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Streamlight TLR-1/GG&G Rail Adapter Review (Pics/not 56k friendly)

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by cedjunior, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. cedjunior

    cedjunior Well-Known Member

    I recently purchased a Streamlight TLR-1 weapon light along with a GG&G rail adapter needed to make it work. The light is powered by the standard 3v lithium batteries you find in most weapon lights, and also uses a 3w LED as opposed to a bulb. I had read about a mod you can do to the light where you remove some of the material from the switch area and also remove the rail key and this light can actually be attached direcly to the USP rail. Not something I'm going to attempt, but it looked doable. Also included was the free 20pk of Energizer batteries, as advertised from Botach Tactical. They are fresh brand new batteries with a 2016 exp date.


    GG&G Adapter. Solid contstuction, good finish. Very light.


    The adapter fits very well, very secure, no movement. Its about as close to the frame as an adapter can get.


    Now for the weapon light. The finish is good quality, no tool marks or anything of that kind. Its a pretty basic, no frills design. The switch is the basic toggle switch found on most weapon lights. It has a permanent on and a momentary on position. The endcap and switch are the only parts thats not made of aluminum, but plastic. Oh, also the screw for securing the light is steel, not aluminun....


    The rail key is reversable and also removable (see above). But due to the design of the GG&G rail adapter, the light wont fit with the key reversed.


    Attaching the light is made to work without having to slide the light on from the front and while doing so putting your hand in front of the muzzle. With the springloaded thumb stud unscrewed, push it in and it will push the otherside open. Attach it from the bottom and screw in the thumb stud. It's not as quick as the M3/M6/UTL would be to attach, but it took all of about 30 seconds.


    Now the test. I tested in complete darkness (in my apartment) with a Maglite 5D flashlight for comparision. A 5D maglite is rated for about 80 lumens, same as the TLR. Note: The quality of these pics isn't that great, and they may misrepresent the actual amount of light being put off by BOTH the TLR and the Maglite. The distance to the "badguy" was about 21 ft.

    Pitch black


    Maglite, concentrated beam, approx 21 ft


    TLR-1 approx 21 ft


    Maglite shined directly a the camera approx 21 ft


    TLR-1. With the gun aimed at the lense, the light actually shines a tiny bit lower, I don't know how much it would have effected the light intensity though. After this pic, batteries on the cam died.


    My final thoughs. For the $93-$100 you can get this light for (by its self), its definitely worth it. I haven't shot the gun with the light on it yet, but I will try to this week if I have the time. The "No Excuses" warranty that covers this light specifically says that if the light has any defects etc and "If you manage to damage it", it will be repaired or replaced for free. The only problem I have had is that due to the design of the GG&G adapter and the the TLR, it attaches a little too forward and makes the toggle switch just barely reachable with an index finger.
  2. usp_fan

    usp_fan Well-Known Member

    Great review. I've been looking at one of these as a way to spend some birthday money. Please update after you get a chance to test fire.

  3. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula Well-Known Member

    Very insightful and detail oriented. Thank you. Is this your first tac light?

    I have a Surefire Military model W111D with slimline switch.

    Very content with it. I'll make a similar review with the W111D and planning to purchase the X200D. I have a Surefire flashlight that I love, that's why I stick with them...but I'm open to other tac lights.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2006
  4. Hanzo581

    Hanzo581 Well-Known Member

    Just had to bring this up, I just bought the TLR-1 for my XD45 Service and for $109 at my local shop, I am very very pleased with this thus far, it is very crisp and bright and it secures the the rail very firmly. I had looked at a lot of other much more expensive lights, but I am glad I settled on this little inexpensive beauty ;)

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