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Stoeger Cougar vs Sig SP2022

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by zealous8, May 20, 2011.

  1. zealous8

    zealous8 New Member

    Apr 26, 2011
    I've looking at these two pistols in 9mm for a first handgun. I've been to the gun shop to check both of them out and find them both to be really comfortable. I can get them both for about $400 and reliability seem good on both. I suppose the only real difference that I find is the cougar is a metal frame vs the sig which is a poly. Sig also comes with a rail. Hopefully I can make it out to the range soon to try both but I just haven't had the opportunity yet. Has anyone owned or shot both of these and can give me some advice on which you liked better? It would be used mostly for home defense and plinking right now, possibly CC in the future.
  2. Tommygunn

    Tommygunn Senior Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Morgan County, Alabama
    I have a 9mm. Sig SP2022 and the .40 caliber version of the Stoeger. Both are fine guns and both will serve you well.
    Check the Sig's sights, they might be night sights. Not all 2022s have them. This would give the Sig an advantage.
    Both guns are so reliable, IMHO, that what I would suggest is picking each gun up and checking how you like the feel of it. Can you reach the controls and the trigger easily? How does the trigger feel for you? Somethings are to subjective for a general answer and everyone has different hands so it becomes personal.
    You will be well served with either weapon, really.
    The Stoeger is a Beretta, the machinery was moved to Turkey (IIRC) and they are just as good now as when they wore the Beretta name, just better priced.
  3. Strahley

    Strahley Member

    Oct 30, 2009
    I've had both, and both were great guns. It's going to come down to preference. Do you want SIG's DA/SA with a decocker, or do you want Beretta's DA/SA with a decocker/manual safety? Do you want a steel lined polymer frame, or a steel frame?

    If you can't decide, go shoot them both and take home whichever one feels/shoots better in your hands. Nobody else can tell you which one will work better for you, other than you
  4. Dulvarian

    Dulvarian Member

    Mar 5, 2009
    South Carolina

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