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    Might as well show off the 357SIG's

    My EDC round! OP I'm envious of the Nightmare - they didn't have them in .357 when I got mine in .45acp. Daily is a P239 carried on the left cross-draw with a cross-draw mag holder on the right side. Still keeping my P320 on the bench until ... not sure. Also have for occasional carry a...
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    Strong side or cross draw carry?

    Open carry is at 3-o-clock under my strong side arm. Concealed carry, which has become primary lately, is cross-draw. Privateer Leather makes a cross-draw magazine pouch for the strong side, so it too is a cross-draw. Easily concealed under a fleece vest when the weather is cool, or a loose...
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    Ruger Wrangler versus Heritage Rough Rider

    It seems authenticity is very important? Makes me wonder what we're doing with these, and should we be wearing chaps? :eek:
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    Ruger Wrangler versus Heritage Rough Rider

    For me the safety was just one more poor quality indicator. A friend brought his by to show me. I cocked the hammer, and pulled the trigger while lowering the hammer with my thumb - the cylinder had a lot of play with the hammer down and the trigger pulled back.
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    Ruger Wrangler versus Heritage Rough Rider

    If you're budgeting then save a little longer and get a Ruger Super Single Six. Far superior to either one. Real sights too.
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    Detonics Combat Master mods- new tricks for an old dog.

    That's a beauty! I got mine from a police auction, and it was in rough shape. By rough I mean dirty, like filthy dirty. It was in great mechanical shape but the hammer was not original - and the hammer even bit my FFL friend who received it for me, when he racked the slide. No wonder it...
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    Teacup Grip

    We had to qualify once a year on the S&W model 15 and later the M9. One year, guessing around 1989ish, the CATM guy was trying to push that grip on us and most of the others went along. Most of them shot a gun once a year and the qual was it. Since I shot a lot on the side I refused their...
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    Underwood .38 Spl 150gr Wadcutter in Clear Ballistics Gel

    Oh, I see it now. Not sure why OP couldn't just post the text here, it's not that much. Great info, but seems like click-bait.
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    Underwood .38 Spl 150gr Wadcutter in Clear Ballistics Gel

    What results? The only result you mention is "Velocity average: 806fps"
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    Sig P322 Send back?

    If your new car randomly stopped running because you put Exxon gas vs Shell gas would you shrug your shoulders and just live with it?
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    3" .357 Lightweight?

    Another vote for the Kimber. Very thin for a 6-shot revolver, and great trigger right out of the box. Upgraded my grips and sights.
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    Staccato 2011s for Law Enforcement Use

    A 1911ish $2400 pistol in the effeminate 9mm? Better get some bling on it if you want the ladies to fork out the cash.
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    Mounting a Pistol Pouch to a Backpack Hip Belt - how did you do it?

    I've never understood the idea that leaving the paved surface makes you a target for every bear or other wild animal in the forest. Here in WA we have bears, lots of them, yet the last bear attack was in a suburban neighborhood on trash night, over a decade ago. Meanwhile, hikers are crawling...