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Stoeger Cougar

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by RugerMen, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. RugerMen

    RugerMen Member

    Anybody know anything about a Stoeger Cougar 9MM?
  2. vettekiller

    vettekiller Member

    i have one but haven't shot it much yet. nice gun. well made beretta at a discount price. shoots well, soft recoil with rotating barrel. good capacity, comfortable grip, da/sa. decocker on mine. great nightstand gun or in the car for trips. its a little heavy and thick for cc in my opinion. a pretty high quality piece for under 400.00. do a search, I think there are a few cougar threads in here and some nice pics.
  3. GZOh

    GZOh Well-Known Member

    Real solid, all-metal pistola. Very accurate with rotary barrel, very well-made and a super-bargain at under $400!! Had one for a couple years and hated selling it to 'thin-out-the-herd.'
    Agree with vette... just alittle thick/big for a CCW gun, but an rugged, dependable 'tack-driver'... If it feels good in your hand, get one you won't be disappointed... it's a quality all-metal shoot!

  4. wbwanzer

    wbwanzer Well-Known Member

    Here's mine with Beretta grips. No problems so far. I have mine hidden for home defense.

  5. ThePunisher'sArmory

    ThePunisher'sArmory Well-Known Member

    I watched one eat 100 rounds as quick as could be fired through it and still shoot a tight group after; while very hot! It was on an episode of "GunsandAmmo TV" durring the Torture Test segment. Didn't seem to have any failures while doing so. I can't find a link for it otherwise I would post it too.
  6. Jurist

    Jurist Well-Known Member

    Stoeger Couger

    I'v had one for a year now,fits my hand nicely very accurate.A joy to reload for.
  7. Ole Coot

    Ole Coot Well-Known Member

    The Beretta 45cal Cougar Mod. 8045 has been my carry gun for years. Don't know how the Greek models stack up but mine has been slicked up a bit and really no recoil, dead accurate, great trigger after a little personal "slick work". It's roughly the same size as the Glock g23 except it's STEEL, big difference to us older shooters.
  8. Lord Palmerston

    Lord Palmerston Well-Known Member

    I think this gun is not made in Greece. It is made in turkey and imported by Stoeger in the United States.
  9. GLOOB

    GLOOB Well-Known Member

    The grip angle is very straight. It feels like holding a machinist's square. The finish is terrible. The SA trigger pull is rather heavy.

    Other than the grip angle, the ergos are rather nice. The slide stop and safety lever are well placed. The slide lock has never missed a beat. The mag release is easy to reach. The safety lever is spring loaded, so it can't be swiped off halfway. Overall, it would be a winner in my book if it weren't for the grip angle.

    The only positive that comes from the grip angle is it makes the gun relatively easy to CC despite its size.

    Mines in 40, and it'll easily tame hot loads that turn my G27 into a firecracker. For that reason, it'll stick around until I find a suitable replacement.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2011
  10. jeepguy

    jeepguy Well-Known Member

    i liked mine sold it to a friend of mine & he loves it. in fact i only sold it to buy something a little smaller to carry.
  11. labhound

    labhound Well-Known Member

    I own the Stoeger Cougar 8000 F (9mm) and 8045 (.45 ACP). Made in Turkey on Berettas machinery (Beretta owns Stoeger), Both excellent guns, SA/DA, has a decocker/safety, 9mm has a 15 round mag, fixed three dot sights, rotary barrel, low recoil, good finish, great ergonomics for me (fairly large grip, not for small hands), both very accurate and have been flawless in operation. One of the things I really do like is the grip angle. Very natural pointer for me, dead on target. Here two links on the Cougar, one is the Stoeger site, the other is the Beretta International site listing the Stoeger Cougar.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2011
  12. GZOh

    GZOh Well-Known Member

    Like ANY pistol, grip and hand-feel are very important. For me, I ditto laphound " I really do like is the grip angle. Very natural pointer for me, dead on target"....
    but grip is an individual thing.
    As with any gun, it's important to see-one, hold-one and preferably shoot-one. Again, I feel the Cougar is one of the BEST pistola values in that less than $400 range... a dead-on shooter, great quality and built like a tank!

  13. trex1310

    trex1310 Well-Known Member

    I had a Beretta Cougar 8040F, but stupidly sold it. The Beretta and the
    Stoeger are the same gun. The PX4 Sorm is also the same gun, but with
    a polymer frame. I really like the PX4, it is a great carry gun.

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