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stock markings on underwood M1 carbine

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by wicketave, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. wicketave

    wicketave New Member

    I just purchased an Underwood M1 carbine with a star FAT 68 stamped into stock

    any info
  2. Azimuth315

    Azimuth315 Member

    FAT => Fabbrica Armi de Terni. This was the main military arsenal in Italy from 1880 to WWII. After WWII it continued to maintain & rebuild arms for the Italian Armed Forces.

    We, the U.S., loaned M1 rifles and M1 carbines to Italy in the 60's or 70's. Many were returned several years ago and were released by the CMP.

    FAT 68 is a rebuild / inspection stamp, 68 meaning the year of rebuild / inspection.

    That is NOT necessarily a foreign made stock as we supplied maintenance / replacement items also. I have a couple FAT stocked carbines one of which is in a Springfield manufactured walnut M2.

    Hope this helps. Regards - Al
  3. wicketave

    wicketave New Member


    Thank you Al a big help

    the gun is an underwood with serial maching date stamp on barrel by front sight next to cartouche of flaminng bomb . serial also matches the appropriate date ( July 43 - feb 44 ) which were numbers issued to Underwood Elliot Fisher

    another question if I may

    :banghead::banghead:Under serial number on receiver is a "w" but it does not have a line though it does this mean that winchester made it for underwood??
  4. Azimuth315

    Azimuth315 Member

    Hi wicketave, appologies for the delay, problems with this "TV with an attitude".

    Don't have an authorative answer on your "w" question but I can direct you to a wealth of authorative answers. The Civilian Marksmanship Program is probably the best place for you to begin your research.

    Sorry I don't know how to do those "linky thingies" and the kids don't visit till the weekend so you will have to type it in, but it will be worth it.

    Go to => odcmp.com - upon arrival go to SALES. From there you can access the forums where your questions will be welcomed.

    Also a very worthwhile section with which to avail yourself is the M1 CARBINE SALE section. In there you will find shooting tips, info on magazines, detailed instructions on disassembly / assembly and original "gubmint" documentation on subcontractors and their markings. You may also wish to look in on the auction where the wire stocked M1A1's show up regularly.

    I do hope this is helpful. These weapons are fun to collect and increasing in interest and desirability. They are a hoot to shoot (my wife and daughter "luv 'em") and they always attract interest at the range. In my opinion they are, with appropriate ammo, hard to beat for a home / campsite defense weapon. Throw in the history of their development and the heroes that used them and what's not to admire?

    Good Luck & Regards - Al
  5. wicketave

    wicketave New Member

    Al ......... thanks ........... It seems the "w" stands for universal winding company A company that Underwood sub out to have receivers made. I got Craig Riech's US M1 Carbine War time Production book its got a wealth of info

    Yeah shooting these is a gas:neener::neener:

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