3d printing

  1. Hasaf

    Airgun Moderator Question - design improvement ideas?

    I have an unused Tax Stamp for a suppressor that I never built. (it is for an airgun, I don't want this thread to become about legality) I have an Umarex Origin that is between 78 & 82 Db I playing in Tinkercad (a free drawing program) yesterday. It is a tool that I teach to 6-8th graders and...
  2. P

    Lee case holder (for trimmer) grip adapter (3D printable) 2020-10-18

    This is a 3D printable adapter to give more grip to the Lee case holder for the Lee trimmer. I used this one with the Lee #2 shell holder. Not sure if the other casing shell holder OD dimensions are the same. This made it quite a bit easier to grip the shell holder to tighten and loosen. The...
  3. P

    Lyman Brass Smith Funnel adapters (3D printable) Version 10-18-2020

    Here are the 223Rem, 308Win, and 6.5CM 3D printable cartridge specific adapters for the Lyman brass smith funnel. This adapter will make the funnel sit up right much better than inserts that it came with. I printed these at 0.2mm thickness and 35mm/s print speed. You may have to play with the...
  4. SharpDog

    3d printed guns - how effective are they

    I was reading the discussion about 3d printing here: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/07/20/making-guns-on-3d-printers-is-blow-against-gun-control.html what struck me was this photo: Now, I'm an engineer and I know about the problems in creating tools. It just seems to me that 3d...
  5. SharpDog

    Want to design a gun ? ... Print it ...

    This could open up a whole new arena for creativity ... https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/07/10/free-speech-3-d-printed-gun/
  6. M

    Designer of 3-D-printed gun challenges feds to Constitutional duel

    Designer of 3-D-printed gun challenges feds to Constitutional duel Cody Wilson who designed the first 3D gun, the "Liberator" is in litigation with the Feds over his design. The Feds claim that Cody violated ITAR and penalties can be 20 years in prison and $1 million fine per violation...