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Star PD Parts

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by moxie, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of a source for Star PD parts? Specifically, I need some plastic recoil buffers, (shok-buffs)." I've been told that recoil buffers for the 1911 "should" work in a Star PD, but haven't had a chance to test this. I'd appreciate any parts sources or certain knowledge that the 1911-style buffs will work. They are slightly different, especially in that the Star version has an extension that helps locate the buffer on the guide rod. Thanks, Moxie
  2. KP95DAO

    KP95DAO member

    I made my own out of high density poly sheeting.
  3. rick458

    rick458 Well-Known Member

    I never found a source for them, but then My PD got stolen (as has every one I've known of) so it became someone elses problem. I would think a shock buff would probably work those are great little pistols though.
  4. Nero Steptoe

    Nero Steptoe member

    Jack First at 605-343-9544. The Star PD is listed by them as gun #414. The part no. for what they call a recoil spring guide buffer is: stt-10049.
  5. bartman

    bartman Member

  6. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Nero, I will call Jack First. Numrich for some reason doesn't have them. When Interarms went down, their parts for Stars and others such as Walthers and Howas went somewhere.
  7. mon1911

    mon1911 Member

    star PD buffs, and the PD itself available!

    Hey guys - if this isn't too late ... I just joined after reading your posts ... I have a decent PD with I think 6 or 8 recoil buffs (original, purchased from Interarms when they were still around) and a spring set (complete, incl. recoil), pachmyr grips without the front strap, thinned down original wood grips made smooth, in box w/o manual, which I'm thinking of selling on one of the net auctions. If any of you are interested, let me know - my price is in the $300 range, shipped. Moderators - please don't move me to the selling box yet. The reason for this post is self-explanatory. Thanks!

    email: mondelarosa@mac.com
  8. Drakejake

    Drakejake Well-Known Member

    Some have said that Colt buffers could be used in the Star PD. Is this true?


  9. citizen

    citizen Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmm........another PD??

    How many mags with that?
  10. mon1911

    mon1911 Member

    you talkin' to me?

    Citizen: If it's my post to which you're referring, my PD comes with only one mag. but SARCO is selling originals, so they claim, for I think $18. Read the small print in Shotgun News or on their site (SARCO.com? Not too sure).
  11. h2ou8n4

    h2ou8n4 New Member

    Star PD Recoil Buffers

    My gunsmith refit my PD with the blue Wilson Combat Shok Buffs. About $7 for 6 of em. Much sturdier than the $14 apiece ones you get elsewhere and they work fine with just a little fitting.
  12. Rex B

    Rex B Well-Known Member


    I expect after 5 years the OP has solved his problem :rolleyes:

    There's a guy named "Star" (oddly enough) on the gunboards forums that lives in Spain and sells about anything for Star pistols and a few other Spanish guns.
  13. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Well, after 5 years I've not found a source, and my original supply I wheedled out of the old Interarms is very thin. That's not totally true. Jack First had some made apparently but they are outrageously priced so I haven't bought any from them. But, I have had luck with the blue Wilson buffs. If you can't get the guide rod apart you have to cut them to get them on the rod. They work fine but I use them only at the range and go back to the original when carrying. When I run out I'll just fire the gun without the buff. It works fine without one. Maybe the frame will die at some point. But by then the gun will be 25-30 years old and I think I'll have received my money's worth. Might get a spare gun for parts! Make it last forever.
  14. skinewmexico

    skinewmexico Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine from STAR, along with parts for my BM at various times. Great guy to work with, completely dependable. I think he bought all the spares when Star went out of business. Check him out on the Spanish pistol forum. It will take less than 2 weeks to get about anything you need.

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