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Sig 2022

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by JaxNovice, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. JaxNovice

    JaxNovice member

    Have an opportuity to buy a NIB Sig 2022 in 9mm for $450. Any thoughts from the gallery on this weapon?
  2. Autolycus

    Autolycus Well-Known Member

    Supposed to be the sleeper in the Sig lineup. I hear a lot of good things about them.
  3. SAG0282

    SAG0282 Well-Known Member

    I have it's nearly identical predecessor, the 2009, and I can't say enough good things about it. With almost three years in service with me, the weapon has been flawless. For some reason, the Pro gets little to no respect from the gun store crowd (a real crack bunch usually :rolleyes: ) and even SIG purists. But functionally, the Pro is as good or better then anything on the market, bar none. Plus, it's value can't be beat and it's DA trigger is unparalleled comparing stock vs. stock.
  4. JaxNovice

    JaxNovice member

    Sag- If forced to chose between a XD-9 and 2022, who wins?
  5. outofbattery

    outofbattery Well-Known Member

    Another big fan of the Pro here.Plenty of SIG purists will go on about the "Classic" SIG's and especially the West German made ones but from someone who has a pair of made in W. Germany 226's: the Pro is just as accurate and has a better trigger,not to mention that the slide finish is several magnitudes superior.The SP's are about the most under rated pistols of the last decade,they're fantastic.I'm guilty of saying that I like mine better than my Walther,Beretta and HK plastic pistols but truth is,it's a great gun without having to use the "for polymer" caveat.
  6. Dollar An Hour

    Dollar An Hour Well-Known Member

    SAG0282 & outofbattery have it right. The SP's are the Rodney Dangerfield of pistols - no respect at all. But they're real Sigs with terrific triggers and they don't feel plastic the way other polymer pistols do. Great value indeed!
  7. pablo45

    pablo45 Well-Known Member

    I had one and thoght it was great. Never no jam's ,no stovepipes or any malfunction's. I liked it alot except the grip was the only thing i thought was a little uncomfortable.
  8. Cousin Mike

    Cousin Mike Well-Known Member

    I have the Sig Pro 2340 - predecessor to the 2009 and 2022. Basically the same gun. It's an amazing pistol, and that's $100 cheaper than I was able to score my NIB SP2340. It's definitely just as reliable, accurate, etc. as the P-series pistols. Mine came w/3 mags, night sights, and a spare grip. The larger (smooth) grip is very uncomfortable - the smaller sandpaper-patterned grip is much better for me sizewise, and also grips in the hand much better. If I could find one for $450 locally, it wouldn't require a 2nd thought. I'd grab it up as soon as possible.
  9. md7

    md7 Well-Known Member

    had a chance about two months ago to shoot with the sp 2022. very nice! the single action on it felt just like the one on my 226, and the double action trigger seemed to be slightly better than the one on my 226 in my opinion. shot great, very accurate, we ran several hundred rounds through and it performed flawlessly. the only thing i did not care for was the grip, but that is just me. you might love the grip. excellent pistol.
  10. Lucky 7

    Lucky 7 Well-Known Member

    Which lil shop do you find that deal at? (don't worry I recently purchased a 2009 and wouldn't try to low-ball you :D )

    Picked my 2009 up last night and can't wait to shoot it. If it's a lemon I'll be sure to flame it here first but I doubt that. I've been lucky with used examples insofar.

    Regards and Semper Fi!
  11. HMMurdock

    HMMurdock Well-Known Member

    Buy the crap out of it.

  12. SAG0282

    SAG0282 Well-Known Member

    The SIG, but only by a small margin. I have a VERY healthy respect for the XD..my best friend has two .40 service models, and I love firing them. VERY reliable as well.
  13. boomstik45

    boomstik45 Well-Known Member

    I have a rough time picking between those two. I say get the Sig though if you really want a Sig. Plus, the prices are climbing a bit on those in some areas. They are %100 Sig, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They're dimensionally a bit larger than the XDs, you can probably feel the difference in your hand. I know I can, and my hands are fairly large. Both weapons have some pretty impressive frame rails. Heck, you should get both. The difference between the 2340 and the 2022 is the 2022 has the universal accessory rail. The 2340 requires Sigpro specific attachments because it's accessory rail is not like any other. So if you like attachments and a variety thereof, then the 2022 is the one to have.

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