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Where to shoot near Las Vegas?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by damien, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    The desert?
  2. hockea

    hockea Active Member

    what part of town? indoors or out?

    CAPTAIN MIKE Well-Known Member

    Couple of Good Places - OUTDOORS

    1. Desert Sportsman Rifle & Pistol Club
    2. Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club - has a public range area.
  4. j1133s

    j1133s Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I don't know why the body of my original post is missing.

    I'd like to take a few friends (living in LV) shooting. However, I don't live there and those friends don't shoot so we have no idea where're the good places to go.

    I'm hoping to find a place that allows .22LR plinking of cans, fruits, etc. so that my friends can have more fun than putting holes into paper. I think this is a good way to introduce guns. They live NW of the strip around highway 95.

    The Desert Sportsman Rifle & Pistol Club is private so we prob. won't be able to get in. Boulder City, NV looks too far.

    Do you know anywhere closer?
  5. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I thought you could shoot out in the desert on the public lands. Is this not allowed? I know there is a free city shooting range on the west side of Pahrump out in the desert, between some hills, but that is 70-80 minutes from you.
  6. j1133s

    j1133s Well-Known Member


    Regarding the desert. I don't know much about LV with regards to shooting. I don't mind at all shooting in the desert if it is legal, but where?

    I looked around on the Internet and found this range:
    The price and distance seems reasonable, but being an indoor range and all, it might get pretty boring for new shooters. So this is going to be my backup.

    I'm hoping to be able to find somewhere we can have fun plinking away at various targets. I think that'll be a good way to introduce guns to these people.
  7. piratelooking@40

    piratelooking@40 Well-Known Member

    You cannot shoot outdoors anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley. (Actual gun ranges excepted, of course.) The usual boundaries, IIRC, are the Sloan exit S. on I-15, the Apex exit N. on I-15, Jean to the N. on US 95, and... I can't remember the others. BLM has a map online, but it's kinda hard to use. For sure, though, you have to leave the Valley. Which you would do anyway, since the whole place is now covered with foreclosed houses :banghead:

    Discount Firearms is a very good gun store, but I don't like their range at all. The fee is high, they ban rapid fire - defined as more than 1 shot in 2 seconds (unless of course you're paying to rent one of their machine guns), and they've given me a hard time about picking up my brass. American Shooters Supply, either branch (one in central LV, one in Henderson to the SE) is IMHO a much better range. American has a rifle range as well, though it's only about 40 yards long.
  8. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Nope, you can't just go out and shoot in the desert. You almost have to have someone show you where the shooting area off of Sloan is but north out of town on 95 is an area to the east that looks like a little grand canyon and you can shoot there. Right about where the prison is IIRC.
  9. hockea

    hockea Active Member

    In the NW part of town: travel north on US 95 to milepost 103 and turn east (right) it's not really a dirt road as much as it is a well traveled path. The area is a disected playa and does indeed look much like a series of canyons that are lighter in color than the surrounding desert.
  10. Hanzerik

    Hanzerik Well-Known Member

    When I was stationed there (1989-1992) I would go shooting off of the Apex exit.
  11. Hanzerik

    Hanzerik Well-Known Member

    Also used to go out Lake Mead Blvd towards the lake, near that area of first red sandstone formations that are on the south side of the road. Not sure if you can shoot up there anymore. But this was way back before the town had expanded that far up Lake Mead Blvd.

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