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Why I love Gun Owners of America

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by No Fear, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. No Fear

    No Fear member

    Two words: honesty and courage.

    Immediately after the election, GOA has a very informative release. GOA has a habit of not being afraid to say where we LOST (wheras other gun groups tend to ignore or gloss over the specifics of bad news).

    I went to nra.org and found a lot of "content," but effectively nothing informing gun owners of the specifics of the changed landscape for gun owners. Incredible. On the other hand, GOA has this, which is loaded with specifics and the whole picture http://www.gunowners.org/a110508.htm

    Frankly, if it weren't for GOA, I don't know where I would get such a comprehensive post election analysis for gun owners.

    GOA has the courage to stick to the "no compromise" attitude. This is a world of compromise and cowardice, and people who actually stick to their principles and say "NO" are called all sorts of names.

    GOA doesn't exist to entertain you. It informs gun owners. It doesn't varnish anything, it gets right to the point. It's a no frills gun lobby.

    A reasonable person could say that pro gunners took a beating yesterday because of the disaster of the last 8 years and because pro gun elements endorsed the previous president.

    I would like to see nra get some serious competition from gun owners. The people who spew hate and venom at GOA use GOA's relatively small size as their excuse. I don't want nra to go away. I would like to see at least a third of america's 100 million+ gun owners join GOA instead of seeking the group that just happens to be bigger. Some people just want to feel warm and cuddly with a larger group.

    This thread will probably see several posts that bash GOA and claim that NRA is our only hope. The naked hate they have for GOA (which is all emotional and not based on facts), shows the severity of the problem we have.

    All I ask is that you read GOA's informative post election statement instead of frantically running to join the NRA. Considering our situation, a reasonable person may conclude that joining both is a good idea.
  2. Hk91-762mm

    Hk91-762mm New Member

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  3. No Fear

    No Fear member

    HK, this thread is about why I love Gun Owners of America and their very informative statement today. It's not about some site that's not even affiliated with GOA in any way, shape or form.
  4. Mike U.

    Mike U. New Member

    I am pro GOA. .

    I like GOA's no compromise stance.

    Excellent post election analysis, BTW.

    Kudos GOA!
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  5. Hawk

    Hawk New Member

    One might reasonably call it "analysis". I read it and it looks like some "analysis" and a little bit of "speculation".

    In memory of Michael Crichton who wrote a compelling piece titled "Why Speculate", I believe I'll refrain from speculating for at least a few hours.

    But I will pontificate.
    I'm a life member of both GOA and NRA. The GOA and its minions sometimes embarass me more than the NRA because they're generally the first to adopt an "us vs them" attitude with both "us" and "them" being pro-rights organizations.

    So, with all the work ahead of us at this point in time, you somehow felt it would help us overall to bash the NRA?


    If we all displayed that type of solidarity we would be doomed. Fortunately, it remains relatively rare.

    A different reasonable person might conclude that we take it in the shorts because we fight among ourselves and engage in juvinile internecene warfare.

    One wonders if VPC was bashing Brady when things didn't go their way?
    Perhaps we could learn something from the anti's - like, say, don't eat our own?

    Personally, I don't make it a habit to buy lifetime memberships with organizations I hate. I do wish they'd learn to play a little nicer though, I might contribute more during the year.

    Actually, though, GOA didn't engage in any bashing in the analysis linked and I should commend them for that. It took one of our own to start the bashing.

    A committed anti will contribute to both Brady and VPC. It's only gun owners that force a false dichotomy on groups that should be complementary. Here's a radical thought: support both. Nah. Not with this crowd. More fun to dissipate our energies sniping at one another.

    Sarah is dancing.
  6. No Fear

    No Fear member

    Hawk I applaud you for putting your money where your mouth is. You are completely wrong that I "bashed" the nra. Please quote where I supposedly did that.

    I made the opening post because I applaud GOA for their very informative post election statement which contained information I just couldn't have gotten anywhere else, especially in one place.

    So merely pointing out that nra has nothing of the sort on their websites is "bashing" them?" Really. Referring to GOA supporters as "minions" undercut your point big time.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2008
  7. Hawk

    Hawk New Member

    OK, I'll revise "bashing" to "needless versus".

    There's no reason to make this a competition. Horses "competing" means the carriage goes nowhere.

    If someone can't afford to support more than one group, I have no issue with them selecting GOA or JPFO, or SAF in lieu of NRA but this "either / or" stuff is for the birds.

    All these guys have their specialty and we'd be worse off with any of them gone. But no where is it written, for many folks anyway, that adding one to the GOA equates to subtracting one from the NRA. Your post paints a picture of GOA competing with NRA when we would be far better served by having GOA and NRA competing with Brady and VPC.

    I'm NRA Benefactor, GOA life, TSRA life, my real name shows up as a producer in the credits for JPFO's Innocents Betrayed and sometimes I feel like a parent whose kids can't get along. My apologies if I read too much into it but I get frustrated and we can do some decent stuff when the oarsmen are pulling together - NRA and SAF in NOLA, for example. Joint lawsuit - worked far better than if NRA and SAF held turf wars over the matter and Nagin sat watching and cackling.
  8. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN New Member

    Man,Hawk you make a lotta sense.
  9. Mike U.

    Mike U. New Member

    An excellent post, Hawk.

    I admit I favor GOA over the NRA, but, your post makes an excellent case for putting favoritism aside.

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