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    Missouri Bullet Co. THR Discount Code?

    Can I get the discount code for MBC as well? Thanks
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    10mm Inaccuracy. Help!

    For what its worth, I had similar awful results with 165 grain Xtreme plated bullets with a healthy dose of Longshot in my Glock 20. Literally was having trouble hitting a plate size target at 10 yards! The same bullet and powder shoot extremely well in my Glock 23 at around 1050 fps. I...
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    longshot in 4o s&w

    I love 165 Extreme plated with 7.0 grains of Long shot. Very clean burning. Velocity averages 1050 fps.
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    Lead bullet problems continue (MBC)

    I had problems with leading in my Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter 44 mag at first with the MBC 240 grain bullets. Decided it might be copper fouling left in the rough barrel stripping the lead, so I went through a cleaning regimen with JB bore scrub to try and smooth the barrel and accelerate...
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    Leading problem with Taurus Tracker .38/357 loads.

    I feel your pain with the Unique and 158 LSWC. Everything I tried with 158 gr Missouri Bullet Company (Action) and Unique left severe leading just ahead of the forcing cone in my Ruger GP100. By the way, a Lewis Lead Remover is a great tool. I did some research and decided to try a slower...
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    Where are reloading components available (Not a Discussion Thread)

    MidSouth has some 40 cal. Lee Carbide 4 die sets in stock.
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    Need 357 data 300MP & Berry's bullets

    I don't have any 158 gr plated, but do have some recent experience with Missouri Bullet Company's 158 grain (Action) SWC bullets. I started at 17.0 grains of 300MP and worked up to 18.3 grains with CCI 500 primers. At 18.0 grains I averaged 1350 fps out of my 4" Ruger GP 100. Brass were easy...
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    Powder Shipment Tampered With

    Just want to follow up on this and let everyone know about the outcome with the tampered powder and Natchez. Must say I'm impressed with Natchez through this ordeal. Natchez had UPS pick it up and after they received it they credited my card with the original purchase price of the powder. I...
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    Competition Electronics Customers Service

    Just had to put a plug in for Competition Electronics. I bought a Pro Chrono Digital about a year and half ago and my father grazed the top of it with a 357 mag bullet. Made a groove in the top and broke a capacitor loose from the circuit board. I could not bring myself to throw it away so it...
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    Powder Shipment Tampered With

    Natchez called me yesterday and said that UPS would pick up the product for inspection/return. The person I talked to with Natchez said the seal on the outside should not have been broken and that they would take care of the problem. Will keep updating this thread as things rock along. There...
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    Powder Shipment Tampered With

    Thanks gentlemen for your replies. I also posted the same thread on "Ruger". What disturbs me is that there is a milk jug type ring on the outside that usually break loose when you twist the lid for the first time and that was already broken. I would not have bought the jug off the...
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    Powder Shipment Tampered With

    Anyone ever received a cannister of powder that has been tampered with? I just received an 8 lb cannister of Alliant MP 300 from Natchez that had the plastic seal broken on the lid and the internal foam/paper seal was not attached to the mouth of the jug inside. I called Natchez and they said...
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    Handgun Bullet Obturation and Leading

    I don't post much here, mostly just read, but wanted to share some recent results with lead bullets. Got significant leading just forward of the forcing cone in my GP100 with Missouri Bullet 158 gr SWC (BHN 18) and 5.5 grain Unique. Also got bad leading in the same place with 5.7 and 6.0...
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    Links to more reloading forums :-)