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Winchester mod 94

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by USMC8541, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. USMC8541

    USMC8541 New Member

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Winchester mod 94 30-30 for 200 clams. Rifle has a steel butt plate and a bad refinish job on a bland peice of wood. Some of the finish is worn because of small rust spots, other than that the bore is shiney mint and actin works flawless, This would be beater rifle for my Ford f-250, I can't carry heavy rifles any more because of neck and back pain so I am attracted to the rifles light weight, This Rifle was made in 1967, is this period OK for Winchester or should I keep looking?
  2. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Typicaly there good shooters but if you have neck and back problems is recoil also a problem? Those old metal butplates do get there impact across. See if you can shoot it first to be sure you like it. Scope mount would have to be a offset side mount if wanted. Offer a bit less an take it from there. Might be able to do a oil finish on the wood. Everyone should own at least one 30-30 at some time.
  3. USMC8541

    USMC8541 New Member

    I can shoot Ok its walkin with a rifle that gets to hurtin my neck, killed a lot of game with a lever gun when I was young by stalkin with the hammer on. to me there is no better safety than half cock, I figure I'll just chuck the metal plate and put rubber on it.
  4. essayons21

    essayons21 New Member

    Are you sure it was made in 1967? I think they switched from steel to plastic buttplates during 1965.

    If your serial number is below 2,600,011, it is a pre-64 rifle, which commands a slight premium, and is a higher quality rifle. Either way, $200 for a Win94 in good working condition is a good price.

    EDIT: You can check the date by putting the serial in here: http://www.savage99.com/winchester1894_dates.htm

    If it is a pre-64, buy it for 200 or less, clean it up with some Kroil and 0000 steel wool, resell it for 500-800, and buy a new Mossberg 464 or Marlin 94.
  5. cleardiddion

    cleardiddion New Member

    200 bucks for a rifle needing a little extra work?
    I'd jump on it!
  6. USMC8541

    USMC8541 New Member

    It's a 300 serial numberwhich puts it at 67 I'm pretty sure somebody put that steel butt on it, the shell carrier inside is stamped, Seems like a handy rifle though
  7. essayons21

    essayons21 New Member

    Out of all of my fancy rifles, autoloaders, bolt, with a variety of scopes and optics, my pre-64 M1894 is my favorite whitetail rifle.
  8. XxWINxX94

    XxWINxX94 New Member

    For your purpose, I don't think that the 1967 manufacture really matters.
    However, a collector would want a pre-'64 Winchester.

    $200 sounds like a good deal though.
  9. deputy tom

    deputy tom New Member

    I'd buy that right now.tom.:cool:
  10. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 New Member

    Just pulled mine out, 316XXXX serial number...traced it to 1968. It has a steel butt-plate...slapped a magnet on it to make sure.
  11. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Check out a Safari Sling for carry'n. It will move the load across to your opposite shoulder and will leave the rifle set across your chest in front with the barrel up or down. Also leaves your hands free. When time to shoot just pick up and the sling swings out of the way. It might work well for you.
  12. Malamute

    Malamute Active Member

    Sounds like a good deal for a truck gun. There's nothing wrong with a 60's gun for a working gun. You can buy later forged/cast lifters for pretty reasonable if you want, tho I've heard of few real problems with the stamped ones.

    I'm curious to now where refinished pre-64's selling for $500-$800. I think I could make some money buying them and reselling. Look at Kittery Trading Post in Maine. Any number of decent pre-64's can be had in the $350-$400 range.

    Neither the Mossberg or Marlin 94 would compare with a 60's Winchester to many of us. The Marlin 94 is for pistol caliber rounds in any event. For what either sell for new, you can buy a pre-64 Winchester.
  13. AKElroy

    AKElroy New Member

    Snap it up. Much errant propaganda around "lower quality" after 64'; Had they made them this way all along, they would still be a fine performing classic and no one would be considering them lower quality than anything. They only get the bad rap because they took a step back; that back step, however, is still a plain fine rifle.

    I have two of them, one scoped w/ a vintage Weaver (angle eject) & an older top eject w/ a williams peep sight. Took a pig with it last week. Pig was in a flat run; I doubt I would have made the shot with any other rifle. I have taken only one other animal in a flat run, a cull buck several years back that I walked up on. Also an open-sight 94'. Jump on it! Nothing shoulders & snaps naturally to target faster.
  14. essayons21

    essayons21 New Member


    Kroil and 0000 steel wool would clean up the light rust spots, at no point did I or would I recommend refinishing it. The finish on 1894 receivers was notoriously bad anyway, so its not really that big of a deal.

    While I would agree with you, the OP is looking for a beater/truck gun. I'd rather see a modern firearm fill that role. The Mossberg is a fine gun with a number of improvements which make it a handier rifle for todays hunter.

    That's interesting. The plastic buttplate was one of the cost-cutting measures implemented post-64, but I have also seen a few late 60s with the metal buttplate. I had always assumed they were replacements, but maybe the factory had a stock of metal buttplates and used them until they ran out.
  15. Malamute

    Malamute Active Member

    I looked at the gunbroker link, one had a bid, a 97-98% gun, the others I looked at did not. I didnt look at them all. They may gets bids later, I don't know. If one looks, they can be found for less money. It sounds like the prices have been coming down recenty from the buzz online I've seen recently.

    You are correct, my mistake, you did not suggest refinishing. Cleaned up rust spots would probably affect value to some extent. The pre-64's had a decent blue finish, and would probaby clean up oK with light rust, the post 64's had a different metal and finish than the pre guns. The post guns don't clean up as well if rusted.

    I don't mind using a nice older gun as a working gun, tho his deal on the post 64 sounds pretty good. Of course, I've taken a number of unfired commemorative 94's out and shot them, without the slightest remorse.

    I had one 1964 made 94 that had a steel buttplate on it. The checkering was impressed, rather than raised as the pre-64's were. I don't know when they went completely to the plastic buttplates. I used to look down on the "plastic" buttplates, but that's the exact style, other than the size and little nub on top, that the early guns had on them when sent out with "shotgun butts" and "hard rubber" butt plates. I'm thankful they never went to the white line spacers that the other major lever maker has used for so long.

    As for improvements for a modern rifle, I wouldnt mind an angle eject 94, one with no crossbolt safety, for a shooter/working gun. The tang safety is easy to deal with (remove), and an older half cock hammer setup can be done without too much trouble. Guess I'm stuck on the Winchesters. :)
  16. USMC8541

    USMC8541 New Member

    Thank you all
  17. Malamute

    Malamute Active Member

    Lets us know how it goes with your deal.

    We tried to drag this as far off topic as we could, but something useful may have filtered through. :)

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