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Traffic stop experience

Discussion in 'Legal' started by armedcitizen, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. armedcitizen

    armedcitizen Well-Known Member

    Since getting my Ohio CCW license last year, I've been pulled over three times. Total number of tickets received: 0! I don't know that having the ccw influenced any of the officers' decisions but I like to think so. I'm certain it did in the last instance.

    One night last week I left work at about midnight. Work is located in an area of town that is not the best and whose resident most likely aren't real respectful to LEOs. It was also raining, so the streets were wet. I made a right turn on red and then noticed that the car that was approaching behind me was closer than I thought so I gunned my truck a bit to get some distance. With the wet roads and a manual transmission the result was a spinning of the tires, which surprised me. At this point I didn't even realize the vehicle behind me was a cruiser.

    I found out soon enough as I was immediately spot-lighted and then the light bar came on. I immediately pulled to the curb and turned on the dome light. I lowered the window and kept my hands on the wheel. An officer approached on both sides of the vehicle. I kept my hands on the wheel as the officer greeted me. His first question surprised me a little—he asked, “is this your truck?”. I answered “yes sir”. He then asked if I had a driver’s license. In Ohio, you’re required to reveal the presence of a concealed weapon to the officer during a traffic stop so I answered, “yes, and I also have a firearm. I am a concealed carry permit holder”. As soon as I said concealed carry permit holder I could see the officer visibly relax. He asked where my license and gun where. My gun was on my right hip and he asked his partner if he could see it, which he could. A screwy provision of Ohio’s law is that the weapon has to be holstered and in sight in a vehicle.

    I gave him my license and CCW, after making sure it was ok to reach for them and he said, “if you have a pistol permit, you’re obviously not a criminal. Why did you squeal your tires back there?” I explained about the wet pavement, etc., which he accepted. He then asked if I was leaving work and where I worked. When I gave him the address he responded, “I’d have a gun too.” With that he returned my docs and we were both on our way.

    Not the best way to spend 10 minutes but overall not a bad experience either.
  2. rmgill

    rmgill Well-Known Member

    I've had my CCW for 10 years. I've had similar exchanges where the officers are much more relaxed when I proffer up the CCW with license. One even said "ahh, you have concealed carry permit, you must be a good guy, have a nice night!" Field sobriety check points usually result in officers looking at the permit and drivers license then waving me on. :rolleyes:
  3. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    A little advice.
    Reverse how you say this.
    "I have a concealed permit. My firearm is located ?????."
  4. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe Well-Known Member

    Yea, I was going to say the same thing! Never tell them right-off-the-bat you have a gun. :eek: First tell them you have a CCW, and then tell them you have a gun... :)

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