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Sling mount options for an AR-15?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by SKILCZ, Mar 28, 2013.


    SKILCZ Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to get a sling for an AR-15. Right now, the only sling mount on the rifle that I see is at the back of the butt stock. Where else can I attach the sling (e.g. for 1 point or 2 point)? I've seen people attach 1 points behind the grip somehow, and I've seen foregrip attachments. How do I add those to the rifle? Suggestions for the best options?

  2. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension Well-Known Member

    What type of handguards do you have? Do you have a standard front sight post? If so there is usually a sling mount on the bottom of it. We need a little more information on your gun to determine what you need to add. If you have a rail system, there are a bunch of rail mounts for slings. If you have standard handguards and don't want to change anything, the BFG Universal Wire Loop is a good piece of kit. I use the Daniel Defense burnsed loops and the EZ QD sling mount to mount at the rear of the receiver.
  3. MrCleanOK

    MrCleanOK Well-Known Member

    If you can post a picture of your gun (even a stock photo from the internet, if it's a factory rifle), that will help us out.

    Also, tell us what you use your rifle for.
  4. Outlaw Man

    Outlaw Man Well-Known Member

    The one behind the grip typically is a piece that slides over the buffer tube before the stock is installed. There are also some (Stark makes one, I think) that are integral to the back of the grip.

    There are hundreds of options for rail mounted.
  5. Skylerbone

    Skylerbone Well-Known Member

    This may or may not help...https://www.primaryarms.com/Mounts_and_Accessories_s/362.htm

    As mentioned, it really does depend on what you have. Remember too that most slings won't come with mounting hardware, just a bare strap, so you'll need to decide on the style you prefer be it mash hook or QD swivels etc.
  6. OpticsPlanet

    OpticsPlanet Well-Known Member

    Also, do you have a fixed stock or a collapsible stock?

    Mark H.
  7. PlaneJain

    PlaneJain Well-Known Member

  8. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    the magpul plate sling adapter is great if you have the magpul sling, and use it like as a carry sling like costa does in the magpul videos. it would be pretty annoying to use with other types of slings like if you wanted to 'sling up' with a shooting sling.

    there are cheap nylon slings like the old spectre gear ones that just wrap around the front of the forearm and velcro to themselves. there are also more traditional hunting sling swivel type mounts. and most stocks have a slot somewhere on them you can just stick the sling through.

    but these days, i like flush cup mounts. you can get flush cup mounts that go on picatinny rails, or that fit into the slots on round handguards like vtac. and many stocks come with flush cups in both the front and back of the stock (butt and next to the receiver)

    slings though are like a necessary evil. they're mostly a pain in the butt. none of them are perfect and they take a lot of practice/training to sort out where theyr'e not really in your way.

    straps of heavy nylon are just a few dollars. the elastic and various plastic and metal buckle hardware and the swivel mounts etc are all easy to find on the internet in bulk and pretty cheap too.

    so don't hesitate to make your own. or modify a sling you buy.
  9. justice06rr

    justice06rr Well-Known Member

    There are numerous options available. Adding a sling mount on the front of the buffer tube (behind the pistol grip) is one of the best options esp for single point configuration.

    Check out Magpul's Slingmount for about $30. There are many other options from DD, Troy, Blackhawk, etc.

    Here's the Magpul 1-point slingmount. it will allow you to switch between 1-point and 2-point configuration if you also use the Magpul slings:

  10. daveit

    daveit Well-Known Member

    I ended up a Blue Force Vickers Combat Application Sling. It hooks to my Magpul CTR with a quick release and I have a Troy Industries rail mount up front with another quick release. I think my QRs are GG&G.

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