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What does your basic hunting EDC consist of?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Doug S, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Doug S

    Doug S Well-Known Member

    I enjoy reading the EDC (Every Day Carry) forums, and thought this would be an fun EDC type hunting topic thread with hunting season being upon many of us.


    Gun - Remington 700ADL w/x pro trigger in 243WIN caliber
    Ammo - Winchester 95gr Ballistic Silvertips
    Knife - Buck 110 Folding Hunter
    Saw- Gerber EZ cut bone saw
    Light - Fenix E05 on neck lanyard for getting into woods & E15 as backup in pocket

    Of course I carry a few other items, but those listed above are what I think of as the essentials. So if you don't mind playing along, what are your basics as per above?
  2. 41magsnub

    41magsnub Well-Known Member

    Based on your stuff, when you say hunting you mean deer hunting specifically?
  3. Doug S

    Doug S Well-Known Member

    Yes, deer hunting is the big thing in my area, but others can list whatever it is that pertains to their primary hunting.
  4. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Mossberg 500 camo

    12 gauge 2 3/4" number 3 fasteel loads

    A dozen Carrylite inflatable mallards

    Duck Commander classic single reed

    Avery marsh chair

    Cabela's 5mm neoprene waders when it's as cold out there as it has been the last couple of days.

    Rayovac head lamp

    Just to toss in something different. :D
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2013
  5. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Let's seen for deer hunting lately...

    Any one of my collection of deer capable rifles or handguns. I shot one so far this season with my Remington M722 in .257 Roberts, 100 grain Sierra Game king handloads.

    Rayovac head lamp (to get to my blind if the moon ain't out)

    Thermocell in warmer weather. Not necessary at the moment, but the propane heater I keep in the blind sure the heck is.

    Gerber Gator Serrator

    I leave the Wyoming saw at the house along with a butcher's bone saw. My blind is 300 yards from my back porch, you see. :D
  6. Liberty1776

    Liberty1776 Well-Known Member

    in the slug zone -

    Mossberg 500 with sabot bbl and scope.

    extra box of sabot slugs (TOTALLY UNNECESSARY, but I can't bring myself to leave them behind) - brand depends on what I have on my shelf at the time

    knife picked up at a dump (4" Western brand) that I put a new handle on with a piece of deer antler

    $1.99 led flashlight I got at Menards. Short and compact.

    99 cent butane lighter

    sometimes lunch...

    rifle zone - switch out the Mossberg for my '95 Mauser in .257 Robts and take a roll-up stiff plastic toboggan to pull 'em out with. If I gets one...
  7. Doug S

    Doug S Well-Known Member

    Thanks for contributing guys. I enjoy reading what others are using. I took this picture this evening.
  8. travisd

    travisd Well-Known Member

    Hoyt Charger bow shooting Magnus Snuffer heads
    Buck 110
    And a small head light
    Other than a phone and car keys I wont take anything else along
  9. skiking

    skiking Well-Known Member

    I carry a Remington 700 in .300 Win Mag with a Burris fullfield II 3-9x40 and 10 rounds of 180 gr Nosler AccuBond handloads. Nikon monarch 10x binocs. KOA antelope hunter and a old Buck knife. 5 game bags with 100' paracord. 1 liter of watered down powerade, sandwich bag of my own trail mix. Petzl headlamp. Bic lighter. TP and trowel. Water purification tablets. Glock 22 with 180 gr fmj. Space blanket. Electrical tape. And last but not least a celebratory cigar (nice way to calm the nerves after the shot and burn a little time before getting to the tracking). I carry my stuff in a Orvis fanny pack and keep a frame pack in my jeep. Worked well Saturday, needed most of the stuff(except survival stuff) and didn't need anything I didn't have when I got my elk.
  10. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Rifle (extra ammo in the 4 sling loops)
    Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt
    Thermos of coffee (when hunting in enclosed box blind)
    Head light
    Doe pee
    iPhone with full charge
  11. dubbleA

    dubbleA Well-Known Member

    Not much....

