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'unnofficial Walker/Dragoon LRE club

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by AussieTH, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. AussieTH

    AussieTH Well-Known Member

    Membership # re-shuffle - Das Jaeger

    Hi fighter!

    If you want a reallocation of membership # then fine - but I will put you in no dog box as I want you around my friend!

    You can take #1001 - but - next cab off the rank gets your #3! Howl now or forever hold you bones :evil:
  2. Das Jaeger

    Das Jaeger member

    Holding Bone

    :) Pretty good member drive so far Aussie Mate !
    Quite the collection of finer than normal Dragoons around here , very cool .
    Someone ( you ) needs to post one of those leaf sights you got going on .
    Ever considered a 22 or 24" barrel for your project ? Would be more realistic, and more useable for the five leaf if thats what you got your mind set on .
    Just sayin .

    Das Jaeger :)
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  3. AussieTH

    AussieTH Well-Known Member

    OK - I will find a way of getting a link or image to the sight.

    Not keen on the longer barrels - they would be bloody heavy even with BBG's heavy carrying straps. But anything is possible - let us see how the 18" turns out.

    Hang onto dem bones sport!
  4. Das Jaeger

    Das Jaeger member

    Its my understanding

    and I could be wrong here , but the Remington 58 was in 22" and 24" , not 18" ever .
    I also don't think the extra four to six inches would make a hill of beans in weight , with a gun thats going to weight 7 or 8 pounds anyway . If you havea 14" trigger pull which I really enjoy , 22" or 24" is minimally perfect for balance anyway . Center of gravity on a gun like this is going to be the body of the gun , not the stock , not the barrel , you'd be good to go Mate .
    Heck, make me one in 32 inch and you'd have a real long range revolving rifle, not no carbine . Look how long the Root is ! Theres a reason , powder burn rate of 2ff , yup .

    Das Jaeger
  5. bigbadgun

    bigbadgun Well-Known Member

    being added to rolls here is an honor but now I really need to get a Dragoon.
    Thanks Aussie. Kind of nice in here the only thing missing is a Fridge full of Fosters.
  6. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    mykeal is quit correct about the "Dragoon" name. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Model Dragoon is used by collectors to distinguish between variations in manufacturing.

    The first one thousand Dragoons were referred to as "second contract" pistols. From reading copies of original Colt ledgers I also see them (Dragoons) referred to as "Colt second Model Holster Pistol" and "Colt third Model Holster Pistol"

    I have a Colt book that has a page on the origins of the "Dragoon" name. I'll add to this when I find it.
  7. Das Jaeger

    Das Jaeger member


    and so am I . :D

    Das Jaeger
  8. AussieTH..If it will be possible for you to do so, when the gunsmith turn's those barrels I want to see a copy of the test results. I don't care how "Oh! It's so pretty!" it is with the cylinder whitened or the fancy engraving or whatever. (a damn gun is not supposed to be pretty. it's supposed to be well built, well balanced, accurate and kept cleaned and oiled and ready to go. [kept loaded is optional] if someone need's something to hang on the wall and admire and worship before then let them get a picture of the Last Supper) If it dosen't have a good accurate barrel on it then the gun is not worth a damn and is fit only to be thrown away. I read where you stated the barrels will be top notch. We'll see. If they are good barrels I'll buy a gun from you. Two of them actually. I want to make a present of them to my son. Thank you for your consideration....
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  9. Das Jaeger

    Das Jaeger member

    Second that !

    Douglas class would be nice :D

    Das Jaeger
  10. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    There are some differences to note between the Root rifle and the Walker & Dragoon.

    1. The Colt 1855 model was originally made in both 10 & 20 gauge as a shotgun and in calibers as diverse as .36 & .56.
    That means that the cylinders and chambers were larger and could hold more powder which would make more sense to have a longer barrel.
    The Root rifle had a side hammer and being a different design, it may not have even presented the same problem with hammer blowback from those heavier powder charges.

    2. The most important consideration would be how much barrel length is required to efficiently burn the powder that's loaded in each chamber.
    If the horse pistols were only intended to have much shorter barrels, then what additional burning efficiency & velocity would be gained by having a barrel longer than 18 inches?

