1. S

    10mm Ammo comparison

    I took two 10mm handguns, a Kimber Camp Guard and a S&W M&P10mm, and seven different 10mm factory loads to the range today and compared them on a chronograph. The Blazer actually did better than I expected. The Sig V-crown 180 grain and the Underwood loads did well too.
  2. ImperatorGray

    10mm Ronin Springfield 1911 inspection

    After making the rounds for a 10mm and watching counter clerks abuse the used 1911's in their charge, I decided to grab a good deal on a factory-fresh one. The Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm didn't quite match up to the specs I had in mind, but it was the closest on the new market shy of sending...
  3. L

    .40 vs 10mm for CCW/Self-Defense (Against Humans)

    10mm: A larger and faster round, with similar bullet weight (sometimes heavier if 200gr+ ammo) compared to .40. In average ccw sized guns (say 4" barrel or less), the ballistics can be strikingly similar compared to .40, but generally more penetration and expansion. Also, more RECOIL, and...
  4. carlson1

    Dan Wesson 1911 6” Barrel 10mm

    I can’t wait to get this gun to the range. Ammo should be here tomorrow. This is my first 6” 1911 and I am excited and it being a 10mm what could go wrong. :)
  5. B

    No love for a suppressed 10mm

    This might be a stupid question. Wouldn’t a 10 mm make for a better suppressed pistol than the 45 ACP? Couldn’t it be loaded with the same weighted bullets? They could still be sub sonic with lower sectional density, right? What am I missing?
  6. TXTad

    .41 Colt Auto

    I was randomly reading about the development of the 1911 after seeing this meme: In reading about the 1911, I read about Colt working on a .41 auto cartridge until they realized the army was only going to accept a .45 after their screw-up with the .38. Searching for that brought me to this an...
  7. James Fonteneaux

    XDm Elite 4.5" inital impressions

    Hello all. Here's a mini review after trading comments with @Buzznrose . I picked up my new 10mm XDm Elite 4.5" from the FFL Thursday and finally got around to taking it out today. I didn't stay out too long, it's over 100 here. I did shoot two full mags (15 round) of different ammo through...
  8. B

    40 S&W through a 10mm

    My younger brother shoots .40 S&W through his 10mm. I still think he's crazy but he's been doing it for awhile. Does anyone else do this?
  9. H

    SAR 2000 10mm Conversion

    Is it possible to convert a SAR 2000 9mm to 10mm using the slide, barrel, and mags from a tanfoglio Witness? I know it may seem a bit pointless instead of just buying a 10mm witness, but I prefer the more classic, no-rails aesthetic of the SAR better and I'm curious if it would work. Being that...
  10. Atomic_Dog9601

    10mm Semi Auto for Bear Defense?

    As a hiker and Backcountry camper I am no stranger to black bear encounters. Generally I tend to abide by safety rules using a bear bell affixed to my pack and carrying bear mace. But it seems as the years have gone by the critters are getting more and more bold. In a nutshell I have been...
  11. Mr.Revolverguy


    Cimarron Firearms known for their authentic Old Western Firearm Replicas has decided to combine a classic design with modern features, for a rather unique single action suitable for every single action collection. The first released was the Biggest Badboy of them all, the 44Magnum. Then I...
  12. TTv2

    Wondering how important is barrel length for 10mm?

    I will preface this by saying that I've had the Glock 40 on my list for too long and that before Double barrel Joe wins I have decided I need to get a 10mm now before it's too late. What's kept me from buying the Glock 40 is it's $700 and Glock 20's can be had for quite a bit less used. What's...
  13. xxToranachxx

    Looking for some load data for 10mm with longshot

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find some load data for longshot powder with the 10mm auto. Full power(not .40s&w power) velocity but not thermonuclear blasts out of my gun. I have a glock 20 Gen 3 with a lone wolf barrel and a 23lb recoil spring. I have loaded with Blue Dot, Clay's and Power Pistol so...
  14. J

    10mm carbine won't fire

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum so bear with me. I picked up a Thureon Defense 10mm carbine and have shot only about 400 rounds through it always working flawlessly and always a joy to short even though it shoots a pistol caliber and yesterday while at the range i was about to shoot my last...
  15. G

    9mm Out Of A Glock 20/21?

    I have a number of Glocks 20 and 21s. Lately though I've been thinking of trying out 9mm ofr the range. I know Glocks in 40 S&W can be converted into 9mm but can a large frame Glock like a 20 or 21 be converted into 9mm? And will Glock 17 magazines actually work in a Glock 20/21? And how about a...
  16. rfwobbly

    10mm Auto Basics

    I want/need to do some 10mmAuto load experiments, and looking for help with those more experienced in the with the cartridge basics. Background: I'm currently loading about 10 other pistol and revolver cartridges on a Dillon 650 and have been an active handgun loader since the early 80's. I...
  17. T

    Has this been done before?

    I'm curious has anyone ever made a wildcat with a 357 bullet inside of a full length 10mm case? If so how was it not majorly successful? In theory it would give you the ultimate medium to large game pistol.
  18. W

    40 cal.+P as good as 10mm?

    Looking at the data (mostly acquired from the Buffalo Bore website), I don't see a whole lot of difference when using a 180 bullet. I recently purchased a 40 cal., and while I shoot it well enough, I am feeling the 10mm tickle that I'm sure strikes all shooters eventually. Buuuuuut... is it...
  19. SharpDog

    10mm and That Darn Budget

    So I was at the doctors today and found an advert for the Kimber Rapide 10mm in a Shooting TImes magazine. Still in the waiting room I started web surfing then this happened: New for 2019: Kimber Rapide 10mm (also available in .45 acp)...
  20. ChasMack

    Question about using a Ruger 10mm

    I don't hunt much anymore so I am trying to educate myself on a few things. We have bear here in western NC, they have gotten in my truck,etc. They are not a real problem but I want to continue to hike in the woods so I'm considering carrying a 10mm. I was thinking of a Ruger revolver in 10mm...