Synthetic Rounds

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Nov 8, 2021
Are synthic rounds actually "cleaner" and reduces damage to barrels? Typically from what I've seen they are no more expensive than an average range type round. That is what they were developed for if I understand correctly. I really can't see them being used for anything else. Is there anything that could shed some light on the subject?
Define what you mean by "synthetic rounds". There's a lot of room for interpretation between composite bullets to polymer cases to case-less.
Just to kick it off, one of the Army MG/rifle contenders uses synthetic cartridge cases but conventional jacketed bullets.

There are many vendors of bullets and a lot of DIYers who are applying synthetic coatings to lead bullets instead of copper jackets or wax bullet lube. Federal is selling loaded ammunition with synthetic coated bullets, their Syntech brand. I suspect that is what the OP is interested in.

I use a lot of coated pistol bullets for competition and practice, they are cheaper than jacketed or plated and are "cleaner" than most lubed bare lead.

I do not know about "anything else" Federal does offer a Syntech Defense with "segmented hollow point bullet" that is described to break up like the light metal Aquila IQ. Federal sold the Nyclad coated bullets at one time, those were well regarded defense loads.
Definitely give us some more information.....I've never heard of "synthetic" rounds. Unless you are talking about a coating of some sort? Like Hi-Tek, or powder coating or something?
Are you talking about Federal's Syntech ammo?

Those are just lead bullets with a polymer coating. They should be treated like any other lead bullet. They are probably cleaner than using lead bullets lubed in a traditional manner. They won't be cleaner than jacketed bullets. They are probably cheaper to manufacturer.

If normal ammo is damaging your barrel you are doing something very wrong.
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Unfortunately, I can't answer your question since I haven't used any Syntech cartridges. I'm also sure someone here will have some information on them for you.

I'd like to know as well. Again Welcome!!!
A while back, there were some cast bullet guys "trying something new" in the way of bullet coatings. At first they were applying powder coat with a powder coat gun followed by baking. Performance was good, but the method had room for improvement. Then they figured out that they could put bullets, air soft BBs and powder coat powder into a plastic tub, shake and the powder would adhere. Again the bullet is then baked to get a great coating. This was a huge leap forward in the ability to easily get more powerful cast bullet loads without leading.

After powder coat became common with cast bullet guys, Federal jumped in with a factory load that duplicates what the cast bullet individuals were doing. They can get good ammo performance without the cost of actual copper jackets.
“Cleaner” will require clarification.

Polymer coated bullets will leave residue in the barrel. It may or may not be easier to remove than copper or lead fouling. In theory, easier. But not sure that means “cleaner”.
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