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What's in the back of YOUR safe?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by campergeek, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. campergeek

    campergeek Well-Known Member

    Last night I was going through my safe, rearranging the guns if for no other reason than to handle some I hadn't shot for a while. During the shuffling I decided to put those that never get handled to the very back of the safe so I don't have to work around them. It occurred to me that most people probably have some black sheep in their collection - something that they acquired somehow and now can't pay to get rid of, or that just never sees the light of day.

    I have two - one is a Crosman pellet rifle which is supposedly pretty powerful when pumped up. My Father-in-law bought it to dispatch squirrels. I inherited it when he passed and I think I've fired it maybe once. For an air rifle it's pretty decent so I keep it around.

    The other is a Coast-to-Coast brand .22 semi-automatic rifle, which I understand is eqivalent to a Savage 7J. The rifle is absolutely reliable - I can count on it to jam at least once per magazine. I tried to sell it to a local FFL but he waved his hand at his overpopulated rack of used .22 rifles and said he really didn't want any more. I keep praying for the local gun-grabbers to fund a buyback program so I can turn this turkey into some cash.

    So now I'm curious - what's the red-headed stepchild of your gun collection?(no offense to red-headed stepchildren)
  2. Kamicosmos

    Kamicosmos Well-Known Member

    The wall?


    just messing with ya.

    My black sheep used to be an AMT Automag II, but it's been fixed so it actually shoots now, and has been seeing more daylight lately.
  3. yorec

    yorec Well-Known Member

    An NHM91 rests to the rear of mine... Hmm - also an old winchester pump .22 that hasn't seen the light of day in far too long...
  4. Morgan

    Morgan Well-Known Member

    Let's see...

    There's an AKM variant (.308 Kalishnikov), that I traded for several years ago and have NEVER EVEN FIRED!

    An old Yugo Mauser.

    A Mini-14.

    A Colt Commando (military version of the Official Police, parkerized instead of blued). Tight and nice, made in 1942, and issued to the OSS. I've never shot it.

    A Kahr MK40. My job allows .45 ACP or 9mm, but no .40. Also several HK USP40's, one stainless, the others black - same reason.

    A 20" bull bbl DPMS AR-15. Nice gun, ACCURATE as hell, but I find I only shoot the 16" patrol AR anymore.

    Several S&W model 19 revolvers. They're just so nice, I had to bring 'em home.

    An old Security Six. Don't shoot it, don't really like it, but the price was right.

    A Smith 940 (9mm snubbie). Bought it not long ago, shot it, loved it, put it away.

    Three Colt 1911's - one old, one tricked a bit, and one new. Love 'em, don't have time for 'em.

    All the pistols have been moved to a safe deposit box, oiled and bagged. I haven't seen some for years... Thankfully, I've enough toys at home and work to play with, so I don't miss 'em, much.
  5. cosmonick

    cosmonick Well-Known Member

    I have two that seldom leave my safe, two Squires Bingham .22s. One was my first gun - a semi-auto that threw it's extractor and likes to explode rounds in the chamber - and the other is a bolt action that I got for $25 because it had no magazine.

  6. ulflyer

    ulflyer Well-Known Member

    Morgan, those Colts need to get out in the sunlight and run hard; better let me have one to feed and groom regularly. I have a nice range in my backyard just waiting. :)
  7. SapperLeader

    SapperLeader Well-Known Member

    Back corners of my safe have my two problem projects that I need to do. Back right corner is a enfield gunsmith special sans stock(stock needs refinishing), back left corner is a remington 592 minus trigger assembly, which i need to send back to a remington gunsmith for reassembly.

    Other than that, nothing else Im trying to hide, more used stuff goes in the front, sentimental stuff in the back.
  8. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    A forged Caspian officer's frame with a checkered front strap. One of these days...

  9. logical

    logical Well-Known Member

    My .25 auto collection....
  10. craig

    craig Well-Known Member

    a remington 710 30-06, never fired. i also found the amazing fold a gun, kel tec sub 2000. forgot how much fun that thing is.
  11. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    I gotta fill the front first....only two guns in there! :(
  12. MuzzleBlast

    MuzzleBlast Well-Known Member

    1943 Mosin-Nagant 91/30

    A thoroughly unsatisfying rifle to shoot. It really points out how little regard the Soviet army had for the individual infantryman. Shoot it for a while, pick up a Garand, and you find yourself singing God Bless America.
  13. dakotasin

    dakotasin Well-Known Member

    i found two guns a couple days ago that i forgot i had... a springfield xd that i just got a month or so ago, and haven't fired it yet, and a remington 722 30-06 that i completely forgot i had... was doing some loading yesterday, and couldn't figure out for the life of me why i had 30-06 dies around, especially since i don't have any use for a 30-06... now i know...
  14. jobu07

    jobu07 Well-Known Member

    None of my guns really get neglected enough for me to forget that they are there. But, the back wall of my safe consists of a couple of enfields, couple of mosin nagants, m700, and I think that's it on the back. I'd check, but that would require movement right now, which is going against my laziness.
  15. OEF_VET

    OEF_VET Well-Known Member

    Let's see, there are a few back there....

    a German Commission Model of 1888, ammo is obselete and nowhere to be found, plus he barrel is pitted enough that I'd be nervous to shoot it

    a Czech Vz52 carbine in 7.62x45mm, I've got about 150 rounds, but not a single round of the 50 I've tried would fire

    a Lorcin .22, I'm waiting for a buyback for this POS
  16. ny32182

    ny32182 Well-Known Member

    I tend to shoot all mine in fairly regular rotation.

    If I had to pick one I shoot the least, it would have to be my 1006... simply because the supply of cheap ammo is not big. It won't be getting sold any time soon though...
  17. ACP230

    ACP230 Well-Known Member

    A Remington 1100. Bought it to shoot bowling pins and did it only once.
    Hunted with it a few times.
    May use it for clay targets this summer.
  18. Randy in Arizona

    Randy in Arizona Well-Known Member

    The ones in the back are not there cause I don't like them.

    They are there to keep handling damage to a minimum.

    SIG-AMT Like new condition, Really fun to shoot.
    Springfield M1 Match, Like new from DCM, Yes I've had it a while.
    1903A3 with target iron sights.

  19. TechBrute

    TechBrute Well-Known Member

    Baikal O/U 12 Ga
  20. Vic303

    Vic303 Well-Known Member

    Oh Lord, I'm not sure what's back there! I guess the black sheep of the Blue Beast is probably my TC Thunderhawk Shadow muzzleloader.

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