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What choke do you use most often.

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Spec ops Grunt, Apr 1, 2006.


Which choke do you use most.

  1. Cylinder

    3 vote(s)
  2. Improved Cylinder

    29 vote(s)
  3. Modified

    34 vote(s)
  4. Full

    14 vote(s)
  5. Extra Full/Turkey

    2 vote(s)
  6. Skeet

    10 vote(s)
  7. Other

    6 vote(s)
  1. Spec ops Grunt

    Spec ops Grunt Well-Known Member

    With me its the Improved Cylinder, It's the least consticting choke I have, and allows me to use slugs. My other choices are Modified and Full.
  2. mswestfall

    mswestfall Well-Known Member

    I started shooting 16 yard trap with a mod. After about a year I went to a IM. About two weeks after that I put in the full and have stayed with that. I learn more about where my shot is going with a full choke.

    I shot an IC on the 5-Stand range today. I shoot an IC and a Skeet on the skeet range.
  3. ATAShooter

    ATAShooter Well-Known Member

    I shoot strictly Trap... My model 12 is fixed full... My 1200 trap is a Herb Orre 23yd choke.:D
  4. riverdog

    riverdog Well-Known Member

    IIRC, Skeet is a little more open than Imp Cyl, it sits between Cyl and IC. For 16 yd Trap I use Imp Modified.
  5. mswestfall

    mswestfall Well-Known Member

    What's a Herb Orre 23yd choke?
  6. ATAShooter

    ATAShooter Well-Known Member

    Herb Orre Lived in Dayon ohio not far from the Grand Homegrounds in an area called Englewood ( a stone's throw from Vandalia ). He was an ex Winchester man who devised a system of basically reaming a barrel to achieve certain patterns at certain yardages. He is gone now, he was a member of the ATA and was inducted into the ATA Hall of fame. Wright's chokes does Herb's method, but guns that were done by Herb himself are getting scarce. Mine was done by Herb himself in 1964. I met him... Daggone nice man. The link will take you to a page about Herb.

  7. TrapperReady

    TrapperReady Well-Known Member

    For sporting clays, I use Light Mod most of the time when I'm shooting for scores. When I'm shooting trap and when practicing, I typically run either Heavy Mod or Full.
  8. Technosavant

    Technosavant Well-Known Member

    Improved Cylinder.

    But then again, it's a fixed choke barrel on the only shotgun I have. :D

    HSMITH Well-Known Member

    For skeet I use IC when shooting for fun or score, IM or full for practice. For sporting an IC or LM on 95%+ of the targets. Trap shooting I use a modified out to about 23-24 yards and a full to the fence. Turkey chokes and special loads come out when shooting Annie O's or chicken/turkey shoots.

    For hunting I use a full choke almost exclusively whether pheasants with lead #5's or geese with steel BBB's. I say 'almost' becuase a few loads pattern the way I want them with a choke other than full.

    I have a small tackle box full of choke tubes, but rarely use most of them. I have a few standard loads and standard chokes that I really rely on, the rest is fluff.
  10. esheato

    esheato Well-Known Member

    Skeet is skeet.
    Trap is Mod from 16 to 24 yards. Anything further than that and I just close my eyes and pray. ;)
    Hunting is anything from IC for dove to Mod. for waterfowl.

    Since I primarily shoot skeet, it's a skeet tube.

    Last edited: Apr 1, 2006
  11. Jim_M

    Jim_M Well-Known Member

    Light Modified. I only shot sporting clays.
  12. bgold

    bgold Well-Known Member

    For most hunting applications, if I use a factory choke it is a Modified. Most of the aftermarket chokes I use are close to if not closer to an Improved Mod. Of course, most of my hunting is for waterfowl, with a few doves and others thrown into the mix.
  13. Wags

    Wags Well-Known Member

    Modified pretty much covers all my hunting needs in all my shotguns. I only shoot Full in my 40's vintage Ithaca Mod 37 20ga for long range squirrel harvesting.
  14. PJR

    PJR Well-Known Member

    Light modifed for sporting clays although I take skeet and improved modified along with me. The IM rarely gets used. Modifed for 16 trap, light full for handicap. Cylinder or skeet for skeet.

    I use modified in my predator control pump gun. Gives me a little more range with buckshot and works well with slugs.

    For hunting it depends on the quarry. My upland sxs is choked skeet and light modified. I like IM in my semi-auto for waterfowl.
  15. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    For doves, modified. For ducks modified. For geese modified. I don't know why I even have any other chokes. Modified lead choke patterns both steel fours and Federal tungsten/iron BBs as full would with lead, so no need to change chokes for waterfowl. I have slipped a IC choke tube in for ducks using 4 steel. Works fine over the decoys, but takes a few yards off those sky blast shots that I avoid anyway, but sometimes am tempted to take in late season frustration.

    Doves, ducks, and geese are 95% or more of my shotgunning.
  16. TrapperReady

    TrapperReady Well-Known Member

    Throwing hunting into the mix, I typically run Modified when I'm using Hevishot on ducks or geese. For pheasants, I almost always use Full. When I'm going after grouse or woodcock, then it's Cylinder. I've only shot doves a couple of seasons and still don't know if I prefer open or tight chokes.

    BTW, about two months ago, I started experimenting with shooting sporting clays using Skeet... even for pretty long targets. So far, I'm impressed with how far out the clays will break cleanly.

    When I start shooting tournaments again this year, I'm going to try underchoking from how I shot last year and see how it goes. For sporting clays, I've pretty well settled on carrying a pair of Skeet, a pair of Light Mods and a pair of Heavy Mods. Last year, I used the Skeet only for the closest of shots, with the Light Mod for mid-range and Heavy Mod for the long stuff. Now, I'm planning on Skeet for the close and mid-range stuff, Light Mod for the longer stuff and save the Heavy Mod for truly long-range (or long shots on minis and midis).

    I still like to practice with tight chokes, though. I think they help me be a bit more precise and it's easier to "read the breaks".
  17. gp911

    gp911 Well-Known Member


    ...but I shoot a lot of .410.

  18. axeman_g

    axeman_g Well-Known Member

    skeet is currently Cyl over IC on a OU Citori 28". Bottom barrel firing first.

    Trap is IC or mod depending on conditiond on a 28" Wingmaster or Mod on a fixed choke A5 16g with 25" barrel.

    Grouse and pheasant will get the A5
    Quail will get the Citori.
    Ducks get full with the WM.
  19. danurve

    danurve Well-Known Member

    I voted exfull/turkey. Why? well I hunt turkeys, it's spring season around the corner and Im having trouble sleeping already. I can't be the only one.
  20. auschip

    auschip Well-Known Member

    I was thinking arm triangle when I first opened the thread, but IC is my usual shotgun choke. :neener:

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