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THR shirts have been (finally) mailed!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Correia, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    Sorry it took so long. All of the THR and Molon Labe stuff from this last batch has been mailed. You folks should have them in a couple of days. It normally takes me about 2 weeks, but this one took about 4, which is just terrible.

  2. vega

    vega Well-Known Member

    Got mine today. Thanks Larry.
    Actually my son will get 2, I should have ordered large. :banghead:
    When is the next run..........

  3. Rob1035

    Rob1035 Well-Known Member

    can't wait!
  4. shrpshn

    shrpshn Well-Known Member

    Got mine today Larry - Nice job.


  5. luxone

    luxone Well-Known Member

    My shirt came today and it looks great! Thanks a lot!
  6. Nimitz

    Nimitz Well-Known Member

    cant wait! hopefully tommrow...

  7. CentralTexas

    CentralTexas Well-Known Member

    Got Mine!

  8. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    Got mine yesterday. Thanks!

    Watching for the next batch...
  9. db_tanker

    db_tanker Well-Known Member

    when is the next batch out?

    who do I send money to for the shirts?

    I will be needing two, at least...one THR and one Molon shirt....


  10. mattw

    mattw Well-Known Member

    Got mine, they look great but I orderd a polo and got a tee.. PM sent. I will definetly be buying a couple every time you do this. Will there be any design variation on future runs?
  11. RnR

    RnR Well-Known Member

    They're GREAT!!

    Mine arrived in Michigan yesterday and are sweet!

    Now if we can only get a golf-shirt with an embroidered Molon Labe & silk-screened THR logo next year... but I am very happy with my garb.

    Good Job!!
  12. VMFA 314

    VMFA 314 Member

    T shirts

    Oh mannn, what T shirts?
  13. Nimitz

    Nimitz Well-Known Member

  14. Rich K

    Rich K Well-Known Member

    Got mine today,and they are outstanding as usual,Larry.Worth waiting for.Thank you much.
  15. Nimitz

    Nimitz Well-Known Member

    got mine as well, excellent although I should of ordered an X-large :eek:

    little tight if I ever want to carry while wearing it.

  16. deltaopwong

    deltaopwong Active Member

    When will be the next batch of Ts be out. Been really busy...D :(
  17. res1b3uq

    res1b3uq Well-Known Member


    I got my shirts and cap yesterday. Very pleased.
  18. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    I got PMs from the 2 of you who I screwed up on. I'll get back to you, I just need to see what I have left, otherwise you can keep the wrong ones I sent, and I'll send you a refund check. But right now I'm away from my office and haven't had a chance to look.

    I do batches every couple of months as soon as it seems like there is enough demand. I do them in large batches to keep the price down.
  19. Slotback

    Slotback Well-Known Member

    I have received mine and it is most cool! :D
  20. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    PMs sent. I hate when I write the wrong items down. Do enough orders and it is bound to happen. Oh well.

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