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someone can use this $25 at Midway

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by BigFatKen, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. BigFatKen

    BigFatKen Well-Known Member

    Dear BigFatKen,

    The Spring season is a great time for shooting and we want you to enjoy
    it! So we're giving you $25 off an order totaling $250 or more with
    MidwayUSA's "Spring into Savings" Sale. Order must be IN-STOCK and placed
    before March 26, 2006 on MidwayUSA.com.

    To receive your $25 off, enter the promotion code WEB250 in the box
    entitled "Promotion Code" on the shopping cart page. You will see the
    discount on the confirmation page before placing your order. Remember, this
    promotion code is valid for orders placed on MidwayUSA.com . The offer
    starts today and ends March 26, 2006 and is good on one order of at
    least $250.

    I'm not.
  2. Kevlarman

    Kevlarman Well-Known Member

    Looking at the promotion code, I'm guessing they sent that email to almost every person who's ever shopped with them.

    But thanks!
  3. Ukraine Train

    Ukraine Train Well-Known Member

    FYI, just having a C&R license gets you a pretty decent discount at a lot of places, including miway.
  4. BigFatKen

    BigFatKen Well-Known Member

    a first

    There's allways a first with no C&R. As you say, it is a generic code for anyone and uses of mulitible times..

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