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The question of "need" as pertains to firearms

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by NoirFan, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. NoirFan

    NoirFan Well-Known Member

    So Guy1 makes a post about buying fifty AR15 magazines. Or a .50 BMG rifle. Or a S&W 500. or a $5000 1911. Or 10,000 rounds of ammo. Basically any gun-related purchase which some might consider unusual.

    Guy2 comes along and asks him, "Why do you need that?" Immediately Guy1 starts yammering about this being the USA, how we don't need to justify "needing" this or that in order to buy it, and then a bunch of supporters show up and start high-fiving each other while basically repeating the same thing.

    Okay look, we shouldn't have to justify our purchases to any government. This is a gun forum and EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS THAT. When someone asks you why you "need" something, why don't you just answer the question intelligently, honestly, and courteously, as if you are talking to a person face-to-face?
  2. 1 old 0311

    1 old 0311 member

    Need? One. Have? More!

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member

    Umm, I thought that's what we already do.:rolleyes:

    Am I missing something?
  4. Corporal K

    Corporal K member

    People get defensive when their choices are questioned. It's fairly natural. Most people don't need the things they buy and they know it so they get huffy when someone asks them about it.
    It's part of the reason we're in this financial/credit/banking mess.
  5. gunNoob

    gunNoob Well-Known Member

    I hate when people ask why I buy something gun related. I just tell them "I like guns". What else is there? I like guns and shooting and that's that.
  6. Ed4032

    Ed4032 Well-Known Member

    All my gun purchases, without exception, are needed.
  7. SoCalShooter

    SoCalShooter Well-Known Member

    Ever since I have been alive people always confuse "NEED" with "WANT" there are many things you don't need, like I could get by with about 4 guns, but I want more than that. Semantics. Either that or I come up with a different breed of zombie that only the latest purchase can kill.
  8. jad0110

    jad0110 Well-Known Member

    I just respond:

    "It's a Bill of RIGHTS, not a Bill of needs.":D

    Usually pisses 'em off pretty good.

    Whenever I get deep into it, I'll respond something like this:

    Well, you don't really need a cell phone, do you. Do you even really need those designer clothes? Or what about 10 pairs of shoes? Or a 2,000 sq ft home? Or 2+cars? A computer? iPod/MP3 player? TV? Air conditioning? All you really need is shelter, food and clothing.

    I get irked when others tell me what I need and don't need. And I get downright irritated when politicians start ramming such decisions down our throats.

    And it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

    Good one! :evil:

    Honestly, I've justified a need for most of mine:

    S&W K-22 and CZ-452: 22 LR = cheap training
    S&W 642: Go anywhere pocket protector
    M1911A1: Often my primary when I am able to conceal it. Also serves double duty as my wife's primary HD gun
    S&W 686: My nightstand gun
    Mossberg 590A: If I have time to get to it, it will be used as my primary HD gun
    AR-15: Total meltdown, SHTF gun

    The only ones I haven't found a "need" for are my Finnish M39 and my S&W Model 14. Come to think of it, the Model 14 makes a good spare for the 686! :evil:
  9. snorko

    snorko Well-Known Member

    My father, not a gun guy but an antiques collector, and I had this discussion once. He asked why I would need more than a couple guns, lots of mags, etc.

    I simply looked at him and asked why he had more than half a dozen silver plate and sterling dinner services and several sets of formal china. He got it
  10. Well, frankly, it's a silly question (the one of "what do you need that for"), so expect some ruffled feathers in your answers. That's the exact perfect response - what's need got to do with anything? Since it's pretty obvious that none of really "needs" more than maybe 1 or 2 guns for self-defense, then the obvious answer to such a silly question is either self-defense, or what's need got to do with it, and you should be able to tell by the gun in question what the answer is, either "self-defense" or "who said anything about need?". In fact, as you say, this is a gun board, so would anyone even ask such an irrelevant question on a GUN BOARD.

    Now, having said that, if you or someone were asking the appropriate question, "What do you WANT this gun/ammo for?", then I suspect, 9 times out of 10, you will get the appropriate response, which is a nice, cogent, reasonable answer for the want. No reason to bring up the word NEED. WANT is an entirely separate matter, and a legitimate question, to which people should not be so defensive.
  11. jad0110

    jad0110 Well-Known Member

    Good way to approach it, probably better than my way (see above).

    Everyone at least one thing that they really enjoy. Some people are into music, so they have thousands of CDs or hours of music downloaded to their MP3s. Maybe they are really into gardening, so they have dozens of specialized tools that the average person doesn't.

    I guess it is really hard for people to grasp that some of us love guns and that's why we buy them.
  12. BADUNAME37

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member

    I agree, it is more about WHAT WE ARE INTO!

    The majority of us are "into" GUNS, shooting, reloading, hunting, etc.

    Remember that guns were what won the west and were what usually put food on the table.

    It is kind of hard to look at where we are without looking from where we came!

    Some people are into culinary arts, some into stamp collecting, some coins, some antiques, some the latest movies and music. I enjoy reloading, hunting and shooting (in that order).
  13. P.S. Yesterday I heard Jeff Foxworthy on Cirrus radio and it absolutely cracked me up - something like this:

    If men tell you they don't like to shop, it's a lie. We just don't like to shop at malls like women do. But if you ever take a man to a gun and boat show, you will never get him out of there. My wife asked me why I was buying that gun. I said "it's a weasal gun". My wife said "but I thought you already had a weasal gun." "Honey, the one I have is a SHORT-range weasal gun. This here's a LONG-range weasal gun!".

    I was rollin.... :D
  14. RKBABob

    RKBABob Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... I've wanted quite a few firearms, but I've never needed any of them. Thank God!
    But I want a firearm in case I ever need it.
  15. The question of "need" as it pertains to firearms is if you need a firearm it's because you don't already have one.

    Don't be needy.

  16. misANTHrope

    misANTHrope Well-Known Member

    Q: Why do you need a rifle like that?

    A: I don't.
  17. RoosterCT

    RoosterCT Member

    :D Haha
  18. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    I'm Compensating

    Well, I have to do something!

    My wife has more shoes than I do, and I already have enough tools in the garage!

    So, hey, I figure I'll make do with a gun.

    I mean, I would get another classic car, but it would cost too much, and I don't have anywhere to put it.

    Which reminds me, I gotta ask my daughter what the heck she needs with all those music CDs she has.

  19. SuperNaut

    SuperNaut Well-Known Member

    I usually ask what they would define as a need, so that we can establish a common definition on which to base our arguments. That usually signals the end of the conversation.
  20. plinky

    plinky Well-Known Member

    I think all too often the question is a sort of veiled insult to the owner and/or gun. The response will sometimes be along the same lines.

    This is a forum of enthusiasts and I think most of us are long past the guns we need.

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