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Where did all my 7.62x39 Silver bear go?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Archibald Tuttle, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Archibald Tuttle

    Archibald Tuttle Active Member

    It was all over gunbroker for a while and at my local store, even at some shows, but now I just can't find the stuff, not even for 9x18? Somebody knows something I don't and I'm in need of answers.
  2. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 Well-Known Member

    Now that you mention it, I have been seeing less and less of brownbear(x39) and more and more tiger.

    Sorry, but you can't have any of mine!:neener:
  3. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    two words. DOWN RANGE
  4. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    That's pretty funny krochus.
  5. MD_Willington

    MD_Willington Well-Known Member

    wideners has Barnaul

    ammo to go has silver bear too

    I plan on getting some this payday...

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