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Which P-223 Nikon scope for my AR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by nix4me, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. nix4me

    nix4me Well-Known Member

    So i've pretty much settled on the Nikon P-223 rifle scope for my 16inch AR-15. What I am having trouble deciding is whether to get the fixed power 3X32 or the variable 3X9X40. Any thoughts?

    I plan to use the rifle mostly for just punching paper at 50 and 100 yard range.
  2. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    IMHO 3X is best for the field, 9X is great for punching paper, so if you can live with the extra size and weight the 3-9X pretty much covers it all.
  3. Jason248

    Jason248 Well-Known Member

    I'd go with the 3x9-40. I've had one on one of my old ARs and loved it. I run nikon for all of my scopes though lol
  4. denton

    denton Well-Known Member

    I have the fixed 3X on my AR, and like it a lot, especially for the price.

    My intended use is jackrabbits and coyotes, and I think the fixed version is an outstanding match for that. It's lightweight, and it has a wide field of view.

    When I bought my AR, I said that I wanted an inexpensive basic model that was better than 2 MOA, and that's exactly what I got. Actually, it's more like 1.5 MOA, which is just fine for my application. If that's the type of rifle you've got, then I think that either scope will be fine.

    If you've got a rifle that is MOA or better, then I think that indicates the variable model. The additional magnification would probably be worth the extra weight.
  5. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I love the little 3X, so much I ordered another one when Primary Arms put them on sale.

    3X at Primary Arms

    You can actually shoot some pretty small groups with 3X, but naturally if the main use is punching paper, more power is nice.

    I put this 4.5X18 Bushnell on a paper punching upper and while it is pretty nice, it's not in the Nikon's class IMO. Could just be my eye though.
  6. 119er

    119er Well-Known Member

    I'd go with the 3x9 for range use. I have a Nikon M223 in 3x12 and it does it all. I also use a Nikon 4.5x14 Buckmasters on a 7mm-08. Both arep great scopes. With the rain and humidity today the Nikons Didn't fog up a bit while the Konus spotting scope was impossible and a Burris 1.5-6 MTAC was nearly as bad!
    I'm not sure if there are lens differences between the P and M lines but you should be able to check.
  7. FamilyMan19

    FamilyMan19 New Member

    I've got the 3-9x40 on my Bushmaster and I zero it at 100 yards on about 5X. After that it's pretty much good to go on any distance I want to shoot. I love the Nikon variable scope and don't notice the weight at all.
  8. captmoto

    captmoto Well-Known Member

    We have both. I use the 3x on my PSA upper Mega lower. My wife has the 3-9x on her S&W M&P Sport. Before we got the 3-9 she was in love with the 3x. With the 3-9 she breaks clays on the ground at 100 yds. then goes after any of the bigger pieces on the embankment. She really like her 3-9.
    The P223s are huge values for the money.
  9. nix4me

    nix4me Well-Known Member

    I'm leaning 3x9 on this rifle. Thanks for all the inputs.
  10. nix4me

    nix4me Well-Known Member

    If i have the A2 front site and the optic, will it interfere? Or do i need to remove the front site and use a low profile gas block?
  11. captmoto

    captmoto Well-Known Member

    No, not if you use the P223 mounts or any other basic AR mount. They seem to be made to clear BUIS when they are down.
  12. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

  13. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    No you won't see the front sight through the scope. Pretty much only at 1-2X do you see the front sight post and even then its not really an issue.
  14. bman940

    bman940 Well-Known Member

    Nikon P-Series Scope's

    I have beenusing both the P-223 3X and 3-9 on my AR's. I have been using the compact 3X Carbine scope on my competition AR and I am very pleased with how well it works. That being said, I think for your needs the P-223 3-9 BDC 600 will give you a lot more flexibility in the way you shoot. Dial it down for dial the magnification to the max for accurate paper punching. The scope is clear, crisp and easy to use. Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program will let you dial in the BDC reticle to the exact ammo you are using. One thing when entering the MV, I am getting about 300 fps less then what is listed on .223 boxes for my 55 gr. ammo. So enter 2900 instead of 3200 for fps. Here's a pic of my 3-9 with Nikon's P-Series AR mount.
  15. Woodworker74

    Woodworker74 Active Member

    Don't buy Nikon

    I have the 3x on my Bushmaster. I liked it enough that when I was half way through my build on a second AR, Cabella's ran a good special and I picked up the 4x12x40. Third trip to the range I had the screw in the elevation turret pop out. Whatever it screws into is free turning, so it was impossible to re-seat the screw. I sent it back to Nikon, and they returned it in the exact same condition, after disregarding the detailed description of the problem that was enclosed with the scope. I returned it again. This time their website soon listed the status as "product replaced". That was about 5 weeks or more ago. I have yet to see the replacement. This process is in it's third month at this point. I have had numerous interactions with their supposed customer service reps. Each time has been more frustrating than the last. At this point I was told I would be contacted the next day by the "Manager" that I spoke to. That was last Thursday. Haven't heard back. This was after being given three different stories (flat out lying to me) by the same service rep. I'm hoping I just got a lemon, but God help you if you ever have to have something fixed by them. I'd stick with something else if I were you. Bushnell, and Redfield make some nice lower priced stuff for the AR platform. If cost is no issue, get a Leupold. I wouldn't buy Nikon again if you paid me.
  16. bman940

    bman940 Well-Known Member

    Wood, Send me a PM and I will help you out.
  17. nix4me

    nix4me Well-Known Member

    So the 3X has enough magnification to shoot decent groups at 100 yards? I'm actually liking the looks and size of it more so than the much longer 3x9.
  18. basicblur

    basicblur Well-Known Member

    Not that I need one (I'll find something to do with it), but I just ordered one of the 3x P-223s from Optics Planet for $113.95 delivered - can't turn down a good deal on a scope!?

    They currently have instant $30 rebates / discounts on Nikons, and I used 5% discount code PDTKLP.

    I just ordered a Bushnell 3x9 40mm AR Optic scope from B&H Photo for $118.15 yesterday! :banghead:
  19. nix4me

    nix4me Well-Known Member

    Exactly why i'm asking which one to buy. :) Opticsplanet has both on sale and like always i'm sitting here like an idiot trying to decide which one to push the button on...
  20. bman940

    bman940 Well-Known Member


    I think you will be happeir with the P-223 3-9 BDC 600. It will let you punch more accurate holes in paper and still let you shoot multiple steel targets if you get that opportunity. Definitely most flexible of the 2 scopes.

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