1. M

    What 9mm Defensive Ammunition do You Carry?

    Just general curiosity really. I have carried and trusted in my Barnes Tac-XPD for quite a number of years at this point. Pretty simple and typical start to ownership really. I researched good defensive 9mm loads, saw ballistic tests and so on and so forth, and picked some up. I then proceeded...
  2. Glockoma86

    Synthetic Rounds

    Are synthic rounds actually "cleaner" and reduces damage to barrels? Typically from what I've seen they are no more expensive than an average range type round. That is what they were developed for if I understand correctly. I really can't see them being used for anything else. Is there anything...
  3. 2

    Ammo To Cali

    CA requires ammo to be shipped to an FFL. Can someone with a CA COE and a C&R FFL (type 03) take possession of ammunition directly via an online sale -or- must that transaction occur at another FFL? I called the CA Bureau of Firearms. Their answer was that it had to ship to an FFL. I pointed...
  4. valleyforge.1777

    Want to start annealing brass

    Want to start annealing brass I have been reloading for a long time, but I have never annealed my brass. I have a decent amount of fired brass for 223, 30-30, 270 Win, and 7.7x58 Japanese. The 223 brass has been loaded and reloaded several times. I want to start annealing to get more...
  5. mrmeval

    Antique or collectible ammo

    I stumbled on this site doing some research on some ammo a friend sent me that I thought might be more valuable than the already exorbitant price online and found this site. After scrolling through page after page of "Out of Stock" I found two boxes of Montgomery Wards Hawthorne .22lr and three...
  6. Sks39

    Surplus Ammunition Questions

    I purchased what I believe is some South African 5.56x45 and 7.62x39 today. My first question is are they corrosive? The 2nd question is some boxes of the 5.56 say M1A3 and some say M1A4. What is the difference? Thank you for any help you can provide.
  7. B

    Is it worth the risk on waiting to buy ammo? Anybody see these prices going down soon?

    Hello guys & gals. So I've been hesitant to buy ammo lately with how insane prices are, with all this Corona Virus stuff. I'm debating if it's worth the risk to wait for prices to go down. Anybody think there's a decent chance on prices not going down/not being able to buy decent amounts of...
  8. IronsightJM

    Best sites for ammo? And best ammo?

    I have heard really good things about targetsportsusa for ammo. I don’t usually buy bulk because I have a gun shop right next to me so if I knew I was gonna shoot I’d walk to the gun store and buy rounds. I know online is cheaper but that’s also with shipping and sense I don’t buy bulk I...
  9. BuckWildM9

    What are some good ammo brands?

    Iv been doing all kinds of research and as i can see theres no real direct answer to good brands, just company bias. Its like asking ford vs chevy. I know for .22lr, federal and CCI are the best if the best and forget all the rest. As for handgun ammo, namely 9mm(which is kind of the main...
  10. C


    I recently perched a tikka tx3 30-06 and I wanted to see if anyone has some recommendations for ammo that would shoot best and not brake the bank. I am using it for hunting primarily and maybe some target shooting over the summer.
  11. tbradford13

    Am I getting a good deal?

    I sell guns at Academy Sports and was visiting with a customer last week. I told him I was getting into shotgun reloading and he offered to sell me an old 12ga MEC 200 for $50. He said that he bought a more expensive press for competition and left me his name and number. Is this a good deal?
  12. SharpDog

    NREA joins with CRPA to sue California

    Among the gun control provisions passed last year that went into effect at the beginning of this year was a restriction on the sale of ammunition. This is plainly a means for CA to control (and restrict) ammunition sales in the state...
  13. mikemyers

    Where to store ammunition in an apartment

    I found lots of old discussions about where to store ammo, but most were quite old, and almost all referred to someone with a house. So, I'm posting a new thread. Let's say someone with several (5 to 10 or so) guns wants to store a reasonable amount of ammunition is a good place. People have...
  14. K

    What do you load your home defense shotgun with?

    In the chamber I keep a 3in Winchester Super-X 24 pellet #1. The tube has seven 3in Federal plated 10 pellet 000 buck in it. Side saddle has 5 Brennekke 1 3/8oz Maximum Barrier Penetrators on it. If I travel I take the #1 out of the chamber and keep the tube loaded. I really like how the #1...
  15. C


    I was looking at ammunition the other day. I saw 9mm target rounds, 115Gr. I also saw other 9mm's that say 124 Gr. Can someone explain why the differences? Other than stopping power of course. I have seen a few others with different Gr's for different caliber's. Just wondering why there...
  16. S

    What are some of your favorite places to orer/ get ammo from, and why?

    This thread is to share companies based on past experience from ordering ammunition from them, for the ease an benefit of the members here. - List the name or names of company. - what you ordered, calibers types and amounts did you order? - What was the weight if you remember? - What did...