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Turkish semi auto shotgun problems

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by cota, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. cota

    cota Well-Known Member

    I have a turkish semi auto shotgun, i swapped this gun for a warn out trap gun i had gathering dust. I knew it had issues but being used to repairing guns as a hobby business i gave the fact it was not functioning not one thought a quick wash and brush up and all would be well.
    This did not happen with this gun at all, everything appear to be working as it should with some minor scuffs and burs on a few parts of the trigger assembly but nothing warn to excess snapped or missing.
    I would appreciate some help here i really would, i picked the gun up as a duck goose killer for my young daughter just 12, it is light and takes rem chokes so i have decent choke tubes for it with zero expense, that is if i can get it working.
    Right just what is wrong it is not picking up a shell when drooped in the actions ejection port and the button pressed it lets the bolt fly forwards but the ramp flicks up and jams the case against the top of the reciever long before it gets anywhere near the chamber. You can feed the first round in the chamber throw the bolt forwards the bolt shuts fine feed a couple of shells in the mag, shoot the gun it fires and ejects fine but will let nothing out of the mag and the bolt does not lock back.
    Now i can photo the gun stripped and every component if need be i am at a loss with this at the moment and need some help, thus why i am asking on here. Can any offer any advice please i would be grateful if you could help me repair this gun, before September.;) Here hopefull.. COTA!
  2. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    You didn't mention the brand, is it a Charles Daly? It sounds like a timing issue with the trigger/carrier assy. That style of gas operated Turk made shotguns, carry many different names.

    Here's a link to Numrich Arms and their parts listing. Some CD parts are no longer available.


  3. cota

    cota Well-Known Member

  4. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    Can you manually pull the bolt back and have it lock back? I have seen the action buffer in the rear of the receiver crack and fragment, but it usually won't inhibit the bolt from full movement. It would be nice to have some dummy shells so you can safely watch the action as you slowly feed the shells, or at least try to determine what's going on. Make sure the little gas holes in the barrel are not plugged, as you need full motion for everything to work.
    Are you using 3" shells or 2.75", not sure if that makes a difference or not?
    They are reliable guns as a rule, and hopefully you can solve this issue.

  5. cota

    cota Well-Known Member

    It is clean and is the same on any length hull. It is locking back but it did not when i got it at all, but i don't know what i did i striped to cleaned it removed carbon etc because it was filthy and then when assembled it started to lock back and release. I do not know the guns history but i did wonder if the magazine shell latch bar may be bent by clumsy use or abuse perhaps it wont let anything out of the magazine as it is, . I will load some empty shells with steel shot and that way it is safe to operate. i will take a look and see if i can spot anything and then get back on here thanks.

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