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Will Bushmaster pay shipping on warranty work?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by MartinBrody, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. MartinBrody

    MartinBrody Well-Known Member

    Has anyone sent anything back to bushmaster for a warranty repair? Do they pay shipping. Bushmaster emailed me saying they will fix it, but I am anxious to hear if they will pay shipping to and fro.

    By the way, it is an M4A2 with an over indexed barrel / canted front sight which has resulted in the windage having to be adjusted severely to get it centered.
  2. vanfunk

    vanfunk Well-Known Member

    Bushmaster should pay for shipping back to them for what is definitely an original manufacturing defect. This is a very common problem with Bushmasters that has been openly acknowledged by the company (why is this still happening?). I've had 4 Bushmasters in the past 6 years, and all have suffered from the dreaded over-indexed barrel.

    Call them and ask them for a return shipping tag. I doubt they will take issue.


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