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who's loading 90, 100, or 115 gr bullets in 270

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by RevolverMan567, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. RevolverMan567

    RevolverMan567 New Member

    I want to try my hand at a long range woodchuck gun from my 270, if it doesn't pan out I will buy a 243, but this should be fun experimenting. so if ya are, what ya using, hows it working, and what kind of velocity and on game performance are you getting....thanks in advance.
  2. 243winxb

    243winxb Active Member

  3. Cypress

    Cypress Member

    I loaded a couple of hundred sierra 90 gr. HP with IMR 4350 a couple of years ago. Don't recall the velocity but they shot pretty good. On game results weren't what I expected though. I shot a couple of coyotes with them and they did not expand at all. I also happen to do my wet newspaper penetration test while I had some of these and they looked like you could load them again after I dug them out. Maybe I got a bad batch!

    DENNIS BRES New Member

    Years ago when I couldn't afford a dedicated varmint rifle , I used my 270 and I killed a lot of woodchucks my favorite load was 90 gr Sierra HP with a good charge of 3031 winchester brass and primers,With that load I could shoot 3 shot one inch groups all day..That load would turn a chuck inside out.. I used to love hunting chucks sad to say where I live the dairy farms are gone and the old woodchucks fields are now houseing developments.. I miss those old days..Dennis BRES
  5. don

    don New Member

    I use 110gr. Hornaday hollow points with 58.8gr Imr4831 out of a model 70. Good accuracy with devastating results on deer or groundhogs. Yeah I know 130 gr. would be a better choice for deer, but I got a good buy on the 110gr. I can get close to 1 in. @ 100yds. from the bench. I have no idea of the velocity.
  6. ClarkEMyers

    ClarkEMyers New Member

    My experience is the 90 grain Sierra is unsurpassed as a long range chuck load.

    My experience is the 90 grain Sierra in the .270 is unsurpassed as a long range chuck load. I could shoot bragging groups as small as anything I've ever shot and carry killing energy - for varmints - as far or farther.

    Never used the .270 on coyotes which I haven't shot at extreme ranges - mostly called or baited by leaving killed sheep where they died and taking an overwatch position. I'd rather watch the coyote bouncing up and down mousing in wheat stubble than shoot against the skyline at extreme ranges anyway.

    Although at one time I used a .243 and my wife used a 6mm Remington as our walking around varmint and target of opportunity rifles I would not consider the .243 and .270 as in the same class for varmint rifles - as a varmint rifle the .270 is a specialist load - loud and expensive but effective at extreme range.

    I consider most varmint shooting a sociable activity with others on the firing line and no need to bother the neighborhood so I mostly use and advocate smaller bores, lighter bullets and less powder.

    ADKWOODSMAN Active Member

    My 110 Sierra load is 59 gr. H-4831 for the great .270 Winchester. The chucks don't like it but I do.

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