, it loves my sodbuster - do it right and in a few swipes you can shave hair with it.

    I also have an accu-sharp type (built a little like the rapala's stick setup but with the steel teeth) that I wouldn't recommend for anything smaller than an axe or machete. Oh, or lawn mower blades.

    Try the rapala. Like I told myself when I ordered it - how wrong can you go for eight bucks?
  3. Todd A

    Todd A Well-Known Member

    I like the single fine Rapala ,the red one.For $1.29 at Walmart I have several around the house and one in each car.

    It works great on thin blades and I've used it on my 1095 slipjoints, my 13c26 Leek and Storm2, my Case SS Sodbuster JR, ATS-34 Gerber EZout, and Schrade+ stainless. I touch up my carry knives often and the simple Rapala will maintain a hair shaving edge.

    Not so good on a S30V Native but if I don't let it get too dull it will maintain a paper slicing edge.

    They work so well that I haven't had to use a stone in quite awhile.But like I said I give my knives a few swipes every now and then wether they need it or not. I haven't had to use one to bring a knife back from the dead,but it seems to me it would even work for that.
  4. sm

    sm member


    Send me a PM and I'll Cut & Paste what I have sent about 3 dozen folks of late in regard to all this.

    I say Cut & Paste, I do have to edit sometimes.
    It seems some countries do not have a mom and pop stores or some of what I do suggest.

    New Zealand deserves extra points. They have John Deere dealerships that actually carry the stuff I suggest in learning how to sharpen a knife.

    Way to go NZ! *smile*

    Folks often do not like what I suggest, so I am best to not post in public anymore.
    I do as I was passed forward to, learned as an apprentice for other edged tools. I spent some years in regard to edged tools for task and I go back to before a lot of things ever hit the market.

    What I need is Virtual back porch, or barn, or similar.
    I can get someone up to speed with freehand sharpening pretty fast.
    I do this with kids and new folks all the time.

    Pretty neat to have lady get a knife sharp, just with the coarse side and strop on her blue jeans and that sucker shave the fuzz off a peach.
  5. jparham

    jparham Well-Known Member

    Todd and Pax J, how do you go about using one of the Rapala sharpeners? Do you grind a burr, or what?
    SM, I'll send you a PM.
  6. sm

    sm member



    I have [strike] 13 [/strike] 19 PMs in regard to "rebel, reprobate" sharpening.

    Be patient if you will.
    I am going to (hopefully) find something I wrote, edit and have ready with replies. If not, I write another one.

    -I have a work I need to finish for pub-lease-shing

    -I have "lessons" to give to some ladies with shotguns.

    I hate that stupid old pick up truck, and you never let me drive - Taylor Swift

    -I have a serious challenge: Single shot shotgun versus pistol grip shotgun.

    It ain't hustling, some folks just pay for lessons is all - Mentors

    I'll get back to you folks.
    In the meantime, fire up Jessica by Allman Bros.
    Heck fire up the whole Live at Fillmore East, thats some goood freehand music!

    I gots a challenge.
    I just show up, use what is there, like shooting glasses and plugs.
    Bootlegger2 is going be there (named after me) and YBC is going to there too.
    (Yellow Bikini Contingency, one has to have a shotgun to match a bikini *yep).

    These be single shot shotguns.

    I wonder if this feller has ever shot out of the bed of a moving pick'em truck or motorcycle before?
    Oh,well , he'll figger it out. *evil grin*

    Stay Sharp! - Will Fennell

    He ain't wrong, he's just different , and them that don't know 'em , don't know how to take 'em - Willie
  7. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    The Lansky sharpener is really all tht you need to sharpen and maintain your blades.
    The cardboard strop can be used to achieve the scary super edge that we talk about.
    As for the butchers steel, they have their place and it is indeed in the butchers shop.
  8. Todd A

    Todd A Well-Known Member

    You simply hold the knife dead center and draw through the sharpener. The fine sticks remove metal on both sides at the same time.

    Excellent to maintain an edge after use or for touch ups.
  9. The Tourist

    The Tourist member

    I was once a little seven year old kid, no muscle tone, I couldn't figure out what all of those levers, switches and lights did on a motorcycle, and I couldn't sharpen a knife.

    Everything, everything, everything I use to sharpen a knife and run my business is easily purchased over the 'net and at hardware store or NAPA style stores.

    Everything, everything, everything I learned about sharpening came from my Dad, Ben Dale, sharpening forums, Japanese books and failure.

    You don't need a guru or a magic wand to fail, just step outside and try to get a date with any of the three Jessica's. Not only will you fail, but you'll probably get a TRO, to boot.

    My point is this. All of the knife guys here at THR have been ignorant failures in their past. It's why they ultimately succeeded. In fact, there's a song by Chumbawamba on getting knocked down. The trick is to "get back up again."

    Take a crappy knife, a wet rock, a book on sharpening and go get knocked down. I was a clueless seven year old, but you wouldn't want to mess with my knives now.
  10. wheelgunslinger

    wheelgunslinger Well-Known Member

  11. wheelgunslinger

    wheelgunslinger Well-Known Member

    great post, tourist.

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