    Polaris Ranger 700XP
    rifle of the day with it's hand loads
    Swarovski spotting scope
    Zeiss binoculars
    peanut butter crackers and a bottle of water
  12. brainwake

    brainwake Well-Known Member

    Rifle of choice - (Contender 30-30 or Savage 270 - with 4 rounds in the magazine, or on the stock)
    sling pack containing
    - Case Trapper (knife)
    - Fenix LD20 (flashlight)
    - Fenix LD01 (backup flashlight)
    - buck grunt
    - disposable shoulder length dressing gloves
    - a Ziploc with 4 or 5 pre-separated paper towels (very nice to have to clean up the blood after dressing)
    - I generally toss my gloves, mask and head cover in the pack until I am in the field
    - flask of water
    - iphone
    - seat cushion (if not headed to tree stand - else harness and climbing rope)
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  13. ldlfh7

    ldlfh7 Well-Known Member

    This is all I have ever needed

    308 rifle
    pocket knife
  14. Lazy R

    Lazy R Active Member

    Good thread idea.

    Rem 700 .270. 130 Grain handloads, 5 in rifle 4 in pocket. Safari sling to work with pack.

    Pack frame with fanny pack attached. LED flashlight, headlamp, Buck folder, 1 fixed blade knife, granola bar, paracord & straps, game bag, bottle of water, TP, lighter and film tube with Vaseline soaked cotton firestarter, pen with some black tape wrapped around it, binocs on chest strap, Leopold rangefinder, compass, gutting gloves. Probably some junk in there I'm forgetting. Shooting sticks in belt loop. Oh, my phone, a camera, and a teeny tripod.

    And a little 1.5 ounce bottle of whisky.

    Deer or elk, mountains or badlands.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  15. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    The Duck Commander "Happy Happy" cap is essential.
  16. tahunua001

    tahunua001 Well-Known Member

    whatever suits my fancy. for instance this year:
    turkey was bagged with mossberg 535 tactical real tree using 3 1/2" #5 shot
    blackbear was bagged with Arisaka type 44 cavalry carbine using 6.5x50 140gr accubonds
    deer was a 9mm AR15 carbine using 147gr speer gold dots
    elk was weatherby vanguard in 300 weatherby mag using light 180gr speer deep curl loads.

    next year:
    well I only have one shotgun so turkey will probably be the same.
    had enough of blackbear for a while, will probably just ignore bear season.
    deer will most likely be AR15 in 223.
    elk will probably be 30-06 ruger M77 MKII.
    whatever fits in my gun that has a decent group and performs decently
    I'm incredibly disorganized, whatever I can find that has an edge, lately it's been a gerber folder.
    should probably get one of those...
    whatever I can find that has batteries...

    there is no such thing as everyday carry with me when it comes to hunting.
  17. Davek1977

    Davek1977 Well-Known Member

    Model 70 Winchester Model 70
    Federal Premium 160 Accubonds or Partitions
    Buck folding knife
    Gerber saw
    appropriate licenses/tags
    Nikon binocs
    gloves for cleaning game (loosely fitting shoulder gloves, tight fitting latex gloves)
  18. Esoxchaser

    Esoxchaser Well-Known Member

    Squirrel hunting: Savage 24- .22LR over 20ga. 7/8 oz #6
    Whatever the dog puts up from rabbits to pheasants: Beretta AL391, Ruger Single Six hunter
    CCI mini mags, 1 1/8 oz Copper plated #6.
    Running hounds for bunnies:
    20 ga 391, 1oz 7 1/2. Ruger mark III hunter, mini mags.

    CRKT Titanium folder.
    Garmin GPS with topo chip.
    Dog bowl and water.
    Trail Mix.
  19. rromeo

    rromeo Well-Known Member

    I hunt in my back yard, so I pack light.
    Marlin .30-30 with Core Lokts
    Ruger Super Blackhawk .44mag with Keith bullets
    Pocket knife
    Cellphone to call my wife to bring the truck out.
  20. FiveStrings

    FiveStrings Well-Known Member

    For hunting in the snow we've been getting, I'm taking:
    .303 Enfield No. 4 & 6 rounds
    grunt call
    pocket compass
    ALICE medium pack & frame
    GI poncho with liner tied in
    50' rope
    climbing harness
    small pillow
    extra knit cap, mittens, socks
    piss bottle
    water bottle & snacks

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