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write ur lawmakers

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Jesse Wales, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Jesse Wales

    Jesse Wales member

    go to the Ruger website ...
    click: take action
    enter some minor info ,
    its easy , it will send a letter on ur behalf to Obama
    all the way down to your districts lawmakers and ask them to preserve your second ammendment rights ,
    ive looked at all the other major manufacturers

    Ruger is the only one doing ths

    and on a side not ,,,
    ive shot the new ruger 1911 and im impressed
    wish i could trade it for the one i have
    stainless tight all the bells and whistles
    but cant afford it now since the new run on guns the price jumped
    outta sight , was $ 675 now outta my price range
  2. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    But did you read the sticky that's second from the top of this forum page? :)
  3. Jesse Wales

    Jesse Wales member

    yep I did

    if your reffering to your comment that one shouldnt use form letters ,
    I disagree with You

    I believe any effort to contact lawmakers is worthwhile and especially to spread the word to anyone you may know,who normally wouldnt make much effort,
    this in turn spreads the word even further and further, when these persons talk to others, and relay that they may have at least made an effort, and how easy it is , take the first step in the right direction You me be inclined to take two or three more
    whether they vote or not I also I think you should contact not just members of your party but both, either way its a another vote in your favor
  4. Jesse Wales

    Jesse Wales member

    And :
    I think most any Jo Blo can Identify with Ruger who is not ,connected with a group
    like this,or chooses not to be connected with the NRA , and is just some guy who wants to voice his opinion, and be counted , and doesnt know how, or feel the need to sit down, and take the time to find out , who his lawmakers are, and contact them, Ruger does the work for them , and makes it easy to do.... words spread faster than wild fire ,
    and clearly faster than snail mail......
  5. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Wasn't my comment. The info is from a staffer who dealt with incoming contacts. I generally don't like to disagree with BTDT folks.

    Sure, use somebody's form letter for guidance, but use your own thoughts in what you send.

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