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What spare AR parts to have in case of ban?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by aliasneo07, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. aliasneo07

    aliasneo07 Well-Known Member


    I have an olympic arms AR-15. I'm really a shotgun/pistol person but I wanted to buy one AK and one AR before a ban. I just bought the AR, and will look for an ak next month when I have more $.

    My question is, in the event of a ban, what spare parts should I have standing by in case of a weapon failure? What parts are normally the first to go on these weapons? I'd like to have a few spare parts handy so that I can make sure my weapon is always operational, but have no idea which parts normally die first, and which I should have spares of.

  2. Zach S

    Zach S Well-Known Member

    If its pretty much a reinstatement of AWB 1.0, magazines and lowers.

    A spare bolt wouldn't be a bad idea.
  3. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    this is a topic that has been covered several times in the past and a search would pull up some pretty informative posts

    but... DPMS has an "ultimate spare parts kit" or something like that. i doubt you'll find one in stock anywhere (although it wouldn't hurt to look) but looking through that kit will give you some ideas

    the bolt, buffer, springs and extractor are all wear parts and just buying a complete bolt is a good way to have spares.

    the action spring and buffer are also wear parts and you should have spares. depending on your accuracy expectation, the barrel itself can be a wear part. at a minimum, you should check the headspace on it occasionally. (like, when you replace the bolt or extractor)

    a spare FCG is also a good idea. the disconnector is a wear part. get one of those at a minimum. i've never worn out a hammer or trigger, but i've seen several that have been screwed with that subsequently needed replacing.

    some other parts can break, like the bolt catch but that's pretty rare.

    and other parts don't really wear or break but are easily lost when you're cleaning or upgrading etc, like the little springs and detents.
  4. aliasneo07

    aliasneo07 Well-Known Member

    Great, thanks for the info.
  5. aliasneo07

    aliasneo07 Well-Known Member

    Oh, forgot to ask.

    Pretty much all ARs of the same caliber have all their parts interchangable right? for instance, that DPMS ultimate spare parts kit will work fine on an olympic or a RRA, right?
  6. average_shooter

    average_shooter Well-Known Member

    Some Colts have different sized pins and holes that make parts not interchangeable. However, I've usually seen that parts for Colts with oversize holes or pins are so marked in the catalogs so you know what you're getting. If you don't have one of those Colt models, don't get those parts and you should be good.
  7. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf member

    I honestly would not be surprised if the new AWB includes language like, "or components and parts specific to the production thereof" before the list of firearms that ban the mere production of spare parts. That would prevent people from maintaining the weapons they already had.
  8. Crow1108

    Crow1108 Well-Known Member

    Personally, I bought a spare bolt (both of which are LMT enhanced bolts...they'll probably outlast me), 2 spare firing pins, a spare lower parts package, and a "springs and pins" package.
  9. aliasneo07

    aliasneo07 Well-Known Member

    Well hopefully the bushmaster/DPMS stuff is interchangable with Olympic, is it?

    Cause I ordered a bushmaster spare parts kit from their website, assuming they dont email me and tell me its out of stock.
  10. DougW

    DougW Well-Known Member

    Simple answer. Have extra AR's in the inventory.
  11. IndianaBoy

    IndianaBoy Well-Known Member

  12. buttrap

    buttrap Well-Known Member

    Only thing that I can think of that may be a issue is gas rings.
  13. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    IMHO best spare is a second gun. Investing $60 in an lower parts kit wouldn't hurt as would having spare extractor & spring, gas rings & firing pin for the bolt. A spare bolt & carrier is better if you can spare the extra cash to have parts you may never use sitting around.

  14. aliasneo07

    aliasneo07 Well-Known Member

    If anyone knows of an online place selling spare part kits or emergency repair kits, etc, for an AR15 with them in stock I would be forever greatful :-D
  15. Bill2e

    Bill2e Well-Known Member

    We have a winner.

    Model One sales recently had LPK's in stock. Also the swap & sell on AR15.com has them all the time, expect to pay a little more.
  16. aliasneo07

    aliasneo07 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...who makes those LPKs on model one? couldnt find mfr.
  17. feedthehogs

    feedthehogs Well-Known Member

    You know if you get spare parts they are only going to be calling you from the corner to put them to good use in another AR.

    So save yourself the sleepless nights and buy another gun.
  18. paradox998

    paradox998 Well-Known Member

    I would order a Bushmaster parts kit and and extra complete bolt. Might as well put an order in and get in line.

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