    3. A longer and heavier barrel without a forestock for support and to help hold it steadier while keeping both hands behind the cylinder? I could be wrong but I don't agree.
    Shorter barrels promote faster target aquisition and have been shown to be handier and easier to hold steadier, especially without having a useable & holdable forestock.
    It's only in the prototype stage but having a shorter barrel seems like a matter of applying conventional wisdom that's based on prior successful horse pistol conversion designs and their barrel lengths. :)
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
  11. Das Jaeger

    Das Jaeger member

    Lots of differing variables

    on all those theorys I suppose ?
    One thing I do know for sure is 60 Grains is 60 grains , yup , thats a Musket charge too . Longer barrel , better burn time with 2ff . :D
    18"s is probably just fine and dandy though . Conical or RB is going to effect this greatly too I figure .

    Das Jeager :)
  12. AussieTH

    AussieTH Well-Known Member

    GOTC -no probs mate - I will disclose full details on the barrels, need folk to be comfortable and know what they are getting!. Gotta get one made first to do that though!

    ALSO - We want the LRE to look nice - but no show pony! It is intended to be a working gun.


  13. NobleSniper

    NobleSniper Well-Known Member

    Did Uberti make the 3rd model Dragoons cut for a stock and not make stocks for them?? Why I ask is I just made a offer on a unfired 25 year old Uberti #rd model cut for the shoulder stock ;)
  14. AussieTH

    AussieTH Well-Known Member

    Hah! Sniper. I get the feeling that maybe all the current UBs 3rd model are made cut for stocks plus the fourth screw fitted - have not seen one that is not recently - other than images on here.

    I understand that stocks were made but then were discontinued - leaving only the 1860 and 1851 stocks avilable. But I am not sure on any of this other than good stocks are hard to get and the LRE project is virtually making it's own. More on that later - going shopping now.


  15. AussieTH, Alright, good. That's what I was hoping to hear. My son, (like father like son) will be finishing up his 22 years in the Marine Corps (aka funny green bastard) in a few months and like's blackpowder firearms. He like's the .44 Cattleman's Carbine a lot but he wanted one with more power. He like's the idea of the LRE quite a lot. He and my daughter-in-law will be living way the hell back in there in Alaska and since both of them already own Walker revolvers (Uberti) this will give them more firepower; each with a strong revolver and carbine using interchangeable ammo between their guns and each other, etc..
    Thank's a lot for replying to my post. Very kind and pleasant of you I must say...No hurry AussieTH. We'll give it time to get off the ground and tested out and everything....
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  16. Ratdog68

    Ratdog68 Well-Known Member

    Where 'bouts in Alaska? I spent 14 winters up there... 7 of those were above the Arctic Circle... longest 36yrs. of my life (those winters). LOL
  17. sltm1

    sltm1 Well-Known Member

    The LRE Stock Attachment Pic's

    OK boy's, here's what's going on in the LRE project from my end.
    1. This is a pic of my Walker laid up against the stock from an 1860, w/ a wax mock up of the new adaptor to connect the 2.
    2. Pic of the wax so far....lot's left to do!!!
    3. Comparison of original and what's in progress.
    4. This pic shows where the 2 screws on each side are to be placed (in the dips), so that we have a 3 point stance on the stock (2 on the receiver on either side), with one on the base of the grip for security without having to modify the existing recoil shield.
    Ok, so that's where we stand....somewhat shy of procrastination, but definitely not "Giddeyup" speed.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  18. Thank you much. Appreciate the links. Look's alright....
  19. Ratdog68

    Ratdog68 Well-Known Member

    sltm1... that's lookin' nice ! Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing the pix with the rest of us.
  20. Das Jaeger

    Das Jaeger member

    I want mine

    in German Silver , no yellow brass , how about it ?
    Darn I am picky aitn I . :D
    Nice work , keep her up , thanks for keepin us posted . Thats sure gonna mess up my grips huh ? Yup , gonna have to make a beater pair .

    Das Jeager :)

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